Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 8


RECAP: Swaragini getting their Degree and They going to a wedding.

At the wedding
Today is mehendi of the bride(i dont know which ritual comes first so sorry).Preparations are on full swing.Swara and Ragini are looking very Pretty.Swara is wearing a pink lehenga and Ragini is wearing a red lehenga.They are shown making the bride ready.Swara asks,”Kajal, Waise agar tumhari mehendi dark nahi aayi na tho phir shayed Saral tumse pyaar nahi karta”.( Kajal, if your mehendi does not become dark so maybe Saral does not love u) Kajal become upset.Swaragini look at each other and burst out laughing.Ragini replies,” Tum fikar mat karo Kajal, Saral tumse bohat pyaar karta hain aur Swara tumhaari taang keech rahi hain.(dnt wry Kajal, Saral loves you a lot and Swara is just pulling ur leg.) Kajal looks at Swara angrily and hit her on her shoulder.They have a light moment.

Downstairs,Sanskaar and Laksh are sitting with Saral and they too are pulling his leg.Sanksaar is wearing a silver coloured sherwani and Laksh is wearing red and gold coloured sherwani.They are looking Handsome.

Kajal asks,”Ragini kya tum yeh mehendi ki thaali le kar inhouse temple mein rakh do? Kehte hain ke mehendi ka rang dark ho jata hain.”(Ragini can u bring this mehendi plate and keep it in the temple as it become darker(the colour). She shies saying this.Swara and ragini look at each other and smile.Ragini take the plate and goes downstair.At the same time, Sanksaar is coming upstair to ask the girls to come downstair.Without noticing Sanksaar,She collides with him and fall down but sanksaar hold her to stop her from falling.Ragini keeps looking at him with mixed feelings.Sanksaar lifts Ragini and asks are you Ok Ragini?? I am sorry i did not notice you.Ragini says its ok Sanksaar even i was just looking at the plate.the suddenly look downstair and find all the mehendi cones fallen.They pick it up and Sanskaar hand touch with Ragini and she looks at him!.She thanks him and goes.He is confused.

Ragini comes downstair and Laksh is mesmerized seeing her.He goes to her and says wow! U r looking extremely beautiful! I just cannot take my eyes of u!Ragini looks at him surprised and they have a small eyelock(awwww).Upstair Sanskaar comes and asks Swara to come with Kajal as the mehendi ritual is gonna begin.Swara turns to see him and Sanskaar is mesmerized seeing her beauty.He says u r looking beautiful Swara.She thanks him.She says even u r not looking less.They laugh and have a small eyelock)?.They come downstair with the bride and Swasan look at each other.The mehendi is being applied to the bride and even Ragini and Swara join them.When the mehendi applier asks Swara name that she would like to put in her mehendi, Just then she sees Sanksaar doing some mischievous things and says,” Sanskaar?”.The applier misunderstand and applies Sanksaar on her palm(cho chweet!!!!).Even Ragini says laksh name seein him and the applier applies Laksh on her palm(ohoooo).Hours later,When Ragini’s mehendi is dried she looks at it and is shocked to see Laksh’s name on her palm.Swara comes to her and asks,” what happened Ragini?? Why are you shocked?? Is ur mehendi that bad? She laughs and looks at Ragini’s mehendi.She is shocked to see Laksh name on ragini’s palm.She says Ragini????

PRECAP:Swara is shocked to see her palm and while dancing in the sangeet, Sanksaar is shocked to see his name is Swara’palm.He looks at Swara surprised!!!

Credit goes to: Heera

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