Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 27

Recap:Sameer misbehaves with Ragini and swara saves her.Ragini is overwhlemed seeing Laksh’s concern for her.

Its karwachauth today.Swara wakes up and goes to bath.She wear her green coloured salwar kameez.She goes down and joins Ragini and Parineeta in getting Sargi.Annapurna and Sujata gives the daughter-in-Laws their sargi and they go to their respective room.Swara enters her room and sees Sanskaar sitting on the bed,Already bathed and awake.She smiles and taunt him
Swara:Wah! Kya karishma hain kudrath ki! Ab pati bhi uth gaya hain karwachauth pe!(Wow!wat a miracle of world!Now husbands also wake up on karwachauth).
Sanskaar:Han tho kya hua!(Taking her plate).Mujhe book lag rahi hain.(So wat? I am feeling hungry)
Swara gets angry and sits with him on the bed.Their nok jok continues while Sanskaar eats half her sargi.She notices it and snatches the plate from him.She eats it.She drinks water and the sun rises.She stops eating and goes down.He smiles.

When Swara was going in her room,Ragini also went to her room.She reaches her room and sees all the room full of sorry notes.She then sees Laksh standing and crying.She goes and sits on the bed.She eats the sargi and ignores Laksh.He comes on his knees and cries.He apologizes to her for taking next step of their marriage without her consent.She smiles and says
Ragini:Humne Tumse vaada ki thi ke hum iss shaadi ko banaae rakhe ge.Tho kisi ko tho agla step shuru karna tha.(I am promised that i will maintain this marriage so there must have been someone who would take our marriage on next level.).And u did it.
Laksh asks it means u did not feel bad.She says no and hugs him.He makes her eat sargi and eat alongwith her.She says why r u eating sargi.He replies as I want to fast with u.She says but…..He stops her and says please…She smiles and nods.They see the sun has rose and stop eating.

Swara,Ragini and parineeta are doing preparations for tonight.Swara sees a light is not fixed properly and climbs on a stool to fix it up.She fixes it and slips.She shouts and closes her eyes.She opens her eyes and find someone holding her but couldnt see the face as her long hair has covered his face.She screams and Sanskaar moves her hair.He screams Why did u scream?Their nok jok starts.All smile seeing this.Ragini smiles and stops the.She takes Swara with her.

Soon its evening,guests start coming.Sanskaar and Laksh gift Swara and Ragini a dress to wear.They smile and gi to change.They both down.Swara is wearing a pink and silver lehenga.Ragini is wearing a red and gold Saree(which she wore on karwachauth day).Guests talk to them.Soon,They go and break their fast.They do the ritual and ask thm husband to come.Sanskaar stumbles and Swara holds him.
Swara:Kya hua sanskaar? Tum theek tho ho na?(what happened sanskaar?R u fine?)
He nods
Swara asks him strictly to tell what happened.Is he fasting.He gets angry and shouts yes.She smiles and hugs him.She gets happy and blesses him.He laughs and calls her mad.They break their fast.Elders smile seeing Ragini and Swara breaking Laksh and Sanskaar’s fast.Laksh and Sanskaar also break Ragini and Swara’fast.All smile.

Next day,Swara wears a red salwar kameez and Ragini wears pink Saree.They botb go out and go into a fast food outlet.They come out and someone shut their mouth and bring them to some lonely place.He pushes the girls.They turn and are shocked to find Sameer.Sameer laughs and grabs Swara.The girls cry and Ragini asks Sameer to leave Ragini.Sameer tries to molest Swara but she pushes her and shouts dont touch me.Just stay away.He says how can i let u go? He again tries to molest her but She again pushes her and tries to run.He grabs her hand and says ur looking so beautiful in that Salwar kameez.She pleads him to let her go.He then pushes Swara and grabs Ragini.She cries being scared.Even ur not looking less.Sanskaar and Laksh comes and beats Sameer.They both free Swara and Ragini.Ragini is happy seeing Laksh so concerned for her.They turn and find Sameer gone.
They hug the girls…..Music plays…..

Precap:Sanskaar gifting Swara her Diwali dress and Laksh romancing with Ragini.

Credit goes to:Heera

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