Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 20

Recap:Ragini prays to Lord to give her courage and.

Swara comes to Ragini.
Swara:Ragini chalo! Sangeet ke liye tayaar hona hain(Lets go! We have to get ready for sangeet).She nods and goes to get ready.Swara and Ragini comes down to go.Swara is wearing a green lehenga type saree and Ragini is wearing peach colour lehenga.They both are looking beautiful.They go into their car and go to Maheshwari Mansion.

Preparations are on full swing in Maheshwari Mansion.Parineeta and utara are helping Sujata and Annapurna.Sanskaar and Laksh come wearing sherwani.
Sanskaar: Badi maa, sangeet kab start hogi?(when will the sangeet start?)
The ladies laugh
Sujata:Chora, kya itni besabri ho raha hain kya Swara se milne ke liye?(R u impatient to meet Swara?)(In a sacrastic voice)
Laksh also teases him and they laugh together.

Swaragini and the families arrive.Sanskaar and Laksh are mesmerized seeing Swara.Sanksaar and Laksh say they r looking very beautiful.Swara smiles at Sanskaar while Ragini is a little sad and a little happy and looks at Laksh.He winks at her.She gets shy and then composes herself and stands near Swara.Annapurna and Sujata welcome them.They sit and the sangeet start.

Twinkle and Kunj come and dance on han hansi ban gaye………..
Kaira and Vihaan come and dance on tu hi rubaru………..
Swara and Sanskaar dance on main hu hero tera………
Laksh come and asks Ragini to dance with him.She gets happy but refuses.He holds her hand and take her.He dances with her aaj unse milna hain……….
After their dance, Swara drags Ragini and they dance on didi tera dewar deewana…….pointing to Laksh and Sanskaar.They get angry.Everyone laugh.Ragini laugh and Laksh gets happy seeing her laughing after a long time.He smiles.

After sangeet, Annapurna asks them to come for dinner and they comply.They sit to have dinner.Sanskaar pull the chair for Swara to sit and Laksh does same for Ragini.Sanskaar and Laksh serve swara and Ragini food.They are puzzled and look at each other.They eat the food and like it a lot.They ask who made it? The ladies smile.
Sujata: Yeh sab laksh aur mare chore ne banaya hain…….
Swara and Ragini are surprised.They make Laksh and Sanskaar sit and feed them.Sanskaar looks lovingly at Swara.Dhe smiles and feed him.Even Ragini does same.Kabhi jo badal barse ……plays…….

After dinner they went home.Ragini removes her jewelry.Suddenly, Some hold her and pulls her closer to him.She screams but he shuts her mouth.It turns out to be Laksh.They have an eyelock.Again kabhi jo badal barse….plays……
Ragini: Laksh choro! Koi aa jaega(Laksh leave me! Anyone will come)
He kisses her forhead
Laksh: Is anyone more important than me?
Ragini: Nai par…..(No but)
He kisses her neck and she closes her eyes being shy.
Laksh:Batao na……Is anyone more important than me?
Ragini: Nai wo….(no that…..)
He is about to kiss her lips and She gets shy and turns away and smiles.She suddenly turns and find him gone.She smiles and think whats happening to me? why am i happy being with him?

Laksh comes home and Find sanskaar looking at him with suspicious eyes.
Laksh: Kya….kya hua bha….bhai…..aise….kyun dekh rahe ho?(what hap bhai? Why r u seeing like this?)
He stammers and he burst out laughing.
Sanskaar: Swara called me and said that he saw u going out of Ragini’s room.Cabt u wait a little?
Laksh: Main usse baat karne gaya tha( i went to talk to her)
Sanskaar: Aise kya baat thi ke abhi jaana paraa?(What was so important that u went to talk to her now?)
Laksh smiles and says u know it bhai.
Sanskaar laughs and teases him.

Ragini is combing her hair and is reminiscing Laksh.She smiles.Swara comes and says ragini wo…….and stops.She sees Ragini lost in thoughts.
She makes her sit
Swara:Ragini main tumhe abhi bhi keh rahi houn,Agar tum Laksh se pyaar nahi karti ho phir tum mujhe bata sakti ho.Main jaanti houn tum laksh se pyaar nahi karti ho aur isiliye tumne uska proposal refuse ki thi phir…..(I am asking u one more time, If u dont love Laksh then u can tell me.I know that u dont love laksh and thats why u refused his proposal then why…….
Ragini: Swara, maine soch samajh kar yeh faisla kiya hain ke main Laksh ko ek mauka doungi..Wo mujhse bohat pyaar karta hain(I have thought a lot about this and i have taken this decision that i will give Laksh a chance…..He loves me)
Swara: Par tum usse pyaar nahi karti na Ragini(But u dont lovr him)
Ragini explains her that i am sure today or tomorrow i will love Laksh and i think i have started Liking him.
Swara gets happy and asks really?
Ragini nods.
Swara smiles and hugs Ragini tightly.They fall on bed and laugh together.They tickle each other and fall asleep.

Precap:Swara and Ragini going for Singing Interview in an Academy.Swara sings han hansi ban gaye and Ragini sings teri meri…..

Credit goes to: Heera

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