Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 31


Recap:Laksh comes to apologize to Ragini.Sanskaar holds Swara’hand and stop her from going.

Sanskaar holds Swara’s hand and stops her from going.She turns and looks at him.He bends on his knees and kisses her hand.He apologizes to her.
Sanskaar:Swara i am sorry ke maine tumpe doubt kiya aur tumpe chillaya.(I am sorry that i doubted i and scolded u).
She turns to go.
Sanskaar cries says
Sanskaar:Shayed mere pyaar mein hi kuch kami reh gayi thi.Shayed main tumhaae pyaar ke kabil nahi houn.(Maybe my love had some fault.Maybr i dont deserve ur love.)
She shuts his mouth and stop her from saying further.
Swara:Aaj ke baad yeh baat nahi mat bolna(Dont talk this thing from today)
She cries and hugs him.She forgives him and they have a romantic moment.He kisses her cheek and apologize to her.He kisses her eyes and apologize to her.He says sorry and was about to kiss her on her lips but she stops him and runs to her room.He smiles.

Laksh holds Ragini’s hand and apologizes to her.He cries and she gets sad seeing him crying.She forgives him.She hugs him and they romance.She then pushes him asking him to go now.She smiles seeing him going.

Swara comes to her room and hugs Ragini.She says that Sanskaar realized his mistake and she forgave her.Ragini also tells that she forgave Laksh.The sisters get happy for each other.They hug and laugh…..Swaragini…..plays…..

Next morning,Sanskaar wakes up and gets surprised seeing Swara sleeping besides him.He smiles and carresses her face.She wakes up and smiles seeing him.He romances with her and she gets shy.Mere rubaru…..plays……She goes to the washroom.

Ragini wakes up and find Laksh admiring her.She asks what happened? He says that u look more beautiful when sleeping.She smiles.Mere rubaru……plays….as they have an eyelock.She then goes to get ready.

Swara and Ragini comes down.Sanskaar and Laksh tell them that tonight they want to have a masquerade party.They all gather for breakfast.Laksh signs Ragini to asks Durgaprassad.
Swara and Ragini together:Bade papa,kya hum aaj raat ek party rakh sakte hain?(Papa,Can we keep a masquerade party in tonight?)
Durgaprassad and Annapurna look at each other and smile.They permit for the party.All get very happy.

In the afternoon,Swara and Ragini are calling relatives to inform them about the party.Swara cuts a call just then,Samar comes and asks
Samar:Kya ho raha hain yeh?(What is happening)
Swara informs him about tonights party.He gets an idea and smirks seeing Swara.She notices him eyeing her but ignores it.Ragini looks at Samar seeing Swara.She gets tensed and looks at Swara smiling.

In the evening,Ragini and Swara go to their respective rooms and eyes a dress kept on the bed.They understand Laksh and Sanskaar kept it.Swara wears a blue coloured long dress.Ragini wears a purple coloured long dress.They both look beautiful.Sanskaar comes in his room and gets mesmerized seeing Swara.He helps her wear the ornaments.Laksh also helps Ragini wears her ornament.He too gets mesmerized seeing her.They pairs go downstairs and everyone applaud seeing them.Sanskaar whispers to Swara
Sanskaar:Waise,Aaj subha tum Samar se saath fevicol ki tara kyun chipak rahi thi?(By the way,Why were u sticking with Samar like fevicol this morning?)
Swara:Wo isiliye Patidev taaki tum jealous ho(So that u get jealous Mr husband)
He gets surprised and holds her hand.She smiles.

Parineeta and Uttara announce that all the partners will dance wearing mask and then we will see with whom u end up with? All the couple wear masks and start dancing with their partners.They then turn around and start dancing with other partners.Swara dances and Sanskaar while Laksh dances with Ragini.They look into each other eyes and have an eyelock.Han hansi ban gaye…..plays…….Swara then turns around and dances with Samar.She does not recognize him and he takes advantage of it.He touches her and pulls her closer.She feels a bir uncomfortable but continue dancing.The dance is about to end and Swara ends up again with Sanksaar.Ragini ends up with Laksh.All remove their masks.The pairs smile seeinf each other.Samar fumes seeing Swara and Ragini.
Samar:Tumne mere bhai ko jail mein bhijwage bohat bari galti ki Swara.Main tumhe aaj raat uski sazaa zarour doungi.(U have made a big mistake by sending my brother to jail.I will punish u for that tonight Swara).

The lights then goes off and Samar kidnaos swara.She shouts.Sanskaar looks on.

Precap:Swara cries and slaps Samar.She shouts i did not know that i was keeping a snake in my house.Samar fumes.

Credit goes to:Heera

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