Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 57


Hey guys, i came to know that the woman’s name will be kaveri……so sorry..i cant change it as i already named her Atriya……

Recap:Atriya informed Swara that she had kidnapped Annapurna.

Swara redials Atriya’s number.
Swara:Dekho! Tumhaari duhsmani bade papa se hain, tho tum badi maa ko isme kyun interfer karwa rahi ho?(Look! Ur enmity is with bade papa, then why r u making badi maa interfer in all this?)
Atriya:Ok, then i will deal with u and with Dp only, till evening, u will get ur badi maa!
She ends the call.Swara gets happy and informs Ragini.They hug and inform Dp.Dp is relieved and hugs them.He gets thinking how Atriya agreed to leave Annapurna.

In the afternoon, Swara was in the garden, just then she sees a van passing by and pushing Annapurna out of the van.She shouts and rushes to Annapurna.She sees the van had already gone.She cries seeing Annapurna injured on her head and unconcsious.She call Sanskaar.Sanskaar lifts her and brings her into her bed.
Laksh:Yeh sab kaise hua?(How it happened?)
Ragini tries to say but Swara interferes.
Swara:Meri waje se! Meri ek aurat se dushmani hain aur maine usse challenge ki thi tho mujhse badlaa lene ke liye, usne badi maa ko kidnap kiya(Because of me! I have enmity with a woman and i challenged her and to take revenge from me, she kidnapped Badi maa)
Laksh gets angry and drags her to hall.
Everyone is shocked and follow them.

Laksh brings her downstairs and pushes her.Sanskaar holds her.
Sanskaar:What the hell lucky!She isnt at fault!
Laksh: Tumhaari waje se swara, maa ki yeh haal hain.Main tumhe kabhi bhi maaf nahi karoungi(Just because of u, maa is in this condition, i will never forgive u).u could have dealt with that woman urself! Why u dragged my family in all this! Since u stepped in this house, u r creating only problems for us! In fact u r unauspicious for u only! Because of u only u lost u child!
Swara cries being shocked and looks at him being hurt.Sanskaar tries to interfer but Swara stops him by giving him her swear.
Swara:Main janti houn Laksh ke main hi zimedaar houn badi maa ki iss haalat ki waje se! Tumne sahi kaha ke jabse main iss ghar mein aayi houn, tabse galat ho raha hain, meri hi waje se meri baby mujhse door chali gayi!(I know Laksh that i am responsible for Badi maa’s condition! U said right that since i entered this house, wrong is happening, because of me, my baby went very far from me)
She cries collapsing on the floor.
Ragini turns Laksh and reprimands him for speaking like that to Swara.
Ragini:Without knowing everything, u cannot point finger at my sister.U better be careful!
Dp comes and slaps Laksh hard angrily.
Dp:The truth is that…..
Swara stops him and begs not to say anything.Swara runs from there.Evryone cry and look on helplessly.Sanskaar looks at Laksh angrily and goes to Swara.

Sanskaar sees Swara in the garden,sitting on the ground and crying.He keeps his hand on her shoulder.
Swara:He said right Sanskaar! Because of me…..i am feeling so hurt and lonely right now u know……
Sanskaar:I already said that when u will fall weak, i will be there to support u and to keep hand on ur shoulder.
Swara cries vigorously and hugs him.
Dp comes there.Swara stands up.
Dp:Why didnt u let me tell the truth dear? Why u took all the blame on urself?
Swara:Bade papa, already all are tensed regarding Badi maa, then how could i tell the truth? When badi maa will get conscious and she will know about it, she will break down and none will be able to bear that.
Dp cry and hug Swara.Ragini comes and apologizes to Swara on behalf of Laksh.
Swara:No Ragini, Laksh is right at his place!
Swaragini hug and cry……swaragini……plays….

Ragini gets a call from Atriya.She goes from there.
Atriya:Kaisi lagi meri surprise?(how was ny surprise?)
Ragini:How dare u to hurt maa?
Atriya:I promised to return her to u, but i didnt promise to return her safe and sound, without any injury!
Ragini shouts on her and cuts the call.She looks at Swara and cries.

She comes to her room and sees Laksh.
Ragini:Is someone with Maa?
Laksh:Why do u care? U just be with ur Sister.
Ragini:Laksh please stop it.
Laksh:U stop it Ragini, i just dont want to argue with u, i am going to see ma.
Ragini stops him.
Ragini:I am ur wife!
Laksh:After this arguement, my eyes is regarding u as Swara’ sister only.
Laksh goes.She gets teary eyed.
Ragini prays to lord to make everything fine.
Swara cries seeing Annapurna and apologizes to her in heart.Screen freezes on Swaragini’s crying faces.

Precap:Atriya comes inside Maheshwari Mansion while Swara tries to stop her.Annapurna gets shocked seeing her and shouts she is my kidnapper being afraid.All are shocked and look at Atriya.

Credit goes to:Heera

Hey guys, please comment how it was and please give me ur suggestions as i am short of ideas now…..i wil try to end the seperation track soon….love u loads…..

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