Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 61


Hey guys, i decided to name the guy Rahul….u can imagine ur fav supporting actor as the character of Rahul…

Uttara cries being impressed and accepts Rahul’s proposal.His parents come forward and bless Uttara.

The marriage start, Sujata and Ramprassad do Uttara’s kanyadaan.Rahul and Uttara take pheras while other shower flowers on them.He makes her wear mangalsutra and fills her maang with Sindoor.Mangalam mangalam…..plays……The priest announces that they are husband and wife from today.Everyone clap.Swara eyes the ladies who gossiped angrily.Uttara hugs Sujata and cries.She consoles her.

Swaragini and Sanlak bring Uttara and Rahul to Uttara’s room.They feel awkward seeing the suhaagrat(nuptial night) decorations and looks at each other.She gets teary eyed remembering Shravan.She cries and breaks the decorations angrily.She sits on the bed and cries.She apologizes to Rahul.
Uttara:Shayed main tumhe wo pyaar aur haq na de paoun(Maybe i wont be able to give u love and ur rights).Why did u destroy ur life by marrying me?
Rahul holds her.
Rahul:Dont stop living just for one person.He doesnt deserves u! And if needed, i will wait for u all my life! I dont want u, i just want ur happiness!
Uttara looks at him surprised.She leans on his shoulder and cries.He pacifies her and hugs her.

Swaragini are sleeping.They get a phone call and go out of the room.They see each other and understand that Sanlak phoned them.They get a chit asking them to come upstairs.They get surprised to see the balcony beautifully decorated.They walk to red petals.Sanlak come and show them the a big clock.At Twelve, sanlak Wish them happy birthday and show them fire crackers in the sky.They get happy and hug their husbands.Swasan and Raglak dance romantically on the song sapna jahan……plays…….

Swara:Meri gift?(My gift?)
Swara:When u have already done so much decorations, u could have given me my gift!)
Sanskaar turns her and explains her.
Sanskaar:Actually wifey, the gift is a bit big, so…..

They eat a small cake and laugh.

Next morning, Swara wakes up and gets happy seeing a beautiful dark pink dress kept on the table.
Swara:My husband is impossible!
She takes the dress and goes to washroom while Sanskaar smiles with his eyes closed.

Ragini comes out of washroom and sees Laksh with a dress in his hand.
Ragini:Kya hua Laksh?(What happened Laksh?)
Laksh gives her a purple dress and asks her to wear it on her birthday.She comes out wearing the dress.She looks beautiful.
He makes her wear a silver kamarbhan and wishes her happy birthday.She smiles.

Swara comes out of the room and sees Sanskaar.She hugs and thanks him.He wishes her happy birthday.She smiles and hugs him again.

Later, in the evening, A party is kept at Maheshwari Mansion.Swaragini come down and take blessings of elders.They enjoy the party.Rahul notices Uttara absent and goes to her room.He sees her sitting on the bed ,tying her blouse.He comes close, helps her ties her blouse.She turns and gets shy seeing him.He turns and asks her to come soon.She looks on.

She comes out with Rahul wearing a blue lehenga.Everyone get happy seeing them together.Sanskaar and Laksh drags Swaragini to the dance floor and dances with them on jamam janam janam……All the family join them on the song Tukur tukur…..

Swaragini cut the cake and feed everyone.Sumi and Shekar give Swaragini a ring each.Laksh brings Ragini to room and presents her a heavy diamond set.She gets happy and hugs him.

Sanskaar blindfolds Swara and brings her out.
Swara:Sanksaar kaha le jaa rahi ho mujhe?(Sanksaar where r u taking me?)
Sanskaar: u ask too many question!
She makes a cute, innocent face and puts her finger on her mouth.He smiles and removes the cloth off her eyes.She opens her eyes and gets surprised seeing a beauituful pink car(glittery).She hugs him.
Swara:So this was ur surprise!
Sanskaar:Of course.
He too hugs her.
Swara:Mujhe isse chalana hain!(I want to drive it!)
Sanskaar:Its late night! Stop being childish! U r behaving as if u have never drive a car before.
She scolds him and insists.
He makes her sit and sits next to her.She starts the car and drives fast.He asks her to drive carefully but she doesnt listen.She drives through a small valley.Her car gets hit by a rock and they both fall down the car while it stops ahead.She falls and gets injured on her hand(a little).She sees Sanksaar and gets shocked seeing his head getting hit by a rock.He falls unconcsious and she cries and shouts his name.

Precap:Swara sits next to Sanskaar and requests him to open eyes.She cries.On the other side, Rahul gets close to Uttara.

Credit goes to Heera

Hey guys, comment how it was….hope u liked it……and plzzz give me ideas and suggestions…..I badly need it…..and also school is starting next week so i will not be able to write my ff everyday but i assure u that every two days i will write…..love u loads…..

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