Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 55


Hey guys, i heard that that woman will br named Atriya….But i like the name Nandini also…..so please vote and tell me which name u like more……

Recap:Swaragini ask Dp to tell what is his relation with that Woman.

Dp:Wo meri kal thi! Ek din(she was my past! One day) she said that i was drunk and took advantage of her.She was pregnant.She even showed me her results.She said that because of me she killed her baby.Now after 25 years, she came and said that if i dont listen to her, she will show Annapurna the report.

He breaks down and cries.Swara cries and consoles him.
Swara:Aap fikar mat karo bade papa, main uss aurat ko zaroor aapke zindagi se nikaal kar rahoungi(Dont worry bade papa, I will surely oust that woman from ur life)
By the way, what is her name?
Just then Annapurna come.They wipe their tears and lies to Annapurna.

Swaragini look at each other and goes.

The phone rings and Ragini picks the call.
Doctor:Kya main Durga prasad ji se baat kar sakta houn?(Can i talk to Durga prasad?)
Ragini:Ji main unki bahu bol rahi houn(yes i am his daughter in lae talking)
Doctor:We received his report and i would like to know if he will come to take it?
Ragini gets thinking
Ragini:Can u send someone to give the reports please?
She ends the call and rushes to Swara.
Ragini:The doctor is sending someone to give reports of Bade papa, maybe by that we can know something by that.I am sure that the woman is lying.
Swara:Wow Ragini! Ur such a genius dear! Afterall u r my sister!
She runs after her.They laugh.

A person come and asks for Dp.Annapurna tries to take the report but Swara rushes and takes it and goes.Annapurna look on confusingly.

Swara and Ragini looks at the report.They rush to Dp.
Swara:Bade papa this is ur report.Can u show me atleast the photocopy of that report which that woman showed u?
He brings the report and shows it to Swara.Swaragini get shocked and look at each other.
Ragini:The report which that woman gave u is fake….Coz in the real report ur blood is 0 negative which is rare and in this woman’s report, ur blood is 0 positive!
Dp is shocked and look at both the reports.

Precap:Dp talks to that woman.The woman tries to slap dp but Swara holds her hand and slaps her angrily.The woman fall on the floor.

Credit goes to:Heera

Hey guys, sorry for the late and short update.Can u vote for the names either Nandini or Atriya please…..comment how it was….love u loads…..

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  1. nice..

    where is sanskar and laksh

  2. Nice and Atriya as it is in the serial also

  3. Awesome episode. ..

  4. Atriya ll be better

  5. The woman named should be kaveri or atriya because that woman is of dp age so nandni will not suit her

  6. Atriya.
    Really u r superb no words for ur writing.
    Ap jitna acha piya rangrezz(love birds) likh rahi ho wese hi swaragni ka ff bhi bohot ho acha likh rahi ho really like it

  7. nice i like nandhini

  8. Jyotika patel


  9. In serial the may be lady’s name is kaveri. .u can use it also

  10. Awsome and I like atriya because it’s starts with A as my name AQSA

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