Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 13


Today is Haldi and everyone is preparing for it.Swara is wearing a yellow dress and Ragini is wearing a white dress.They are looking beautiful.They are bringing plates of Haldi..Sanskaar comes and asks Swara
Sanksaar:Aaj tum mere saath somewhere chaloge ok.Saying this he went
Swara is left surprised and says”Dinner”?
The haldi ceremony starts and everyone applies haldi on Kajal’s face.Swara looks at Sanskaar puzzled.

In the evening
Swara is dressed in a beautiful purple dress.Ragini sees her and asks
Ragini:Swara, Kahan jaa rahi ho(Where r u going).
Swara: Sanskaar mujhe ek jaga le ja raha hain.Surprise hain.(Sanskaar is taking to some place.Its a surprise)
She smiles
Ragini is shocked and feel a bit hurt
Swara leaves and Ragini decides to follow her.(She is not negative ok)
Swara comes outside and a driver says,
Driver: Sir ne kaha hain ke aapko pick kar de.(Sir has told me to pick u up)
Swara is surprised and is happy.She complies and gets into the car.Ragini thinks
Sanskaar: Sanskaar yeh sab kyun kar raha hain(Why he is doing this)
She follow Swara in another car.

At some decorated place
The driver stops the car and swara asks wat hap.He replies its the place.He gets down the car and opens thr door for Swara.She gets down and looks around.She enters in a garden fully decorated and and a red carpet spread.She walks on it and flowers fall on her.She is surprised.She continues walking and waiter forward his hand.She gives her hand into his and he leads her to a table.She gets happy seeing the decorated table.Ragini arrives there and is shocked to see the decorations.She asks
Ragini: Yeh sab Swara ke liye?( All this for Swara?)

Swara is sitting at the table,just then, Sanskaar arrives wearing a blue blazer.She looks at him and says
Swara: Tum bohat ache lag rahe ho(U r looking nyc)
He smiles and says
Sanskaar: Thank u for the compliment, U r looking beautiful too)
Swara smiles and thanks him
They dine together.She looks happy.He smiles looking at her.

After Dinner
Swara: Waise khana tho bohat acha that par……dessert nahi hain kya?(By the way, The food was nice but…..Isnt there dessert?)
She laugh and says she was joking.
Sanksaar shows her a gola maker.She gets happy.
He goes and make gola for her.She looks at him lovingly.He give her gola and she eats it happily.While eating together, swara asks
Swara: Waise yeh Surprise kyun?(Why this surprise?)
Sanskaar:Gola khaane ke baad batoungi….nahi nahi…..dikhaoungi
Swara nods and they enjoy the gola.Music plays………..
After eating gola, Sanskaar switches kn the music and he kneels on his knees and forward his hand and asks,Will u dance with me?
Swara smiles and they both dance romantically on Rubaru tu hi tu………play…….Ragini is watching all this and is on the verge of crying.
Ragini: Main itni kyun bura feel kar rahi houn agar wo sanskaar se dance kar rahi hain? Kun??(Why am i feeling bad he is dancing with Sanskaar.She was going when suddenly She hears Sanskaar Saying
Sanksaar: I love You Swara, Will u marry me?
She is shocked and turns and finds Sanskaar on his knees proposing Swara with a flower and a rose.He says
Sanskaar: pata nahi kab, Tumse milne ke baad, Tumhaare bina man nahi kar raha hain kisi cheez mein.(Since i met u, i am not finding anything interesting.).Swara is boggled and a bit happy.She thinks of Ishaani’s words and thinks
Swara: I dont know Sanskaar ke main tumse pyaar karti houn aur main tumhe khush rakh paoungi.(i dont know if i love u or if i will be able to keep u happy.)
Swara: Kya tum mujhse sach mein pyaar karte ho?(Do u truly love me?)
Sanskaar nods
Swara: Then i will give u 1 month time to prove ur love for me.
Sanskaar is shocked and looks at her.He accepts her challenge.He offers to drop her home.She complies.Ragini cries and rushed home running.She goes to her room and closes the door.She cries vigorously collapsing on the floor.She says
Ragini:Han!!! Main sanskaar se pyaar karti houn( yes!!! I have fallen in love with sanskaar).Why??? Why this happened with me? Wat if Swara also loved Sanskaar.She looks on shocked.She cries.

Precap: Sanskaar is driving the car as driver and Swara is behind.Sanskaar turns and she is shocked and says, Tum??(You??)

Credit goes to: Heera

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  1. Wow..love confession is the best part..nd the worst thing is that we cannot see such things in real serial…thnks for making it in ff…loved it…

    1. Ur welcome…..i thought to do something unique which serial dont do

    2. Yes i totally agree manu. Heera its just amazing…. plz upload next part….. as fast as u can….. “its” request

  2. Hey heera,
    Plz continue nd different from re serial
    When will u upload nxt part plz tell me

    1. Dnt wry it is totally different from the serial

  3. Hii 🙂
    your story is awesome 🙂 but the only problem is finding it out.. Please upload a little faster (only if you can). I know you must be busy but kya karein? You have got me addicted to your ff ^_^

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