Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 15


RECAP: Laksh proposing to Ragini and Sanskaar panics on not seeing Swara.

Sanskaar gets worried and shouts Swara!!!!!
Sanskaar: Kahi use swimming tho nahi aati(If she does not know swimming?).
He jumps into the water and Swara surprises him by splashing water on him.She starts laughing and says
Swara: Main tumse bhi bara Mischievous houn(I am more mischievous than u)
Sanskaar hugs her and says i dont like these kind of jokes.She gets serious and apologise to him.He smiles and they play in the swimming pool(Like child, Dnt have any other idea 😉 )

Later, swara returns home and looks for Ragini.She sees laksh and asks angrily
Swara: Ragini kahan hain?( Where is Ragini)
Laksh: Ohh! Itna attitude nahi nahi poochna ok, I dont know.( Dont ask with so much attitude)
Swara goes angrily to her room.Ragini wipes her tears seeing her and rushes to her.
Ragini: Swara! Sach sach batao! Kya tum Sanskaar se pyaar karte ho?.(Tell me clearly! Do u love Swara?)
Swara: Han Ragini! I Wasnt sure before but now i am sure.I love sanskaar.
She smiles saying this
Ragini is shocked and cries and says are u sure?? Will u be able to live ur life with him?
Swrara nods and hugs Ragini and says i am so happy Ragini!!!!Ragini cries and says i am so happy for u Swara! Ragini tells her everything and says
Ragini: Par main laksh se pyaar nahi karti houn(But i dont love laksh).Swara complies and goes to tell sanskaar that she loves him.

Sanskaar gets a note and it says plzzz follow the direction.He follows it and it leads him to a room decorated with flowers.The lights get off and There is candle written I love u sanskaar!!! He is surprised and looks around.He turns and sees Swara in a beautiful gown.She walks to him and says i love u sanskaar.She kisses him on his cheeks and says i am not a flirt who kisses on lips.They laugh and hug.

Today is wedding day of Kajal.Swara and Ragini are dressed in saree like lehenga dress.They are looking pretty.Swara was doing some work in the hall just then Durgaprassad ( bade papa) and Annapurna( badi ma) comes with sumi and Shekhar and Greets Swara.She signs Sanskaar whats happening but he just smiles at her.Sumi introduces Swara and Ragini to Annapurna and Durga prassad.Swara, Ragini looks on cluelessly.Durga prassad asks Ragini’ hand for laksh and Swara’s hand for Sanskaar.Swara is happy but Ragini is shocked and is teary eyed.Swara immediately agrees and they laugh.Ragini looks at Swara shocked and thinks i have to do this for my sister.She cries a lot and finally speaks
Ragini: Hume yeh rishta manzoor hain( I accept this relation)
Laksh is surpised and looks at Ragini happily.Swara looks at her suspiciously.She says she has to talks to Ragini and drags her from there and brings her to room.
Swara: U dont love laksh na, Then why did u agree?
Ragini: I thought about it whole night snd i havr have decided that i wil give him a chance.
Swara:But ragini……
Ragini shuts her up and says i love laksh and i am really happy that we both will have the same sasural(In -laws).She hugs her and cries and thinks
Ragini:Main yeh sab tumhaare liye kar rahi houn Swara( I am doing this for u )

They come back and they distribute sweets.Sanskaar winks at Swara while Laksh looks lovingly at Ragini.She gets sad.

Precap: Swasan and Raglak gets engaged.Swara notices Ragini is Sad.

Credit goes to: Heera

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    Story way of writing is tooo good. Hindu english makes non hindu people like us to learn hindi. Superrbbbb continue tis way of writing nd stry too

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