Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 14

PRECAP: Sanskaar proposes Swara and Ragini cries realizing her love for Sanskaar.

Its morning and Ragini fell asleep on the floor with her head on the bed.She wakes up and find herself on the floor.She thinks of last night incident.She asks
Ragini: Swara kahan hain?Raat bhar ghar nahi aayi kya?? Kya wo puri raat…Sanskaar ke saath……(Where is Swara? Hasnt she come whole night?Was she with sankaar…….?
She gets tensed and thinks i have to ask swara if she also loves Sanskaar.

Swara wakes up in the guest room in Kajal’s room.She thinks of last night’s incident.
Swara: Yehi sahi mauka hain jaante ka ke main Sanskaar se pyaar karti houn ya nahi..(this is the right chance to know if i love sanskaar or not)Swara closes her eyes and inagines Sanskaar with her.Kajal calls her and she realizes it was her imagination.She shyingly smiles and goes.
Kajal: Swara, Meri ek kaam karoge?(Swara, Will u do me a favour?)
Swara:Of course Kajal
Kajal: Kya mere liye kuch flowers karid do ge?(Will u buy some flowers plzzz?)
Swara tries to asks why but Kajal sends her into the car and winks to the driver.The driver turns out to be Sanskaar!!!!He smiles looking at Swara in the rear mirror.He drives and goes to a farmhouse.He stops the car and she wonders why he stopped the car.Sanskaar turns and smiles at Swara.She is shocked and says Tum!!!(You!!!)
Sanskaar: Yes madam, Me
Swara: Where did u bring me?
Sanskaar gets out of the car and open the door for Swara.She gets out of the car and asks
Swara: Main tumse kuch pooch rahi houn? Yeh hum kahan aa gaye hain(I am asking u something,Where did u bring me?)
Sanskaar smiles and bring her to the door an opens the door for her.She see its a farmhouse.She signs wats this? He shuts her up and bring her to a room decorated with flowers and balloons.She gets happy seeing the balloons…….She plays with it and he smiles seeing her.Music plays…….

Ragini comes down and looks for Swara evrywhere.She asks Kajal where is Swara.He tells her everything.She is shocked and cries.She goes to her room and cries.She thinks maybe Swara also loves her, Thats why she went with him.Laksh comes and see Ragini crying.He sits near her and asks worriedly
Laksh: Kya hua Ragini? Kuch baat hain? Tum mujhe bata sakte ho?(What happened Ragini? Is here anything? U can tell me.
Ragini cries and rest on his chest.He reciprocate her hug.She gets aware of their closeness and breaks the hug.She makes excuses and leaves the room.He looks on confused.

It starts raining at the farmhouse.Swara gets very happy and goes to the balcony.She starts dancing in the rain.She laughs.He gets mesmerized seeing her childishness.He comes and gets drenched in the rain.He comes near her and pulls her towards him.He dance salsa with her.She too enjoys the dance.Suddenly, He holds her waist and pulls her more closer.She looks at him tensed.He bends to kiss her and she closes her eyes.Seeing her tensed, He smiles and kisses her cheeks.
Swara looks at him surprised.
Sanskaar: Main flirt nahi houn, Main tumhe tumhaari goodness ki waje se pyaar karti houn, Tumhaari khubsurati se nahi(I dont flirt with anyone,i love u becoz of ur goodness and not beauty).Swara looks at him overwhelmed.
Sanskaar: I mean i love becoz of ur beauty only but……u know wat i mean
He makes a cute ,innocent face.She laughs and pushes him on the floor.She laughs.He gets angry and lifts her.She asks him to leave her.Rain stopped by then.He throws her into swimming pool and he laughs.He gets worried on not seeing her.He shouts,Swara!!!!!!!!!!

Laksh comes to Ragini and hugs her.She is surprised and pushes him.
Ragini: How dare u laksh that u hugged me.
Laksh:He bend on his knees and,In front of everyone ,proposes her.
He shouts I love u Ragini!!!!!!!!!.
She is shocked and cries and runs to her room.She cries and after deciding something says
Ragini:Mujhe Swara se baat karni hogi only then main decide kar sakti houn(i have to talk to Swara,Only then i can decide something.She wipes her tears and calls Swara but she does not pick the call.She cries worriedly

PRECAP: Ragini accepts Laksh’s proposal and cries.Swara looks at her suspiciously.

Credit goes to: Heera

Plzzz comments and suggest ur ideas and thank u so much that u liked my ff and some called it best ff ever!!!! I am so touched……

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  1. Good Yaar .. I think swaragini are gonna fight for sanskaar:P but please make it swasan

  2. It’s nice. Make swara nd plz serial jaisa ni ragini marrying sanskar for any reason. Unite swara and sanskar.

  3. Plzz dnt show love triangle yaar….swasan rocksss and plsss dnt separate them….make raglak also a happy couple ….loads of luv ?

  4. Hey dnt make Ragini so much worried..make her realise laksh love soon…loved ur ff

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