Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 59


Recap:Laksh apologizes to Swara for misunderstanding her.Atriya gets arrested.

Its morning,today is Parineeta’s godh barai.Preparations are on full swing.Swara is taking care of Parineeta in the hall.
Swara:Main aapke liye juice leke aati houn(I will bring juice for u)
Parineeta stops her.
Parineeta:Swara…..tum theek tho ho na?(Swara….r u fine?)
Swara:Han bhabhi(yes sister in law)
Parineeta:Swara dont lie to me ok!
Swara breaks into tears and hugs parineeta.
Swara:Kya karoun bhabhi? Main kitni bhi koshish karoun, bhool hi nahi paarahi houn ke meri baby…..(What should i do bhabhi? Even after trying so hard i am not able to forget that my baby…..)
Parineeta hugs her and they cry.Sanskaar comes there.Swara wipes her tears and goes.
Parineeta looks at Sanskaar.

He goes to Swara and sees her crying in the room.
Sanskaar gives her a chocolate and says
Swara:Isse pehle ke tum mujhe lecture sunao, main keh deti houn that I’m fine(Before u give me lecture, let me tell u that i am fine)
Sanskaar:Did i tell u anything?
Swara nods no.
Sanskaar:Then why r u saying all these things.
Sanskaar:I am sorry Swara that coz of me….
Swara:No sanskaar!
She hugs him.He cups her face and assures her that he is with her while she is teary eyed.She nods yes.He romances with her.She shies and smiles.

Ragini comes to her room to get ready.
Ragini:Laksh yahan nahi hain, main tayyar ho jaati houn(Laksh is not here, let me get ready)
She removes her ornaments.She removes her pallu off her head and unpins the saree in her blouse.She removes it.She was about to take off her blouse and skirt just then she sees Laksh coming and gets shocked.She turns and shies.He smiles seeing her.He closes the door.She gets tensed.He comes near her and holds her waist from behind.She closes her eyes as he reaches her belly.He makes her wear a new kamarbhan.She gets surprised and turns to look at him.He pulls her closer.They kiss passionately.He pins her to wall and kisses her neck while she closes her eyes and enjoys the moment.Uttara knocks the door.They seperate.Ragini smiles and puts her pallu on.She opens the door and Uttara informs her that the godh bharai is gonna begin.Ragini complies and closes the door.She turns and looks at Laksh seductively.
Laksh:Will u mind if we skip the beginning of the godh barai?
Ragini smiles and walks sensually towards him.She pins him to wall and kisses his neck.He clutches at her.She pushes him on the bed.She sits on him and kisses him on the lips. He puts her on the bed, removes her pallu.He kisses her neck and belly.They get intimate.

Parineeta’s godh barai starts.Everyone gives her gifts and bless her.Raglak join them and smile.Swasan and Raglak talk and laugh.They have a lighter moment.

In the night, Sanskaar comes to room and gets surprised seeing candles all around.He steps forwards.Swara stops him on the door and dances sensually around him in a gown on the song….Tu Issaq Mera….plays…..She dances and pins him to the wall.She removes her gown.She is in a mini nighty.He gets mesmerized seeing her.She ends the dance and kisses him on the lips and neck.He pushes her on the bed.He falls on top of her and caresses her face.They kiss passionately.She tries to stop kissing but he clutches her hand at the bed tightly.Sensual music…..plays….He removes her clothes.She removes his and they get under the blanket.Under the blanket, She is on top of him.She kisses his lips, neck, and chest.He turns her on the bed and kisses her back sensually.They re kiss passionately….They get intimate.

Next day, Swara wakes up and smiles seeing Sanskaar.She goes to bathroom and comes out wearing a yellow salwar kameez.She wakes him up by her wet hairs.
Swara:Dear patidev(husband) Today is ur sister’s haldi.
She goes and he smiles with his eyes closed.

She comes down and smiles seeing Ragini.Sanskaar and Laksh also comes down.Ragini teases Swasan seeing marks on Sanskaar’s neck.Swasan also tease them.Annapurna comes and they change the topic.She goes and they laugh.Ragini helps Parineeta come downstairs while Swara brings Uttara down for haldi.Shravan and his family come there and smile seeing Uttara.His mom places the haldi on the table and was about to fall but Swaragini hold it.She thanks swaragini from stopping abshagun(inauspicious thing) to happen.They smile and start Shravan and Uttara’s haldi.Sanskaar puts haldi to Swara and smiles.Ragini puts haldi on Laksh and laugh.

Precap:Uttara shouts she doesnt want to marry this cheater and slaps Shravan.Everyone is shocked and look on.

Credit goes to:Heera

Hey guys, comment how it was, i thought to write a happy episode.Please give me ideas…..love u loads…..

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