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Hey guys first of all sorry for late update, i was out of town so couldn’t make it but here is 4th part. Hope u like it.. need your support in comment\ and suggestions too 🙂

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and here is the 4th part 🙂

scene 1
As madam cherry left with khush, swara ran upto sanskar and said to him ‘ hey you danced very well, there was a spark in your performance’. Sanskar turned back and said even your performance was memerizing . Swara said thanku with a wide smile and said will u be our group partner..as Sanskar was about to say anything Lakshya interuppted and said madam we are together,i mean Sanskar will join your group only if i agree,so first convince me,then if i agree we will join your group. sanskar looked at him and laksh held bis hand which was a signal to be uiet. swara looked at lakshya and said ‘you!! you haaven’t danced even, how can i ask u to join making amused face. lakshya said ‘ ooo madam, i am a king in dancing. no one can beat me in dancing, c’mon ask to sanskar who taught him dancing.’ sanskar looked at him in surprise as laksh don’t know how to dance, lakshya winked at him and said so u decide what do u want. and yes tell what u decide fast otherwise we will join other group. saying this he smirked and left with sanskar, leaving swara there amused with her mouth open. Ragini came upto her and closed her mouth by putting a little push on her lower jaw and said come with me i will make sure that they come in our group and winked at swara. she left from there and swara sadly started practicing. After a while Ragini returned and also started practicing. Swara looked at her and her face was showing that she was not able to convince them. Swara said to her we will see someone else for our group and thanks that for me you went to them otherwise you are such type who can not speak for her own rights, really thanks for doing this for me, saying this she hugged Ragini. Ragini smiled and said i feel like doing everything for you that makes you happy, i don’t know why. Swara with tears said ‘ you know ragini when i was small and mumma used to go in work then i used to hug the walls for hours as they were my only best friends, i always longed for a sister and i got it in you. Ragini patted her shoulder, and assured her that everything will be good. then the bell rang by then the college was over and they went back to their rooms.

swara was said remincing today’s incident as the spark that she have seen in sanskar’s dance ,it asurred her that he will make win through the competetion but now the dream of making him a part of her team has vanished. ragini came to her and asked her not be sad. swara stood up and took laptop and made a video call to her mother. shamishta was on other side, wearing a long sleeved green top and black jeans.. with her hairs open , as she saw swara she smiled widely and said shona, how are you.’ i am missing u mumma’ said swara in a trumbling voice. no no shona don’t cry said sumi. swara broke in tears. seeing this ragini ran to her, hugged her and rubbed her back. as sumi saw ragini, something throbbed in her heart. swara who was calmed till then said ‘ she is my room mate maa, her name is ragini’. ragini folded her hands in front of sumi and said ‘namaste aunty’. on the other side sumi lost in thoughts and flashback starts…
shamishta wearing a yellow saree in green border with a bun of hairs and a bindi on her forhead with the head having red sindoor showing glory of her marriage, beside him shekhar was sitting in brown kurta pajama and was feeding soup to her and saying ‘ mishti i will name my daughter swara and i want her to be a best dancer and also a singer but not like you the classical music, but the enthusiastic jazz. sumi said ‘ no my daughter name will be ragini as she will be the ueen of all the raag.and the classical music’. shekhar said ok then we will have two daughters. then they both laugh heartedly..
seeing her mother lost in thought swara said hello maa, where are u lost she is greeting you,,fb ends and sumi came back to present , seeing ragini folding her hands she said sorry beta, i was lost in thoughts. ragini said its ok aunty, and she also felt something strange in her heart. sumi then said to swara thst she have an urgent meeting after half an hour so they will call back later, swara with tears in her eyes said , ‘ maa i miss ur head massage ‘ .. her mother said baby i will come to meet you soon, then she wwaved bye to swaragini and call was disconnected. swara teribbly sad ditched her mouth in th pilloww and started sobbing. suddenly she felt two hands on her head, massaging her hairs just like her mother, she woke up suddenly and said mumma. to her surprise ragini was giving head massag to her. swarastopped her but ragini said let me do it and stop calling me mumma again and again. as swara realized she is saying her mumma from morning whether it be morning prayer or head massage, they both laughed their heart out. swara said ‘you know ragini, you stte me remeber my mother and she massages my head just like this and she held ragini’. she exclaimed and said ragini look at your hands and my hands they are exact copy of each other and my mother too such have such hands..then swara said show me your feet and their feets were also the exact copy of each other. they both became surprisingly happy and said we share an eternal bond..then they both hugged each other and ragini said we are soul best friends.swaragini music plays.

scene 3
its night… ragini got her father’s call. she told them about swara her roommate. same fb reca,lls in the front of shekhar and he got a panick attack..dadi in hurry cut the call and ragini senses something wrong and started crying..swara consoled her..after an hour they got a call that everything is back to normal again ..they heaved a sigh of relief.. they both slept together hugging each other..both were comforting each other.

guys i know i updated late but please keep commenting..i will give two parts today..other is on the way 🙂

Credit to: Heer

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