Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 19


Recap: Swasan and Raglak engagement.

Ragini wipes her tears and goes to Swara.She does not find her anywhere.She goes to her room and see her crying.
Ragini: Swara, Abhi tho tumhaari engagement hui hain tho phir kyun ro rahi ho? Kya sanskaar ne kuch kaha?(U just got engaged then why r u crying? Did sanskaar said anything?)
Swara hugs her and says
Sanskaar broke up with me!!
Ragini is shocked and hold Swara
Ragini: Yeh tum kya keh rahe ho swara? Engagement tho abhi hui hain phir kaise tor sakte hain wo? Main abhi jaake usse baat karti houn(Wat r u saying? Engagement just took place and he broke up with u? I will just go and talk to him.
Swara pushes her and says Coz of u Ragini, U loves him thats why…..i hate u ragini…..i hate u.Ragini tries to speak but she pushes her on the bed again and goes.Ragini cries being shocked.She sreams Swara!!!!!!
She realizes she was imagining things.Swara shakes her and asks
Ragini: Kya hua Ragini? Kya soch rahi ho?( wat hap ragini? Wat r u thinking?)
Ragini gives her a gift and lies to her.
Swara opens the gift and find a necklace divided into two which has best on one and sisters on another.Swara gets very happy and hugs Ragini.She wear the best part and makes Ragini wears the sisters part.
Ragini: Yeh button dabaake ek beep ki sound aegi phir tumhe pata chalegi ke main kahan houn.(By tapping this button, it will make a sound and u will know where am i)
Swara: Kaash sab behen tumhaare jaise hoti( i wish every sister would be like u)
Ragini gets teary eyed and says kaash(i hope……)
Sanskaar and laksh comes and take the girls with them.

Sanskaar brings Swara to a room and pins her to wall.
Sanskaar: Main jaa rahi houn aur tumhe fikar hi nahi hain( i am going and u dont even care)
Swara: Kyun care karoun main? Hum apke hain koun(why should i care? Who am i to u?) ( in a sacrastic voice)
Sanskaar: Main tumhaara pati parmeshwar aur jeevan sathi hone jaa raha houn aur tum ho ke………( i am gonna be ur husband and life partner and u dont even care)
Swara: Theek hain pati parmeshwar bolo kya hukum hain aapki(Ok husband, tell me u command)
She laughs
Sanskaar sees her laughing and smiles.
He teases her and goes.She shies and smiles.

Laksh brings Ragini in a corner and holds her close.She gets shy.
Laksh: Main jaa rahi houn……bye bhi nahi
kaho ge?( i am going …..u wont even say bye?)
Ragini: Laksh choro…koi aa jaega(Laksh leave….anyone will see)
He romances with her and forgetting all things, She smiles happily for oncr and then her smiles vanished thinking wat is happening with her.
He leaves and she smiles looking at him.
Ragini: Maybe Kajal was right……..

Next day, Shekar , sumi, dadi, dida and dada comes for breakfast and see food already made for them.They smiles and ask
Dida: Yeh sab kisne banaya hain?(Who made all this?)
Swara and Ragini comes and says humne(We).They all taste the food and bless the girls.
Dadi:Waise lado tho mujhe pata hain ke wo khana banaaleti hain par tum bhi achi banaaleti ho shona.Mujhe laga that ke tum kucy zyada hi modern the.(I knew ragini knows cooking but u also nade good food.I thought u were too modern.)(in a sacrastic voice)
Swara makes an angry face and they all burst out laughing.She smiles.They share a lighter moment.

Sanskaar comes to laksh and see him emptying his half cupboard.
Sanskaar: Yeh tu kya kar raha hain lucky?(wat r u doing lucky?)
Laksh:Bhai wo……Jab ragini aegi tho usse apne clothes rakhne ki space tho milni chahiye na(Bro….when ragini will come then she must have space to keep her clothes.)
He shies.
Sanskaar smiles and teases him.They both laugh and they also share a lighter moment.

Swara was going in the hall just then, The phone rang, She picked it and it was Annapurna.
Annapurna: Namaste beta! Kaisi ho?(hi beta! How r u?)
Swara: Namaste badi maa! Main theek houn hmmm kya hua kuch baat hain kya?(Hi aunty! Is it something that u wanna talk?)
Annapurna:Ji wo humne decide ki hain ke agar tum logo ko koi aitraaz na ho tho kya sangeet humare ghar ho sakte hain?(we have decided that we will keep sangeet at ours, do u have any objection?)
Swara smiles and says dont wry badi maa i dont have any problem.So see u tomorrow at sangeet.Bye.
Annapurna blesses her and hangs the call.
She goes and informs everyone about the call.They get very happy and Ragini gets sad and thinks
Ragini:Meri shaadi ke din paas aa raha hain.Kaash main Laksh ko khush rakh paoun.(My wedding day is aproaching.I just hope i keep Laksh happy).Mujhe dukh iss baat se nahi hain kyunke main unse pyaar nahi karti balke issi liye kyunke wo samajhta hain ke main apne marzi se shaadi kar rahi houn.(i am not sad coz i dont love laksh but i am sad coz laksh thinks i am happy with this relation and i am marrying by my wish).She gets more sad and prays to god to give her courage to be able to keep laksh happy.

Precap:The sangeet ceremony starts and Swara and Sanskaar dance on main hu hero tera and later Swara and Ragini dances on didi tera dewar deewana…..pointing to laksh and Sanskaar.

Credit goes to: Heera

Plzzz comment and suggest ur ideas and dnt wry all swasan fans swasan will not be seperated and swara will not sacrifice her love for Ragini coz its opposite to the serial……..

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  1. Good effort Heera! But im sorry dear for one thing, jab tum Hindi likhti ho to gents ka gender change kar daiti hun, means Sanskar “main ja raha hun” k bijae “main ja rahi hun”. It will break the flow, if you don’t know Hindi properly, please write it completely in English. Sorry if offense, but its only my suggestion to improve your ff… Stay blessed

  2. Oh ragini i like u very much yaar

  3. very nice ff..sister bond r beautiful as always..as per today’s and previous epis..i think ragini also loves laksh and dont know about it..now its high tim that she should realize her love for laksh..

  4. super dear

  5. Sanskar or swara ki chemistry bot achi lagi or ragini ka sacrifice bi

  6. This is awsome

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