Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 7

PRECAP:Swaragini and Sanlak coming to restaurant.Sanskaar adressing Swara as his wife.

At Restaurant
Swara looks at him surprised.Sanskaar signs her to stay quiet.The villagers apologize to them and leave.Swara pushes Sanskaar hand and ask,”Tum bheech mein kyun aaye sanskaar, main un logo ko handle kar rahi thi na(why did u come in between sanskaar , i was talking to them right).U could have said that we are friends and even if i am single that doesnt mean i do not have the right to wear these clothes.Who gave them this right to judge other? I will just……….” Just then Sansaar shuts her mouth and they have an eyelock.He says( still shutting her mouth),” Tumhe jya laga Swara? Tum problem mein ho aur mein dekhti rahoungi? Apne dost ke liye itna bhi nahi kar sakta?(What did u think swara that u r in problem and i just watch it?Cant i do this for my friend?)Swara looks at him overwhelmed.He says come’on let’s go.Laksh and Ragini are waiting for us.

They come back and the four dine together.They laugh and enjoy each others company.sometimes eyelock so sometime hand touch(awww).

(To make it more interesting):

1 month later
A month has passed and swaragini and Sanlak are bestest of friends.Its graduation day.All the students are very happy.Swaragini and Sanlak are very much happy.They get their certificate and they celebrate!.By now Sanksaar is sure that he is in love with Swara and Ragini is still comfused whearas lakshya is sure that he loves Ragini.now they are preparing to go to their friend’s wedding.Even Swaragini are going.Swara asks Ragini come’on let’s go Ragini to pack our things.Ragini nodded and they started preparing their suitcase.They get ready and go outside.They wear churidar.

At maheshwari mansion
Sanlak are preparing to go.sanskaar says buddy, hurry up yar.Laksh replied wait bhai, let me do all the arrangements. first.They finish their packing and go outside.They are shown going in their cars.

They both arrive and to their surprise ,they find each other next to them! Swara asks Sanksaar what are you doing here?Its my best friend wedding and u?Even my best friend is getting married! They look at each other!(eyelock)

PRECAP:Ragini slips and Sanskaar hold her.They have an eyelock(just from Ragini’s side ?)

Credit goes to: Heera


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  4. why ragini not swara and swara and sanskar look much better and laksh and ragini look better so u better change ir

    1. It is already laksh-ragini and sanskaar!
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