Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 12


PRECAP: Sanskaar realizing his love for Swara and Swara in dilemma whether she loves Sanskaar.

Today is Sangeet and preparations are on full swing.Swara and Ragini are looking pretty.Swara is wearing a fusia pink lehenga and Ragini is wearing a sharara.They bring Kajal down for the sangeet to start.Sanskaar looks at Swara lovingly.She smiles at him.They boys are wearing sherwani.The sangeet ceremony starts and Thapki and Bihaan comes and dance together romantically on the song..Mehendi lagake rakna……Next, Simar and Prem dance on the song…..Teri Galliyan…..Next ,Ishaani and Ranveet comes and dance on tum hi ho……Its Swara’s turn to dance and she asks Sanksaar
Swara: Mere saath dance karoge?(Will u dance with me?)
Sanskaar: Kyun? Koi aur nahi mili kya?(Why?U did not get anybody else?)
Swara: Nahi kyunke koi aur nahi mili tumhaare jaisa acha dance kar sake.Tumhi ne tho kaha tha ke tum mujhe kabhi ghirne nahi doge so will u dance?( no because i did not get anyone who can dance as well as u.And by the way, it was u who said u will never let me fall.So will u dance)
Sanksaar smiles and nods.Ragini looks at them and she and laksh join them for dance.They dance on Prem ratan dhan payo and Jalte diye…….Ragini feels a bit jealous seeing their closeness.Suddenly, While dancing, Ragini slips and Sanskaar holds her.She looks at him and smiles.Just then Laksh comes and Hold her hand and says Are u ok Ragini? Ragini is sad that she had to woke up from Sankskaar lap.They continue dancing.

After the Sangeet
Everyone is sitting and talking to each other.Ragini goes to bring snacks.Seeing Swara tensed, Ishaani asks
Ishaani:Kya hua swara? Tum theek tho ho na( What hap? Are u fine?)
Swara tells her everything and also about her mixed feelings regarding Sanskaar.Ishaani smiles
Ishaani: Tumhe Sanskaar se pyaar ho gaya hain.(U have fallen in love with Sankskaar)
Swara: par mujhe kaise pata hoga ke main usse pyaar karti houn?(But how will i know that i am in love with him)
Ishaani: Agar bohat saare bheer mein tum usse pehchaan sakte ho, Agar tum uske hone ka ehsaas kar sakti ho, Agar tum uske chehre se nahi, Uske dil se usse pehchaan sakti ho phir tum usse pyaar karti ho(If i can recognize him among crowds, If u can feel him if he is near, If u can recognize him not by his face but by his heart, then u r in love.)
Swara looks at her and asks are u sure.Ishaani smiles and nods.

Here also, sanksaar is telling ranveer his mixed feelings towards Ragini.Ranveer tells him the same things which Ishaani told Swara.Sanskaar looks at him and asks are u sure.He smiles and said yes.

After all the guests is gone,The ladies are preparing for tomorrow’Haldi.Swara and Ragini are preparing the Haldi.Ragini thinks about Sanskaar and he holding her during dance.Swara goes to get some water from the kitchen to add in the haldi.She brings it with her.Just then, Sanskaar is returning from the kitchen.Swara collides with him and some haldi fall on them.They have an eyelock and they remember Ishaani and Ranveer’s words.They compose themselves
Swara: acha hua ke haldi nahi ghiri.( its gud the haldi hasnt fallen)
Sanskaar: Han but some has fallen on us.
They look at each other and laugh.Sanskaar smiles seeing her laughing heartily.Sanskaar says u look gud smiling.Swara looks at him overwhelmed.

Laksh comes and offers help to Ragini.while preparing the haldi, He puts some on her cheeks just for fun.She is angry and put some on his cheeks as well.She laugh.He is mesmerized seeing her laughing.She looks more pretty laugjing while haldi is on her cheeks.Suddenly the wind blows and a chunri fall on them They look at each other surprised.They have an eyelock.Laksh removed the chunri and wishes her gudnight and goes.She is confused.She thinks why like when he is with me?Jalte diye……play…….Swara comes and says Ragini wo……she stops and both are surprised to see haldi on each other.Swara asks
Swara: Tumhe yeh haldi kaise lagi(How u got this haldi)
Ragini tells her everything and swara teases her.Ragini then asks
Ragini: how did U get this haldi?
Swara tells her everything and Ragini feels bad.She smiles fakely.Both think of5 Sanskaar.

Precap: Swara asking Sanskaar to prove his love for her and give him 3 months time.Sanskaar is surprised!

Credit goes to :Heera

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