Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 11


Precap:Swasan and Sanlak romantic scenes(unknowingly it became romantoc scene)

In the library
Its morning and Sanskaar and Swara are sleeping in the library.Sanksaar wakes up and is shocked to see they are in a library.He then remembers last night scene.He turns and find Swara sleeping on his shoulder.He smiles looking at her.Sun rays fall on her face and he put his hand next to her face so as the sun ray do not fall on her face.He admires her beauty while she is sleeping.

At petrol pump office
Laksh is seen sleeping while Ragini is on his shoulder.Ragini wakes up and find Laksh next to her.She is shocked and remember yesterday night’s incident.She looks at Laksh and think,’ Main Laksh se pyaar nahi karti phir kyun usse aise hi dekne ka mann karta hain?Kyun mujhe acha lagta hain jab usne mujhe hug ki kal raat? Kyun………(I dont love Laksh then why i just want to admire him always like this? Why i liked when he hugged me last night? Why?).He wakes up and looks at Ragini surprised!
Laksh: Tum yaha kya kar rahi ho?Main yahan kya kar raha houn wo bhi tumhaare saath?
Ragini: Ohh mister! Maine nahi kaha tha ke mere saath raat ghuzaron aur mujhe koi shark nahi hain yahan rehne ka wo bhi TUMHAARE saath!(ohh mister!i didnt told u to come and spend the night with me and i have no interest to stay here that too with u!!)
Laksh is surprised to see her talking boldly
Ragini pushes the door and it open and she goes(so much courage!!!).Laksh is left shocked!

Swara opens her eyes and is overwhelmed to see Sanksaar putting his hand to avoid her from getting sunlight.She looks at him with a little love(awww).By then The library opens and they go home without talking to each other.

Once arrived at Kajal’s house, Swara goes and meet Kajal.Seeing Swara tensed, Kajal asks her…
Kajal: Kya hua Swara…kuch baat hain kya?(What hap Swara? Is there anything that’s bothering u?
Swara tells her everything and also about her mixed feelings about Sanskaar……
Kajal: Tumhe Sanskaar se pyaar tho nahi ho gaya hain?( Have u fallen in love with Sanksaar?
Swara is surprised and looks at Kajal confused.
Just then Ragini comes and join them.She asks….
Ragini: Kya hua swara? Kya baatein ho rahi hain?( what r u talking about)
Kajal narrates everything to Ragini and she feels a little bad and jeaulous
Ragini: Swara….tho….kya tum s……sanksaar se…..pyaar….karti ho?( So….have u fallen in love with Sanksaar?).
Swara: I dont know Ragini..Maybe yes or maybe no….i dont know…i am really confused….after yesterday’s event i am more confused….
Ragini is speechlessa and asks
Ragini: Kal raat kya hua Swara?(What happened last night).
Swara re-narrates everything
Ragini feels a bit relieved.She excuses herself and goes to her room.

Sanksaar is sitting in the hall and asks
Mujhe ho kya gaya hain? Kyun main Swara se itni attracted ho raha houn?Wo itni khoobsurat hain aur hamesha use dekhne ka mann karta hain(wat hap to me? Why i am getting attracted to Swara? She is so beautiful and i just want to watch her always.)
A voice comes from behind and says
U r in love with Swara….its laksh
Sanksaar: kya lucky? Kuch bhi bol raha hain (wat lucky:u r talking anything)
Laksh: Then tell me why r u thinking so much about her?
Sanskaar looks at him and asks are you sure?
Laksh nods.
Laksh: If not then close your eyes and imagine Swara….If u see her then u r in love…
Sanksaar closes his eyes and imagine Swara smiling, Her talks, Her childishness etc…..Sanksaar smiles and open his eyes and hugs Laksh..Thank u lucky! Ur the best bro in the world.They have a laugh.

Precap:Maha episode of Meri ashiqui tumse hi and Swaragini.Ishaani explaining Swara and making her realize her love for Sanskaar.Ranveer talking to Sanksaar and asking him to give Swara time to realize her love for him.

Credit goes to: Heera

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