Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 60


Recap:Parineeta’s godh barai and Uttara’s haldi.

Today is mehendi of Uttara and tomorrow wedding.Mehendi appliers apply Mehendi to Uttara and all the ladies in the house.Swara and Ragini smile Seeing their husband’s name on their palm.

Its night, Swasan come to their room.
Swara:Sanskaar, parson mujhe kya tohfa donge?(Sanskaar, what will u gift me day after tomorrow?)
Sanskaar:Why should i gift u? Hmm ok if u wish i will gift u a……chocolatre!
Swara gets angry and goes to beat him.She slips and while saving her, he too falls on her.They have an eyelock.Music…plays……

Ragini comes to room and reminds Laksh that day after tomorrow there is something special.
Laksh pulls her closer.
Laksh:This will be the day u’ll be born.A star was born.
Ragini:R u buttering me?
Laksh:I am praising my wife!
She smiles and hugs him.

Later,at night, Uttara was sleeping in her room.She sees a shadow and wakes up.She gets scared seeing it.She tries to shout but Shravan shuts her mouth.They have an eyelock.He ties her hand and romances with her.He tries to kiss her but she resists and gets uncomfortable.He forcefully tries to get intmate with her.She shouts.Swara wakes up and goes to Uttara’s room.She knocks the door asking Uttara if she is fine.Getting no response, she breaks opens the door and gets shocked seeing Uttara tied to a chair.
Swara:Uttara yeh….(this)
Uttara:The rope went in my hands.
She lies.Swara looks at the rope suspiciously and leaves.Uttara opens the rope and sees Shravan had gone.She feels afraid and goes to sleep.

Next morning, Swaragini helps Uttara gets ready.The baraat comes and Swaragini watch it from the window.
Swara:Ragini, dulhe raja tho bohat handsome lag raha hain!(Ragini, the groom is looking very handsome)
Ragini:Of course, afterall, he is eager to meet Uttara, thats why he is glowing this much.
They laugh and tease Uttara.
Uttara gets teary eyed.
Uttara:I will miss u bhabhi
She hugs them and cries.
Sujata comes and gets emotional seeing Uttara.
Sujata:Ur looking pretty!
She hugs her and cries.

Annapurna come and consoles her.They all pamper Uttara.Uttara goes down with the ladies.Sanskaar and Laksh get sad seeing her.They hug and pamper her.They lift her and bring her to the mandap while Uttara cries.They wait for the pandit to come.Uttara notices Shravan going in a corner and follows him.She reaches there and gets shocked seeing Shravan flirting with a girl.She stumbles and a vase falls.Shravan gets surprised seeing her.He follows her and drags her into a room.She cries.
Uttara:Why? Why did u do this to me?
Shravan laughs and holds her tightly.
Shravan:I dont want to marry u, i just want to get intimate with u!
Uttara cries being Shocked.
Shravan pushes her into the bed and tries to misbehave with her.She shouts but nobody hear due to loud music by the baraatis.
She pushes him and runs outside.

She goes and hugs Sujata.Everyone are shocked seeing her crying.
Sujata:What happened?
Uttara shouts she doesnt want to marry this deceiver.She tells them everything.They get angry on Shravan.His parents look on tensedly and escapes secretly.

Shravan comes there and Uttara slaps him hard.She cries looking at him.Sanlak beat him and handover him to police who was there as a guest for the wedding.Uttara breaks down in the mandap and cries.People gossip who will marry her now? The guy rejected her at the mandap.
Swaragini scolds them saying Uttara rejected him.Its ok if she doesnt marry rather than suffer.Sujata too speaks against Shravan and hugs Uttara.

Someone from the crowd shouts he will marry her.Evryone turn and sees him.Uttara is surprised to see him.She gets up and says u? She tells them that he is her best friend in her college.
Boy:I love u Uttara! And even if i marry u, i wont let u leave ur house till u dont accept me! I want u to feel comfortable.
Everyone is impressed and look at him while Uttara is speechless with his gesture.
They convince her to agree.
Uttara closes her eyes and accepts the relation for her family’ sake and for their friendship sake.Everyone is happy and hug Uttara while she cries remembering Shravan.Sanskaar and Laksh consoles her.

Precap:Sanskaar opens Swara’s eyes and shows her birthday gift.She gets happy and hugs him happily.

Credit goes to:Heera

Hey guys, plzzz suggest a name for the boy who is gonna marry Uttara.And plzzz comment how it was…..give me some ideas..

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