Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 26


Recap:Swasan and Raglak’s marriage.

Its morning,Swara gets ready and smiles seeing Sanskaar.She goes and takes a bath.She wears a gold coloured Salwar kameez(Which she wears in the serial after marriage).She dries her hair and combs her hair.She does make up.She puts mangalsutra and is about to put sindoor in her maang just then,Sanskaar comes and holds her hand.He put sindoor in her maang.He then goes to sleep feeling sleepy.She smiles seeing his childish behaviour.She then goes down and prepares breakfast for everyone and also kheer(as per tradition).She then goes to the inhouse temple and prays.She sings bhajan.Everyone wakes up and gets mesmerized hearing her voice.They wonder why Ragini hasnt get up yet?

Ragini shies seeing Laksh sleeping.She remembers last night event and smile.She then gets sad remembering Sanskaar.She baths and then comes down in her saree(which she wears after marriage).Laksh comes and put her kamardhan in her waist.She smiles and goes.He smiles.

She comes down and helps Swara in preparing breakfast.Elders come down and Swara gives them aarti and prassad.They bless them.She then goes to Sanskaar’s room and sees him acting to sleep.She understand and goes near him.She makes him take arti and pushes smoke to him.He coughs.
Sanskaar:Swara!Yeh kya kar rahe ho tum?(Swara?What are u doing?)
Swara laughs:Mujhe pata hain ke tum kabke uth chuke ho(I know u were already awake)
Swara:Mr patidev! Apke iss bheege bal ki waje se(Mr husband!coz of ur wet hair)
Sanskaar smiles.She tries to go but he holds her hand.He takes the aarti plate from her and put in on the table.He pulls her closer.She smiles and pushes him on the bed.She asks him to come down for breakfast as eveyone is waiting.She goes.He smiles.

Everyone are at breakfast table.The daughter-in-laws are serving breakfast.They too sit.Swara sits but does not eat.
Ragini:Kya hua swara:Khao na!(What happened? Eat)
Swara replies that she is waiting for Sanskaar.Ragini nods and gets a bit sad.Annapurna tastes the kheer made by swara.She likes it.She praises Swara that she is beauty with brain.Everyone laugh.Ragini smiles.Sanskaar comes and says that she is.He sits besides her and signs sorry.She nods.Annapurna asks Ragini When will she do her cooking ritual? She replies tonight for dinner.They comply and all eat together.

After breakfast,Sujata comes and informs Swaragini,Parineeta and Uttara that tomorrow is karwachauth and as it is Swara and Ragini’s first karwachauth aftet wedding,they will make it grand.They wi invite many people.Swara and Ragini takes the charge of making Ragoli and doing decorations.Parineeta decides to cook and Utara decides to go to market to buy decorations and veggies.

Ragini gets a call from her best friend and is glad.She informs her that she wants to meet her in a coffee shop.She complies and end the call.She informs Annapurna about it and She asks her to go.She goes to the coffee shop and meet her best friend Shanaya.She chats with her and laugh.Someone is seen eyeing Ragini.Shanaya goes and Ragini finishes her coffee.When she asks for the bill,She gets a letter alongwith the bill who says be careful and u r looking very hot in that saree.From ur beloved sameer.She gets afraid and looks around.The someone hides.She feels someone is watching her.She pays the bill quickly and rushes home.She gets into the car and gets to know the car has been punctured.She decides to go walking.She goes through a short cut.The road is lonely and she walks quickly as she feels someone behind her.She turns and find no one.She sees a shadow behind her and gets more afraid.She call Swara and cries.Swara asks her what happened Ragini? Where r u?Ragini tells her everything and cries being scared.Just when Ragini is about to tell her where is she,the stalker comes and shuts Ragini mouth.The phone fall on floor.Swara shouts Ragini and the call disconnect.She cries and worries for Ragini.She rushes to inform Sanskaar.

Ragini cries and sees its Sameer who was following her.She pushes him and he falls.She shouts to stay away from her now as she is married.He holds her tightly and says ur so hot in that Saree.Anyway how was ur wedding night? I am sure it was nice as is face is glowing very much.She gets angry and slaps him hard.He eyes her angrily.He turn her around and twist her hand.She screams in pain.She cries.He shouts cry more coz nobody will come to save u.He kisses her cheek and she cries.She pleads him to stay away but he continues to misbehave.She runs but he catches her and hugs her tight.Just then,Someone hits his head from behind.Its swara.She eyes Sameer angrily.He falls unconscious.She cries and asks Ragini
Swara:Tum theek tho ho na Ragini?(R u fine ragini?)
Ragini hugs her and cries.
Ragini:Hume bohat dar lag raha hain Swara.Please hame ghar le chalo.(i am getting scared Swara,Plzzz take me home)
Swara:theek hain Ragini(ok ragini)
They both get into car and leaves.Swara asks Ragini to give a complaint in police station but she is too scared.Seeing her state,Swara takes her home directly.

Annapurna and Sujata hug Ragini and Swara.They worriedly asks if they r fine.They nod and Swara asks Laksh to take Ragini to her room.He nods and takes her inside.Ragini is overwhelmed seeing Laksh’care for her.She smiles at him while tears roll down her cheek.

Swara stands in her room near the window and tears roll down her cheek.Sanskaar presents her a chocolate to cheer her up.
Swara:Yeh kya ho raha hain Sanskaar?(what is this happening?).I just dnt know what to do.

He makes her sit and wipes her tears.He gives her water and asks her to breath deeply and then drink the water.She does so.He then asks her to smile.She remains still.He gives her a chocolate and says
Sanskaar:Ab tho hasdo(Now smile)
She smiles and take the chocolate.She shares with him.They have an eyelock.Han Hansi Ban Gaye……plays…….

Precap:Swara and Ragini break their karwachauth fast.

Credit goes to:Heera

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  2. nice one.. still ragini thinking abt sanskar?

  3. so cute…..but laksh should have saved ragini instead of swara.pls ceate some circumstances such as Sameer trying to rape her and laksh saving her so that she can realise her love for laksh

  4. yar..sister bond is awsum..the swasan raglak moments are superb.. -tive character sameer play his role perfect..in all sense I like ur ff very much..sory to say but d only one thing is in ur ff which I dislike in fact i hate is that why ragini still think about sanskar ?

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