Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 71

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Recap:Pulkit and Yami helped Raglak expose Kavita.Kavita was arrested.

Maheshwari Mansion.
Its night,Swara comes to room and removes a wrapped gift in the cupboard.Sanskaar comes and hugs her from behind.She quickly hides the gift and excuses herself.She goes to washroom.He takes out a card and places it on bed.He goes.She comes out of washroom and reads the card instructing her to walk ahead,then right,the left and then ahead.She walks and re reaches the room.
Swara:This Sanskaar i tell u…..
She opens the door and sees lights are off.Sanskaar blindfolds her and takes her to bed.He opens her blindfolds and she gets surprised seeing flower petals falling on her.
He bends on his knees and asks Will u be my valentine.She smiles and holds his hand.He pulls her closer and they dance romantically on sanam re……plays He gives her photo frame and it has their pictures.She presents him a gift and he gets happy on finding a similar photo collage.He smiles and gives her a big teddy bear.She hugs him and they feed each other chocolates.

Ragini comes to room and Laksh showers flowers on her.She gets happy and hugs him.He gives her a teddy bear and a photo collage of them.Ragini gifts him a watch with their photo inside.

Raglak and Swasan come to dine at a restaurant.Swara remembers that before marriage,they once came here and when Swara was fighting,Swasan pretended as husband and wife.She smiles.Swasan go to a table reserved and Raglak go to another reserved table.They have a candle light dinner.Music plays…….They then dance and they wish each other happy valentine day….

They reach home and Sanskaar gets romantic with Swara while Laksh gets romantic with Ragini.Swasan and Raglak get intimate.

Next morning,Swaragini come downstairs and get a letter.They get happy and inform family that they got a contract to perform in a concert.
Swara:Sponsors ne kaha hain,agar hum achi perform kare tho wo humari madat karega music school sponsor karne mein(Sponsors say that if we perform then they will sponsor our music school).
Annapurna feeds them curd and sugar.They smile and go to room to practice.Ragini plays sitar while Swara plays Guitar.

Later in the evening,They get a dress and a note which say wat did u think, we wont know if u dont tell us…….They get happy seeing a fusia pink and a blue dress.Swara wears the pink dress and Ragini wears a blue dress.

They reach the concert with whole family.They sing and play their instrument.Family cheer watching them.At the end,Sanlak come and clap for them.Swaragini smile.

The sponsors congratulate them and say they did really well.
Sponsor(madam):Waise,Naam kya rakhe ge music school ka?(By the way,Wat name will u keep the school?).
Swaragini look at each other and say,smilingly.
They get emotional and remember their bonding and lovely moments.

Later in the middle of the night,Ragini comes to room and starts to feel unwell.Laksh comes and hugs her from behind.
Laksh:I didnt know i had such a talented wife!
Ragini:Now u know right?
They smiles and he pulls her closer to kiss her.She suddenly feels unwell and runs to washroom.He gets worried and knocks the door continously.She comes out and says she vomitted.He gets worried and calls doctor.Family come to room along woth the doctor and ask raglak is everything is fine.
Laksh:Mom,Maybe she had food poisoning,she vomitted.
Annapurna and Sujata understand and whisper something to Parineeta.A funny scene ensures.She gets suprised and smiles.Sujata goes to Swara and holds her hand.
Swara:What happened mom? Why r u so so happy?
Sujata:Shhh!!! Congrats!
Swara:For what?
Sujata:Ragini vomitted.
Swara:Ragini vomitted and u r congratulating me? I think ur getting too much sleep.
Sujata(angrily):Tumhaari Lado pregnant hain!(Ur lado is pregnant!)
Swara gets surprised and looks at Sujata.
Swara:How can u be so sure?
Sujata:Just wait and watch!
Sanskaar signs them not to whisper.

Swara and Sujata wait anxiously for the doctor to finish examining Ragini.
Doctor(a woman):Congrats! Ragini is pregnant!
They all get surprised and happy.Swara sniles happily.She goes to Ragini teary eyed and smiles happily.
Swara:Lado,Last time i was responsible when…..but now i will takr full care of u!
They hug and cry.

Laksh hugs Ragini happily.Sanam re……plays…..All smile

Precap:Ragini was about to fall but Swara holds her.Ragini cries and hugs Swara.

Credit goes to:Heera

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