Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 38


Dear fans, plzzz suggest me ur ideas even if u think it would not be suitable….

Recap:Swasan and Raglak going to honeymoon.Swasan fight and Raglak amke them patch up.

Swasan and Raglak are in the plane.Swara goes to washroom.She comes out and ans gets happy seeing her school friend.She hugs him and introduces Sanskaar to her.She shakes hand with him and admires him.He looks at her suspiciously.

They reach singapore and are happy.The go to hotels and go to their respective rooms.Sanskaar is in the washroom.
Sanskaar:Swara!!! Main apna towel bhool aya.Mujhe de doge please?(I forgot my towel.Can u give me please?)
Swara gives him the towel.He gets naughty and pulls her closer to him and closes the door.She sees he is half naked and shies.She asks him to let her go but he pulls her closer and opens the shower…..He holds her and kisses her neck and cheek.They both get drenched under the shower.Tu hi rubaru plays……She messes his hair and runs through the washroom.She slips and he holds her.They have an eyelock.He carries her in his arm and brings her to bed.He switches off the lights and they consummate their relationship.Tujhko jo paya….plays……

Ragini thinks that Laksh is in the wahsroom.She takes off her pallu and ornaments.She removes the scarf.She has only her blouse and skirt.She sees Laksh coming and turns.She gets shy.He is also half naked.He sees her and pulls her closer.He kisses her cheek and forhead.He removes her hair from one side and kisses her neck.He brings her to bed and they also consummate their relationship.Yeh moh moh ke daage plays……as they have an eyelock

Next day, Swara and Ragini comes down , dressed.Ragini as usual wears her saree and Swara as usual wears a pink and gold salwar kameez.sanlak come and they go to enjoy.They do many shoppings, eat a lot and interacts with many people.Abhi tho party shuru hui hain…..plays…..

Swara and Ragini go to buy ice creams and to their surprised, Kajal is also there for her honeymoon with Saral.they talk and are happy.Swara goes to give ice cream.Kajal hugs ragini.
Kajal: I am happy that u love Laksh.I am really happy for u.
Ragini:Even i dont know when, Why,but i love him truly now.
They hug.Swara comes and says i already know it now Kajal.Thanks for being there for Ragini and supporting her.Swara and Ragini look at each other.Swaragini plays……They three hug and cry happily.

Precap:The friend of Swara(whom she met on the plane) clashes with Sanskaar.She falls and he too falls on her.Swara looks on.

Credit goes to:Heera

Hey guys, plzzz suggest a name for Swara’friend.I was fed up of the negative dramas thats why i wrote a happy episode.Plzzz suggest a name for swara’ friend plzzzzz

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  1. i think swara friend name is riya

  2. Sneha or soha…btw nice episode

  3. Very nice plot ur giving us u can name her Naina.

  4. Dr ek baat bolu
    I know u will not like my idea or any other swasan fan but I m also a swasan fan

    Separate swasan only to unite them later Ku Ki jb tk separation nhi hoga love story me mza nhi aayega nd jb wo separation k baad unite honge tb unka pyaar aur baad jayega

  5. nice

    why always problem in swasan’s life. .

  6. nice

    why always problem in swasan’s life. ..

  7. don’t make swara doubting about sanskaar..

  8. Oh dear its soo cool and awesome…..u just rocked it

  9. its really nice dear.. but pls don’t separate them

  10. Kritika…a nice name for a negative role….well very nice and cute epi heera

  11. Oh nice one… heera..
    My suggestion, frnd of swara whom she met in plane might have come to seperate swasan… dhn btwn raglak dhey help each other nd they are happy… ragini helps laksh in his office wrk…

  12. Deepa.. Maya… Ishu… Many r there.. Nice epi..

  13. Hey not naina.. K,.coz its my name:;-)..and i dont want ma name to be a negative characters name:-(….i’ll suggest a name and its ADITHI..

  14. dont separate swasan…

  15. I have a suggestion……make an entry of ragini childhood friend and laksh would be jealous of him.It would be good to see swalak fuming with jealousy

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