Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 54


Hey guys, u can imagine Shravan as in Shravan in Saath nibhana saathiya.And also u can imagine Shravan as one of ur fav supportive actor.

Recap:Uttara gets engaged with Shravan.

Swara comes to room and gets happy seeing candles all around the room.Sanskaar hugs her from behind and she smile.
Swara:Looks like someone is in romantic mood!
Sankskaar turns her and kisses her cheeks.
Swara runs and stops at the window.He turns her and in the process, her flower ring falls.She gets worried.
Swara:main lekar aati houn!(i will just bring it and come)
Sanskaar:Baad mein(later)
Swara:Nahi sanskaar! Agar ghum ho gayi tho! Yeh mere liye bohat precious hain! Please!(No sanskaar! If it gets lost?Its very precious for me? Please!)
He smiles.
She hugs him and goes downstairs.She takes the ring and was about to go just then, she sees a woman pointing his finger and threatening Dp.She gets shocked.After the woman leave, Dp breaks down and cries.She gets teary eyed and thinks to find out the reason.She goes inside the house and clashes with Ragini.
Ragini:Swara! Roh kyun rahi ho?(Swara? Why r u crying?)
Swara tells her everything(muted)
Ragini is shocked.Ragini hides with Swara seeing Dp coming.They find him tensed and teary eyed and look at each other.

Lights go off.
Ragini:U go and light candles in ur room ok!
Swara:Candles are already there in my room!
Ragini teases her and laugh.

Ragini lights a candle and comes to room.She makes Laksh hold the candles and light them.Laksh admires her.Music….plays…..
They have an eyelock.Her hand get burnt by the foam of candles.She screams.He places the candle on the table and rushes to her.He does her first aid.She looks at him and smiles.

Swara comes back to room and doesnt find Sanskaar.
She searches him everywhere but doesnt find him.
She gets worried.
Just then, someone shuts her mouth.She tries to scream but in vain! He kisses her neck.She closes her eyes and blushes.
He turns her.
Sanksaar:u dont know who is romancing with u then how can u stay quiet?
Swara:Because patidev(husband).I always feel ur presence when u r around.
He hugs her and they romance.They then go to sleep.

In the night, Swara goes to kitchen to fill her bottle.She sees some shadow and follows it.She clashes with Laksh and the shadow hides.
Laksh:Swara tum theek tho ho na?Tumhe kahi chaut tho nahi aayi na?(r u fine? Hope u r not hurt?)
Swara:Relax Laksh! I am fine ok!.
They smile and go to sleep.
Swara looks near the kitchen and gets thinking.
She goes and the shadow comes again.

She goes to her room and sleeps.Suddenly, She notices someone coming into her room.She screams, Sanksaar wakes up but by then, the person had alighted fire in the room by the candle.She shouts!
Everyone comes there and gets shocked seeing their room on fire.Sanskaar tries to blow the fire off but in vain.Laksh, and Adarsh tries to pulls them but Swara falls due to smoke.Sanksaar rushes to her and asks her to open her eyes.He brings her out with the help of Laksh and Adarsh.They put her into Ragini’s room.

Doctor checks Swara and says she fell unconscious due to inhaling the smoke.She will be fine.
Sanskaar sits besides Swara and caresses her hair.Ragini comes with bandage.
Ragini:Sanskaar! Tumhe bhi chaut aayi hain.First aid karlo!(Sanskaar! Even u r hurt! Get ur first aid done!)
Sanskaar:I have to stay with Swara.
Ragini:By staying with her u wont get fine right?.
She does his first aid.
Sanskaar(smiling):U r a good friend
Ragini:Wo tho main houn hi(that i am)
They smile.

Swara wakes up in the morning and smile seeing Sanskaar.
She gets ready and decides to talk to Dp.
She caresses Sanskaar’s face who is sleeping and goes.

Swaragini comes to Dp’s room and says they need to talk to him.He complies.
Swara:Wo aurat kaun thi badepapa?(Who was that woman badepapa?)
Dp:Konsi aurat?(Which woman?)
Ragini:Whom u met last night!
He gets shocked and denies it.
Swara:I saw u crying and breaking down after she left!
Dp:Ok i will tell u! But promise me u wont tell anyone!
Swara:We promise
Dp:She was my past!
Swaragini get shocked and look at each other.

Precap:Swaragini cry and console Dp.He cries.

Credit goes to:Heera

Hey guys, suggest me a name for the woman please….comment how it was?? Love u loads….give me suggestions how that woman is related to Dp

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