Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 34


Recap:All play holiday and Ragini reveals the truth to Swara.Swara ends ties with Ragini.

Swara and Ragini are crying near the door.Swara cries and thinks
Swara:Mujhe maaf kardo Ragini! Main tumhaare hi liye yeh sab kar rahi houn! Swaragini ke sur ek saath hi bajenge, hamesha and i promise u that(Forgive me Ragini! I am doing this for u only! The music of Swaragini will always be played together and i promise u that).
Ragini wipes her tears and goes to her room.She cries sitting near the bed.
Ragini: Hum jante hain Swara, ke humne tumhe bohat dard di hain, par aisi sazaa…kyun?(I know Swara i hurt u a lot, but such a big pinishment….why?)

All the families come inside the house and find Swara and Ragini’s room door closed.They find it weird.Laksh and Sanksaar go to their room.Laksh is surprised seeing Ragini crying.He comes to her.He holds her
Laksh: kya hua Ragini? Roh kyun rahi ho?(What happened Ragini? Why r u crying?)
Ragini apologizes to him and says i have hurt all of u a lot.He asks why?She tells her everything and he too gets shocked.He cries and leave her in shock.She looks at him and apologizes to him.Ragini pleads him to forgive her.He turns and says leave me alone.She gets shocked when he asks her to please leave the room.
Ragini: Laksh tum humare saath aisa karoge? Yeh humaara kamra hain aur hum yahan se kyun jaae?(Laksh will u do this with me? Why should i leave the room when its mine also?)
Laksh: Agar tum chahte ho ke main tumhe maaf kardou tho jaao(If u want me to forgive u then go)
She cries being shocked.She goes and stops at the door.She turns and looks at him.He turns his face and she cries.She walks into the hall, lost in thoughts.

Sanskaar comes to his room and sees Swara crying on the floor.He rushes to her and asks what happened
She hugs him and cries.She apologizes to him for what she is gonna do.She tells her that till she is sure that Ragini hasnt forgotten him and moved on, she will be away from him.He gets shocked and cries.
She turns to go and he says dnt go.She closes her eyes and says i have to………… Humari adhuri kahani….pays……She thinks
Swara: main yeh sab Ragini ke liye kar rahi houn..Mujhe tumse dhoor dekh kar shayed usse ehsaas ho jaye ke wo moved on kar chuki hain.(I am doing this for Ragini.. Seeing me far from u, maybe She realizes that she has moved on.)
She goes to the guestroom.He cries and tninks i did not know that Ragini……He reminisces his happy and romantic moments with Swara…..Humdard….plays……He looks at her photo with him and gets sad.

Swara comes to a guestroom.She goes to take water and sees Ragini going to another guestroom.She gets surprised and thinks did Laksh……She cries and feels bad for Ragini.

Its morning, Swara sings bhajan and Ragini distributes the prassad.She looks at sanksaar and gives him prassad.He angrilt takes it.She then turns to laksh but he goes away.She gets teary eyed and goes.Swara looks on.She notices sanskaar watching her.She looks at him and they have an eyelock……

Ragini notices Laksh coming and stops him.She asks him to please forgive her.He ignores her and goes.She cries.
Swara sees that and gets angry on Laksh.She comes to Ragini and consoles her.Ragini apologizes to her.
Swara: Ragini, maine tumhe tabhi maaf kardi thi jab tumhe apni galtiyon ka ehsaas hua( Ragini, i forgave u the time when u realized ur mistake).I just wanted u to make u relation stronger with Laksh.Biut why did u reveal truth to Laksh.I will tell u how to make Laksh understand that u have changed.
Ragini: Swaragini ka kya?( what about Swaragini?)
Swara: Swaragini ke sur hamesha ek saath sunaae denge(The music of Swaragini will always be one).

Precap: Raglak reconcile but Swasan are still angry with each other.

Credit goes to:Heera

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  1. Plzzz make swasan patch up soon…anyway nice episode

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  3. Sab swara toh kharag kar Diya or ab maaf kar Diya kah kar drama kar rahi h yeh swara.by the way love natural hota h na Ragini ne swara ke liye apne pyar ka sacrifice kar Diya.or yeh sabmnskar Ragini pe gussa dikha raha h.or hmare Mahan lakshay inhe toh Ragini ne sab Bata Diya tha phir yeh itna drama Q Kr raha h.

    Pls heera don’t feel bad.sry
    But heera hm Ragini ko rote Hu aye nahi dekh sakte or tab jab uski koi galti nahi Ho.

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    pls unite them

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