Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 18


Precap: Swasan cute moments and Kajal shocked hearing Ragini’s confessions.

Kajal cries and enters the inhouse temple.She cries and asks
Kajal: Ragini, Kya tumne laksh ka proposal issi liye accept kiya hain taake Swara khush rahe.Taake usse khushi mile aur tumhaara kya hoga Ragini? Tumhaari tho zindagi hi barbaad ho jaaegi.(R u accepting laksh’s proposal so that Swara gets herove and happiness.And wat will happen with u? Ur life will be ruined.)
Ragini: Why i will be ruined?
Kajal: Coz u dont love lakshya and its impossible to live with a person u dont love.
Today or tomorrow Swara will get to know it right?
Just then, Swara comes from behind ans says wat will i get to know?
They both turn and are shocked to see Swara.Kajal stammers and lies to her that its a surprise gift for her on engagement day.
They leave and Swara is still suspicious.She looks at them going, puzzled.She prays to lord for Ragini’s happiness.

Sumi comes to Swara and Ragini who were in their room.
Sumi: Swara,Ragini, mujhe tum logo se ek baat karni hain.Durga prassad ji aur Annapurna ji ne kaha hain ke kal ek bohat acha mahurat hain tumhaari magni ke liye.Tumhe koi aitraaz tho nahi hain na.(I have to talk to u two.Dp ji aur annapurna ji told us that tomorrow is a very auspicious day for ur engagment.I hope u dont have any objection?).
Swara gets happy while Ragini gets sad and looks at swara happy and smile.They both hug and tell sumi that they dont have any objection.
Sumi: If u dont have any objection then go for shopping.
Swara drags Ragini and goes into the car.

They both arrive at the shopping mall.Swara goes to dress corner and turns and asks
Swara: Ragini chalo! Bohat saare shopping karni hain( lets go ragini! We have to do many shopping)
Ragini nods and goes with her.
Swara buys a pink and gold lehenga and Ragini unwillingly buys a blue and silver lehenga.They both go into the cafeteria and are shockee to see Sanskaar and lakshya there.They boys smile seeing them
Swara: Kal hamari engagement hain!(Tomorrow is our engagement)
Sanskaar: Wow! Congrats u already knew it( in a sacrastic voice)
He then laughs.
Swara looks at him angrily
Laksh:Tumne shopping karli?(U done with ur shopping?)
Ragini: Han aur tum?( yeah and u?)
Laksh notices she is disturbed and nods.
They all 4 drink coffee and chat for some time.They then return to their respectives homes.

In the evening, the house is fully decorated.Swara and Ragini comes down.They are looking beautiful.Swara is wearing her pink lehenga and is looking extremely beautiful.Ragini is wearing her blue lehenga.Sanskaar and Laksh are wearing sherwanis.They get mesmerized seeing The girl’s beauty.Swara sots next to Sanskaar and smiles at him.Ragini sits at laksh and does not look at him.He gets thinking.

The engagement starts and they exchange rings.Swasan are happy and Ragini is sad and gets teary eyed.The elders start dancing.They youngsters clap for them.Sanskaar ,while sitting, Pulls Swara closer to him and romances with her.She gets shy and asks him to let her go, everyone is watching
Swara: Sanksaar choro, sab dekh rahe hain(leave me, everyone is watching)
Sanksaar: Dekhne do, Main tumhaara fiancee houn aur mujhe hak hain(Let them see, i am ur fiancee and i have the right)
He hold her hand and bring her to dance.Swara signs no.He smiles and hold her waist and pulls her more closer.He dances with her on the song….mujhe hak hain…………They smiles and dance romantically.Everyone smile seeing them.When their dance end, Laksh bring Ragini.She is surprised and looks at him.She hesitate to dance and he holds her close. They dance on…..teri saanson mein…….Ragini feels a bit happy and thinks why i am happy being with him? Why i feel safe being with him?Swara and Sanskaar clap for them.Swara goes and hugs Ragini happily.She cries happily.Dadi and Dida come and bless them.Their nok jok start.Swara and Ragini laugh seeing them and hug them.Kajal drags Ragini to a corner.
Ragini: Ragini, main jaanti houn ke maine tumse kaha hain ke tumhaari zindagi ruined ho jaaegi kyunke tum laksh se pyaar nahi karti.par…..ab aisa lagta hain ke laksh tumhe bohat khush rakhega and i am sure ke wo tumse pyaar karta hain.(i know i have told u that Ur life would be getting ruined as u dont love laksh.but….now i feel that laksh will keep u really happy and i am sure he loves u very much).please accept him as ur life partner Ragini.Please.
Ragini cries and looks at her.
Ragini: Yeh tum keh rahe ho kajal? Kya main apne pehle pyaar ko bhool sakti houn? Akhir pehla pyaar to pehla hota hain na?(R u saying this kajal? Can i forget my first love? Can first love be forgotten?)
Kajal: Pyaar pehla ya dusra nahi hota Ragini, Pyaar tho pyaar hain….Shayed kal tumhe laksh ka hone ka ehsaas hojae….i really hope so….(Love isnt first or second….its just love….i just hope u will realize laksh’s love one day….
She pats her shoulder and goes.
Ragini cries.

Precap:Swara cries and hugs Ragini.Ragini asks What happened.She says sanskaar broke up with me.Ragini is shocked!

Credit goes to: Heera

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