Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 5

PRECAP:Swasan dancing romantically and ragini confused if she is in love with sanskaar….

The dance end and all the students clap for Swasan.Ragini goes into the garden and cries.She says,” Yeh hume kya ho gaya hain? Kyun jabhi swara aur sanskaar paas ate hain tho mujhe acha nahi lagta? Nahi, ye pyaar nahi ho sakta….Sanskaar ek bohat acha dost hain mera aur mein isiliye insecure feel kar rahi houn kyunke agar swara sanskaar ke paas gayi tho uska pyaar divide ho jayega isiliye…..( Whats happening to me?Why when swara and sanskaar come close, i do not like it?No, it cant be love……Sanskaar is a very nice friend of mine and maybe becoz if swara come close to sanskaar her love will get divided thats why i am feeling insecure)……She smiles thinking that she just like sanskaar, not love him.She says,” main iss pyaar ke chakkar mein jaldi nahi parne wali( i am not gonna fall in love trap so soon) just then, laksh comes and asks what are you doing here ragini? The winner is being announced, come let’s go.He forward his hand she give her hand into his.They have an eyelock.The go inside.

Swara and sanskaar are on stage along many contestants.The principal comes and announces the winner.He says,” The winning couple is……..SWARA and SANSKAAR!!!!!! Swara gets very happy and hugs Sanskaar tightly(awww)….Sanskaar too reciprocate.Here, Raglak are happy and they too hug each other (awww)……Swasan receive the trophy and they hug raglak…..

After the party
Sanlak offers to drop Swaragini home but they say they already have cars. Sanlak look at each other disappointed! Sanlak invites them to dine tomorrow.Swaragini looks at each other and nod yes.They both move toward their cars.Swara turns and sees Sanskaar who was already watching her.She comes to him and says,” Thank…….” sanksar says,” Swara its okii u dnt have to thank me.Swara smiles and give him a chocolate and says its a token for our friendship.They both smile at each other as sanskaar take the chocolate and they both get into their cars respectively.

After seeing Swasan scene,Ragini thinks that ,” hume pura yakeen hain ke hum sanskaar se pyaar nahi karte”(i am sure that i dnt love sanskaar)She smiles at Swara and hugs her.You are world’s best sister swara.”Wo tho main houn hi”.They both laugh.

Gadodia Mansion
Its night.Ragini keeps thinking about sanskaar.”main uske baare mein itni kyun soch rahi houn”( why am i thinking about him only)Here swara remembers her dance with sanskaar and their eyelock.”main sanskaar ke baare mein itni kyun soch rahi houn.( why am i thinking about my meetings with sanskaar).she is standing near the window with her hair open.Wind are touching her soft cheeks.

Maheshwari mansion
Sanskaar reminisces his dance and eyelock with swara.He smiles.Laksh is also reminiscing his talks with Ragini and their eyelock( something is brewing 😉 ) Ishq wala love…..play…….

PRECAP:Sanlak are mesmerized seeing Swaragini……

Credit goes to: Heera

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  1. O no. . . Dnt mak rag in with san:-/ n ur story is too gud:-)

    1. Thankss for complimenting my story and dnt wry it will just be a temporary love triangle and it will not be rag wiz san

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