Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 62

Hey guys i decided to continue with the passionate love story…….

Recap:Swasan meets with a small accident.

Its morning,Swara wakes up and smiles seeing Sanskaar all right.She brings him downstairs.All are glad to see him fine.

Uttara:Bhai kyun na hum shopping karne chale?(Why dont we go for shopping?)
Parineeta:Aap sab jao, main rehti houn!(U all go, i will stay!).And dont worry,My friend is coming so she will take care of me.
All go to get ready.Uttara goes to her room to get ready.She comes to Rahul and confesses her love.They hug……

All go for shopping.Swaragini go to Gagodia Mansion.Parineeta gets pain in her stomach and screams.She gets tensed seeing no one around.She tries to call someone but her phone breaks.She cries and falls down.Swaragini come and shouts Parineeta Bhabhi!!!!
Swara:Ragini usse uthao,main car leke aati houn!(Ragini pick her up, i”ll take the car out!)
She takes out the car and they put Parineeta in.Swara,while driving calls Uttara and asks her to inform everyone that Parineeta is in pain and she and Ragini are taking her to hospital.She asks her to reach there directly with the family.She reaches hospital and admits Parineeta in.Maheshwaris also come there.The doctor informs them that Parineeta has given birth to a baby girl.They all get happy.Swara gets happy but suddenly gets sad.She goes to a corner and cries.Sanskaar comes and hugs her.

Parineeta comes home with the baby.A party is kept to welcome the baby.Swara wears a beautiful dress and goes downstairs.Ragini also comes downtairs wearing a beautiful dress.The family dance together on the song shava shava…..plays……

Next morning,Swaragini come to Gagodia Mansion.Swara sees a plate of colours about to fall and holds it.
Swara:Maa,yeh rangon ki thali kiski hain?(Maa,Whom this plate of colours belong to?)
A voice comes from behind and says
Swara turns and says Urvashi maasi!
Urvashi comes and throws the colours.Swara looks at her.
Ragini hugs Urvashi happily.
Ragini:Maasi, how did u come so suddenly?
Urvashi:To tell u lado that jiji(sister) has been coming in my dreams and tells me that she is not happy that u and Ragini are staying in the same sasural!
Ragini:Maasi, i know i regarded janki as our mum but why would she have any objection with me and Swara staying in the same sasural?
Urvashi scolds Swara and asks her to stay away from Ragini.
Swara answers her back and goes.Urvashi looks on.She thinks just like i threw all the colours on the plate,i vow to throw all colors from ur life Swara!

Precap:Swara plans to reveal Urvashi’s plan.

Credit goes to Heera

Hey guys dont worry, Urvashi’s chapter will end soon as i know u guys are disliking it.plzzzz comment……

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