Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 17

Precap: Sanskaar and Lakshya coming to meet Swara and Ragini

Swara asks them what are they doing here? Lakshay says that they were missing them.Ragini looks at him surprised!.Swara and Sanskaar goes and sits on the bed to talk while Ragini and Laksh sits on the sofa.Swara and Sanskaar laugh and Swara laughs and hugs Sanskaaar.Ragini looks at them and feels devastated and also feels happy for Swara.Lakshya gives her a rose and she cries seeing the rose.She thinks
Lakshya: Main tumhe bohat dard de rahi houn Lakshya tumse shaadi karke kyunke main iss shaadi se khush nahi houn.Balke main yeh sab Swara ke liye kar rahi houn(I am giving u pain by marrying u as i am not happy with this marriage.Otherwise i am doing this for swara only.)She accepts the rose and smiles sadly at him.He notices she is disturbed but stay quiet( ohooo pyaar!!)
Sanskaar smiles seeing Swara so happy and laughing.
Swara: Kya hua! Tum has kyun rahe ho?(wat hap? Why are u smiling?)
Sanskaar: Tum cheez hi aisi ho ke jab dekta houn hasne ka mann karta hain( what to do? U r such thing that when i see u i feel like smiling)
Swara is overwhelmed and looks at him.They have an eyelock.The clock ticks and they gets alert.They girls asks the boys to go as its too late and if someone spots them, it will be a problem.They complies and leave.Swara smiles and goes to sleep.

In the morning, everyone prepare for Kajal’s marriage as it is today.(Yesterday was another ritual of marriage and not marriage soo sorry).Swara and Ragini are wearing lehenga with their hair opened.They are looking beautiful.They are helping Kajal get ready.Even Kajal is looking very beautiful.She is nervous.
Kajal: yar Swara , ragini, mujhe kuch tips d na shaadi ke liye.
Swara and Ragini laugh.
Ragini: Shaadi ek bandhan hain ke ek baar tum iss bandhan mein bandh jao, phir compromises karne parte hain aur bohat saare sacrifices bhi.Agar ho sake tho tumhaare loved ones ke liye, tum apne pyaar ko bhi sacrifice karna parega.( wedding is such a thing that once u get tied to it, u will have to compromise and do many sacrifices .If possible, for ur loved ones, u will have to sacrifice even ur love)
She looks at Swara and gets sad.
Swara: Main tho manti houn ke shaadi ek aisi cheez hain ke hume ek doosre pe trust karni hogi aur bohat saare understanding bhi honi chahiye.Agar aapka pyaar sacha hain tho koi sacrifice nahi karne parege.( i believe that wedding is a thing which must have trust and understanding for each other.If ur love is true then there is no need for sacrifice.)
Ragini whispers i wish this would have happen.

Sanskaar and Lakshya arrives with the baarat.They are wearing sherwanis.They are looking handsome.Swara and Ragini bring Kajal to the mandap.Lakshya and Sanskaar are mesmerized to see Ragini and Swara.They marriage proceed and Saral fills her maang(forhead) with sindoor and make her wear mangalsutra.They take pheras and the marriage get completed.Everyone showers flowers on them Eveyone is happy.A hand Drags Swara into a room.Its Sanskaar.She whispers
Swara: Kya hua Sanskaar? Aise kyun laae ho mujhe? Kisi ne dekh liya tho?( Wat the hell sanskaar? Why u dragged me from there? What if someone saw?)
He shuses her and shows her a ring made from flower.
Sanskaar:Maine yeh apne haathon se tumhaare liye banaya hain.( I have made it myself for u).
He makes her wears it and she looks at him with love.She hugs him and They have a romantic moment.He kisses her hand and asks her to always keep the ring with her.She smiles and is happy.(so romantic!!!!).Ragini comes into the room mistakenly and find them there.She excuses herself and goes out.She cries and says why which i dont want to see , i see that ifself? Why?

Kajal’s bidaai is done and Sanskaar goes to hold swara’ hand but mistakenly hold ragini’s.She looks at him with mixed feelings.He apologize and goes.Sanlak and Swasan goes to Saral’s house.The bride’s grah pravesh( entering house ritual ) is done and they sit for Ring Finding Ceremony.Kajal wins the first round and Saral the second round.The ladies comment that both with rule each other.All smiles.Swara and Ragini are decorating the bride and groom’s room for their suhaagrat(nuptial night).They talk and laugh.They goes and bring Kajal upstair.They teases her and leave her on the bed.Ragini is walking but slips due to some flowers on floor but Laksh holds her in nick of the time.They have an eyelock and Laksh looks at her with in his eyes.Ragini gets aware and goes from there.He notices something is bothering her.

The next morning, Swara sees her flower ring and smiles.She goes to Ragini and hugs her.She says u know Ragini, i feel like i have got all the happiness in the world and i am the most happiest person.She tells her everything and Ragini is Sad.She says nay i get all the happines which u deserves Swara.She excuses herself and goes to the inhouse temple.She cries and prays that she gets the courage to forget her first love and to accept Laksh as her husband.She says that i am doing all this for Swara only. A voice comes from behind that says,” Tu yeh sab Swara ke liye kar rahi hain?”(Are u doing all this for Swara?).Ragini turns and is shocked to see Kajal standing(She is wearing a churidar blue couloured with her horni on her one shoulder and with married girl’s bangles and mangalsutra and sindoor with her hair open.)Kajal cries and looks at Ragini shocked.

Precap: Kajal cries and says U r sacrificing ur love for Swara, Today or tomorrow, Swara will get to know it.Swara comes and asks What she would know? They are shocked to see her.

Credit goes to: Heera

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