Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 10


PRECAP:Swara getting shocked to see Ragini’s mehendi.Swasan moment.

The next morning,Swara is getting ready getting to go to college.She is wearing a blouse and skirt.She comes to Ragini and asks,”Ragini, tayyar nahi hui kya? Hume college jaana hain aur dhet bhi ho rahi hain.(Ragini dnt u remeber we have to go to the college and it is already getting late).Ragini tensely tell Swara i cant come with u coz laksh has asked me to come with him to meet someone.Swara smiles and says then go, why are you tensed.I know man mein laddoo pout kare hain.Ragini says no swara i dnt want to go with him.(As he is starting to like sanskaar and want to be with him).Will u go with him plzzzzz? Swara nods no and says u know we dnt gel well together so plzzz will u go aur waise bhi mujhe project submit karna hain so sanskaar mujhe le jaa raha hain.(and i have to submit my project today and sanskaar is bringing me) Ragini felt a bit jealous hearing this but she kept her smile on her face.Just then sanksaae shouted Swara and she went.She thinks why when Swara is going with him i am feeling jealous? Why i am feeling that insecure? She is confused…

Swara comes to sanskaar and asks ,” itna kya chillaa rahe ho, Behri nahi houn”(why are you shouting so much? Do u think i am deaf) main.”Sanskaar smiles and teases her,” Mann mein ladoo pout rahe the jab maine tumhe pukara aur ab ghirghit ki tara rang badal rahe ho”( U were happy when i called u and now u r chaanging colour like chamaleon)Swara started shouting on him and he finally says,” Are sorry baba its my mistake , now shall we go?.Swara nods and sit in the car annoyed.

Here Ragini was lost in thoughts just then laksh comes and say Shall we go ragini.She nods.He forwards her hand and she looks at him. She asks,” Kyun har baar tum mujhe apna haath de rahe ho”( why everytime you are giving me ur hand).Laksh smiles and say by the way its u who should give ur hand into mine but i dit it vice versa(So impressive).She asks what?? I did not understand? He nods nothing and she gave her hand into his and they went in the car.

In the car
Ragini says,” Waise ab to bata do ke kaha jaa rahe hain hum”.(By the way now tell us where are we going?).He says to meet my childhood friend.She says,” Jaha tak mujhe pata hain tumhaare saare dost yahan shaadi mein hain.He says there is another whom u did not meet.She is puzzled.

At the library.
Swara was searching shakespear’s book.She asked the librarian and he said its at the top of the shelf.She complies and went to get the book.She climbs on a ladder and about to get the book when her leg turned and she falls.In the nick of time, Sanskaar comes and hold her.He looks at Swara mesmerized who was closing her eyes.She was looking more beautiful with her eyes closed.She opens her eyes and looks at sanskaar.
Swara: Thank you Sanksaar mujhe bachane ke liye(thanks for saving me sanksaar).
Sanksaar: kitni baar Thankss bolo gi Swara?( how many times will u say sorry Swara?….He says this holding her.she smiles and asks
Swara: Kya poori zindagi mujhe apni baahin mein pakarne ka iraada hain kya?
She looks at him surprised! He then changes the topic and says
Sanksaar: I mean i dont want back ache.
Swara beats him and asks him to get her down.He complies and she thanks him.They suddenly look around them and are shocked to see darkness and no one there.They look at each other and start blaming each other for their state.

Meanwhile Laksh goes to meet his childhood friend who turns out to be a modern and flirtatious girl.She flirts with him and Ragini feel bad seeing this.After meeting that girl.They were returning home with Ragini still upset.Suddenly their car break down.They find a petrol pump office and goes their.When entering their, Ragini dupatta get stuck in the door and it get jammed.They both look at each other shocked! He says if u did not wear ur blo*dy dupatta the door would not have jammed.Ragini gets angry and asks who do u think u r to judge me and to tell me when and where should i wear which clothes.Ohh right u dnt like girls who wear churidar even though sometimes.U like girls like ur “childhood friend” (doing the comma with her hand).U r an absolutely flirt.And in that case i should be angry with you coz of u i am in this problem also as i did not beg u to bring me to meet that friend of yours.I dont like her at all and dont like u hugging and flirting with her.Laksh is surprised! She realizes what she has said and she stop saying.She thinks why i did not felt good seeing her hugging that girl.Whats happening to me? She looked around and found the AC on and was getting cold.Laksh saw that and to decrease her coldness, he pulled her closer and hugged her.She is surprised!.She stands still in shock.

At the college
Swara is getting sleep and is stumbling.Sanskaar holds and make her sit.He says u can sleep on my shoulder.
Swara: And u??
Sanksaar:i will be fine seeing u sleep.
Swara is surprised and looks at him.
He changes the topic.
She sleeps on her shoulder and is feeling cold.He gives her his jacket(awwww so romantic).He smiles seeing her sleeping like a child.He reminisces their fights and smile.

PRECAP: Sanskaar proposes Swara and Ragini cries in her room and admit that she loves Sanksaar and then Laksh proposing to her.

Credit goes to: Heera

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