Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 4


PRECAP:Ragini talking to sanskaar and realizing her love for him.Laksh thinking of Ragini.

College compound
All the students gather as there was an announcement by the principal of the college.Swaragini and Sanlak come face to face with each other.Swasan look at each other while Laksh Stares Ragini who is already watching Sanskaar.The principal comes and says,”As we know there are a lot of newcomers here,we would like to welcome them by throwing a welcome party tonight( jaise ke hum jante hain ke yaha bohat saare newcomers hain, hum unke liye ek welcome party rakhe ge aaj raat)”.The crowd become excited on hearing this news.They quicky go to get ready for tonight’party.Swaragini and Sanlak go home.

At Gadodia Mansion
Swararagini come and go to their rooms to get ready for the party.Ragini,while choosing dress says,”i have to choose a nice dress as today i am gonna talk to sanskaar(she blushes saying this) ( hume aaj ek achi dress pehenni hogi kyunke aaj hum sanskaar se baat karenge)”.She chooses a green coloured dress(not salwar kameez).she opens her hair and straighten it.She wears her earings and other accessories.She wears a high heels green shoes and went out of the room to meet Swara.Swara comes out.She is wearing a long red dress with straight hair and curly at the bottom.She is wearing red earings with other red accessories and a high heels red shoes(wow!!!).They both go down and said to their parents who was in the living room,” Mom , dad, today there is a welcome part for the newcomers, so we are going(maa,baba, aaj humare college mein welcome party hain newcomers ke liye tho hum jaa rahe hain).Saying this they got into car and went.

At Maheshwari Mansion
Sanlak come wearing suits and jeans into the living room,sanskaar says,”Bro,today we wont be able to go to the cinema as there is a party( lucky,aaj hum cinema nahi jaa paye ge kyunke hume cinema mein jaana hain).laksh says,Its okii bhai hume party enjoy karenge.(its okii bro we will enjoy in the party).They both think of swara and ragini respectively.

At college
Both swaragini and sanlak arrive at the college at the same time.Sanskaar is nesmerized seeing Swara’s beauty while Laksh is suprised seeing ragini dressed so beautifully.Swara looks at sanskaar and comes to him.”Sanksaar wo main……(Sanskaar actually i…….).Sanskaar shuses her and give her a chocolate.She looks at him puzzled.She asks why this chocolate.He says for the sake of our frndship i have brought this for u.Swara looks at him overwhelmed and they have a small eyelock(awwww!!!).Sanskaar asks her to go inside while he just come.Swara goes with laksh inside the party while swara is giving him(laksh) angry looks.(hahahaha!!!).Sanskaar comes to Ragini and says,” Thank u so much Ragini ke tumne Swara se baat ki mujhse baat karne ke liye( thank u so much ragini that i have talk to swara to speak to me).He says this holding her hand.Ragini looks at him with love.She says its ok sanskaar, so shall we go to the party otherwise swara will get angry once again.They both laugh and went inside.

A dance competition starts and the couple will get a trophy.Sanskaar come near swaragini.Ragini thinks that Sanksaar is coming to her.She shyingly smiles and is about to extend her hand just then he kneels on his knees and ask Swara to dance with him.Swara hesitates and whispers Sanskaar we are not gonna win coz i dnt know how to dance(Sanksaar hum pakka haarne wale hain kyunke mujhe dance thori na ati hain).But finally she give her hand into his and he take her to the dance floor.Ragini feels bad and goes to stand near laksh(dnt know why 😉 ).Swara while dancing says,” Sanskaar main iss heel se ghir jaoungi( Sankskaar i will fall coz of this heel shoes)Sanksaar smiles and says,”Main tumhe kabhi ghirne nahi doonga Swara!( I will never let u fall)(awww so romantic).Swara looks at him.they have an eyelock.They dance romantically on the song tum hi ho………while their eyelock continues……Ragini looks at them and cries and think,”kyun hume bura lag raha hain agar wo swara ke saath dance kar raha hain……Hume sanskaar se pyaar tho nahi ho gaya hain…………she says this being shocked.

PRECAP:Swaragini and sanlak are dining together in a restaurant.They laugh and enjoy the food together.

Credit goes to: Heera

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  4. Swasan please don’t make ragini as negative as she is always negative in swaragini serial

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