Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 16

Recap:Swara accepting Sanskaar’s proposal and Ragini doing sacrifice for Swara’s happiness by accepting Laksh’s proposal.

Both Maheshwari and Gadodia Families are happy and distributing sweets among themselves.Swra goes to get water in the kitchen and Sanskaar goes behind her.Ragini looks at them and is sad.Sanskaar hold her waist from behind and turns her around.She smiles and asks
Sanskaar: Kitne besabar ho tum(How impatient are u)
Sanskaar: Tum bohat achi lag rahi ho aaj, Tumse nazar hi nahi hath rahi hain(U r looking so beautiful today, I just cant take my eyes off u)
Swara is happy and looks at him.They have an eyelock.Parineeta comes and coughs
Parineeta: uhum uhum! Agar baatein katam ho gayi ho tho, chale swara?( If u r done talking, shall we go swara?)
They both seperate.They smile at each other and Swara leaves with Parineeta.

Laksh drags Ragini to a room and she asks angrily
Ragini: What the hell Laksh? Tum kya kar rahe ho?( wat r u doing?)
She then changes her tone.
He pulls her closer to him and says
Laksh: Maine tumhe surprise di tume propose kar ke par tum ne tho mujhe doublr surprise di, Sabke saamne han karke(I gave u surprise by proposing u but u gave me a bigger surprise by accepting my proposal infront of everyone)
Ragini looks at him and they have an eyelock.She gets teary eyed.
Lakshya: Are u fine Ragini?
Ragini: Its just tears of happiness.
Annapurna calls Ragini and she goes.Lakshya sees her going and gets thinking.

Annapurna asks both the girls to come and blesses them and give them Shagun.They smile and takr everyone’s blesings.

Maheshwari families leave and Sanskaar and lakshya looks at Swara and Ragini and bid them bye.They comply.After they leave, Ragini goes to her room and cries.
Ragini:Kyun hum yeh maan ne ko tayyar nahi hain ke Lakshya humaara pati ban ne jaa raha hain? Kyun?( Why i am not wanting to believe that lakshya is gonna become my husband? Why?)
She cries.Swara comes and sees her crying.
Swara: Ragini, Jabse yeh rishta tey hui hain, tum upset ho, kya baat hain, Plzzz mujhe batao agar tum lakshya se pyaar nahi karti plzzz( Since this relation is fixed , u r upset, wat hap? Plzzz tell me if u dont love lakshya?)
Ragini wipes her tears and says
Ragini: This is tears of happiness dear. I am really happy for both of us.She smiles and hugs Swara tightly.Swara senses something is wrong.

Lakshya misses Ragini and thinks to meet her.He comes out and sees sanskaar foing out.He catches her and asks
Lakshya: whats the matter bhai?
Sanskaar tells him that he is missing Swara and going to meet her.They both go and reach Gagodia mansion.They climb the pipe and went to Swaragini’s room.Swara wakes up and sees Sanskaar and is about to shout but he shuts her up.Even Ragini are shocked to see lakshya.Both girls look at each other and burst out laughing.
Swara: Tum thore hi dher mein aajao ge na Saral ke saath shaadi ke liye, Tho phir yahan kya kar rahe ho?( u were suppose to come after some time with saral for marriage then why r u here?)
They tell that they were missing them and thats why came.Ragini looks at lakshya surprised.

Precap: Kajal’s bidaai is done and Swara and Sanskaar romance.Ragini cries seeing Lakshya giving her a rose.

Credit goes to: Heera

Sorry for the short episode and plzzzz comment and suggest ur ideas……….

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