Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 6


PRECAP:Swasan chocolate scene and sanlak and swaragini thinking about each other.

At Gadodia Mansion
Its almost night.Swara was in her room just then Ragini come.,” Swara hume tayaar hona hain kyun ke dinner pe jaana hain sankskaar aur lakshya ke saath.”( we have to get ready to go to dinner with sanskaar and lakshya).Swara nodded and went to get ready.She wears a long fusia pink dress with hair open(straightened) and with matching accessories.She wears her high heel shoes and goes out to meet Ragini.Ragini was wearing a baby doll dress blue turquoise coloured and with curly hairs and high heel shoes.They compliment each other.”Wah Swara! Kya lag rahi ho”(Wow Swara! U r looking beautiful).”Tum bhi kam nahi ho Ragini”(Even you are not less Ragini).They both laugh and goes out.In the lawn, Sanlak was waiting for them,They were wearing suits and blazers.They were very handsome( and hot!!!!!!).When they turned, they were mesmerized to see Swaragini’beauty.Sanskaar think,”Jaise Chand ka ek tukra Zameen pe agayi hain”( Its like a piece of moon has fallen on earth) (ohh la la)?.Lakshya thinks,”Jaise asman mein sabse khubsurat taara zameen par gheeri ho(Just like the most beautiful stars has fallen on eart) (Wahhh!! Pehla moon to duja star!!!).Ragini thinks,”Main sanskaar ko hi kyun dekh rahi houn”(Why am i looking at sanskaar only).Swara thinks” Aaj sanskaar kuch zyada hi handsome lag raha hain(Today sanskaar is looking more handsome(Awwwww!!!).They both get into their cars and went to a 7 star hotel.

At the hotel
Sanksaar open the door for Swara while lakshya open the door for Ragini.The four go into their reserved table and started odering things.Swara said,” Sanskaar main abhi aati houn, Washroom jaa ke.”( I will just go to washroom and come.) He nod.Twenty minutes has passed and Swara hasnt come till now.Sanskaar starts to worry for her.He goes and looks for her near the washrooms but does not find her.He suddenly hear Swara shouting ,”Sanskaarrrrr!!!!!” He turns and is shocked to see Swara arguing with some villagers.He rushes to stop her.What happened swara? Sanskaar , is my clothes improper? Sankskaar looks at her surprised.He says no, why?? Swara says that these illerate people are arguing with me coz of my clothes! Seeing the fights growing, sanksaar hold swara and says She is my wife and i have asked her to wear this as we are on honeymoon!!!(awwwww!!!!)Swara looks at him surprised!!!

PRECAP: Sanksaar shuts Swara’s mouth and they have an eyelock!

Credit goes to: heera

Sorry for the short story and plzzz suggest ideas and comment

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  1. wow nyc especially swasan scene

  2. Wow. . Sans is a hero:-)

  3. Nice plot dr..bt a little long episode can be given…plz take it into consideration ?

    1. Dnt wry ….i would have make it longer today but i had some religious prayers to do so sorry ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Nice but plz ragini should not come between them. Aab ragini ko sanskar se pyaar na ho jae.

    1. Hahahaha unfortunately she will fall in love woth sanskaar but dnt wry there will be a very interesting twist

  5. It isn’t good.something like laughter

    1. Plzzz if u do not like it plzz do not read it ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. swasan is good. but plz dnt mak ragini feel love for sanskar and lose it

  7. Keep writing… M enjoying it SANSKAR is my hero

    1. Thankss for complimenting dear ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Oh it was awesome?but pls make rags fall for luckyโ˜บ

    1. Dnt wry….she wil pair with lakshya only….shhhhh….secret ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. nyc
    swasan scene was the bst part
    waiting for the next
    swasan the best

  10. it’s awesome……swasan scene is amazing…..only one request don’t make ragini negative,i have had enough of that

    1. Dnt wry she is not negative in my story ๐Ÿ™‚

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