Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 3

RECAP: sanklak and swaragini’s first meet.

At College
Swara cries as she lost the project which she had done all night awaking.She thinks,”kyun sanskaar? Just because maine tumhaare bhai se fight ki,tumne meri project destroy kardi!( u r misunderstanding sanskaar ,swara 🙁 ).Just then Ragini comes to console her.”Tum fikar mat karo swara, sab theek ho jae ga.And i am sure, Sanksaar ne yeh sab jaan bouch ke nahi kiya hain.Dnt wry main unse baat karoungi.” Saying this she went to meet Sanskaar.

In the garden
Sankskaar is remembering seeing swara in her car and then their eyelock!Just then, Ragini come and says,”Sanskaar mujhe tumse kuch baat karni hain”.she said.”Han kaho Ragini.””Kya tumne swara ka project isiliye kharaab kiya kyunke unho ne tumhaare bhai se jagraa kya??? Sach sach batao sanskaar” “Nahi ragini maine yeh mistakenly kiya hain , sach mein, trust me! Ragini smiled and said of course i trust u.she went.Sanskaar said”Swara! Kya tum mujhe itni misunderstand kar rahi ho??”

At classroom
Laksh thinks about Swara and Ragini and saying,”Kyun main har baar Ragini ke baare mein soch rahi houn har baar??”

Meanwhile Ragini thinks,”Laksh handsome tho hain par Sanskaar aur bhi zyaada handsome hain….aur wo bohat good-hearted hain! Main sanskaar ke baare mein itni kyun soch rahi houn jab main janti houn ke wo swara ko like karti hain?” She smiled and said,” par swara use pyaar nahi karti hain par main to karto houn……”She shyingly smile…..

Sanskaar tries to talk to swara but she ignores him.He finally hold close and said,” Swara kya ho gaya hain tumhe?” Maine yeh jaan bouj kar nahi kya hain aur tum ye jaanti ho,” Swara’s mouth was too close to sanskaar to be able to talk.She kept looking at him and they have an eyelock!!!(Aww).she then thinks”i know sanskaar, tumne yeh nahi kiya hain par meri project tho gayi na! Par…kyun main jabhi tum paas aati houn mera dil dadhakne lagta hain??” She then said,” Its ok sanskaar, main tumse naaraz nahi houn”

Sanskaar smiled and forwarded his hand and said,” Mujhse dosti karoge??.Swara smiled and answered,” Hmm dekhou gi…sochoun gi…..” she laughed,”han”.they both shake hands and they have an eyelock.Ragini is seen watching them form a distance , teary eyed!

PRECAP:Sanskaar extends his hand and ask Swara to dance with him(in a party). They both dance romantically on the song tum hi ho…….. Ragini cries seeing this.

Credit goes to: Heera

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  1. Its really nice but dnt make ragini evil plzzz

  2. Heera unite SWAsan and don’t make ragini in negative role and ensure that ragini propose laksha or lakya to ragini as your keeping in real serial how laksh was stuck in between swara and ragini and your ff is sanskaar stuck between swara and ragini and don’t think anything as I love your ff please change it and once again I am sorry I I hurt u

    1. No u have not hurt me….in fact u have spoken ur feelings to me and i am really glad…dnt wry no one will be stuck anywhwere…and ragini’s role will remain positive. I promise

  3. Please can you reveal the pairs and please make it swasan

    1. For now its swasan and raglak( raglak id one sided as only laksh will love ragini) but there will be a big twist happening in the ff

  4. pls yaar dnt make a love triangle .let it be swasan and raglak

  5. pls update in english dnt use hindi we do no

    1. Dnt wry i will translate it in both irdu and english 🙂

  6. yeah please update this in english

    1. I will translate it in both urdu and hindi 🙂

  7. awesome. …

    plz update it in English

    1. I will translate it in both urdu and english :

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