SwaRagini.. A New Start (Sisters Love) Episode 3


Hey guys here is third episode. If you have missed previous episodes then here is the link.




Scene 1
All students have taken seats in their class. Swaragini and Sanlak are in the same class. Actually all the freshers were in same class first and there they have to choose their course and passion. There was a lady teacher ‘Miss Cherry.’ She was having a form and was filling the course of each child beside their names. When it came to Ragini she said singing further swara opted dance. Sanskar opted for dance too as dance was his passion but Lakshya was having no option in mind as he was there only to run away from buisness responsibility. He was not able to decide and said singing in a stummering voice as he doesn’t know a single way of singing. Now miss cherry announced the names along with their opted branch if each and every student. But as a shocker to them cherry mam said that all have to choose two branch one is chosen by you and the other we will provide to you. Ragini got nervous hearing that and said to swara “i will not be able to make anything other than music”. Swara held her hand as if saying she is with her all the time. Then the teacher announce the other branch for all students and we have nothing to do much about what subject other got but only swaragini and sanlak. So swara was given singing and ragini dancing abd then similarly laksh and sanskar were given two branches opposite of which they opted first as singing for sanskar and dancing for laksh. Their first session of class was over and leaving from there miss cherry said guys i will choose some of you and you will have to perform once a month each for two years in our different branches situated ib different states. So guys fun is awaiting ahead,if you perform better here you will get a chance to visit whole india. Hearing the last line swara jumped in joy and said to Ragini , ‘its my one and only dream, to explore india, i will surely have to make it.’ Ragini said ‘ you will surely make it swara’ swara said not only i but we will make it and hugged Ragini. Just then they heard the sound of bell and swara said come lets go to canteen and have something fast, i am very hungry. Ragini complied and they both move towards the canteen. Lakshya heard them and saw them moving towards canteen and said to Sanskar ‘ bro, lets go to canteem. I have to complete my task. I want to befriend them. How different the two sisters are one is a soft flower and other is a wild cad. I mean how is it possible, i want to explore them.” Sanskar said ‘ who told you they are sisters in a amusing tone. Lakshya said’ haven’t you seen their faces they are look alike of other with a minor difference..they are sisters definitely and i will clear you confusion. Come with me ‘. Sanskar said laughing ‘ i think u want one more treatment from that girl.’ Lakshya said whatever and they both headed towards the canteen.
Ragini and swara were sitting on chairs facing each other with a attached table between them and two more chairs empty by their side. Lakshya purposefully sat there facing swara by the side of Ragini. Seeing this Sanskar said i will give the order and lakshya said hey girls listen to me.Swara raised her eyebrow moving her head up from her coldrink and Ragini looking down in nervousness. Just then as lakshya was about to say something ge saw karan coming and stand up to leave ( u guus know hoe much a ragging bother specially for boys, so don’t thonk of lakshya as a coward.he just didn’t want to mess there πŸ™‚ ). Swara looked at him and said , ‘hey you are leaving so soon, i was just about to poison your colddrink. Hearing this sanskar laughed heartedly who had arrived there untill then. Lakshya made a puppy face and said to Sanskar lets leave from here. Sanskar didn’t understood anything but left with him. Ragini said ‘ swara it’s not right, don’t insult him again and again. Have u seen his face when he left from here ‘ . Swara said in a teasing tone ‘madam..hold on..we have met him just in yhe the morning’ Ragini heard this and said in weak tone, ‘there is nothing like this’ just then karan arrived there..the cool hunk of the college. He sat beside Swara and said hii..swaragini recalled morning incident..till then karan said sry if i misbehaved with you but ragging is like a fashion right..swara said fashion doesn’t mean crossing the limits. Karan said ohky sorry and lers be friends..no seniors juniors,saying this he extended his hand. Swara too forwarded her hand and their hand met, they shook their hands and the boy said Karan.. and i am swara and then she smiled a little. Then he extended his hand to Ragini and ragini shyingly forwarded her hand and backed off by just touching his hand.

Scene 2
An auditorium. With mirrors all over the wall. Swaragini, sanlak along with other students were there. Miss cherry and a gents teacher Mr khush. They both looked like there is a spark betweem them. Well cherry said we gathered here to see all of your dance as we will have a dance competition after 1 month in Delhi.So you all show your skills today. Choose yourself a partner who match with your passion , form a team and show us your talent and we will do the final selection. And then Swara danced on mainu ishq da lagiya rog. She did some ballet and hiphop mixed step excellently. She twirled her body differently in each stanza, she spinned it. Whatever she did it was so perfect that we can easily see an upcoming great dancer in her. Now it was Ragini’s turn.Ragini plated her dupatta and then spread it over her chest making a round of other end she tied it along her waist.. song was played.. swara boosted her and she danced with classical steps in the tone
Kondal vannanaik kovalanay venney
Unda vayan en, Ullam kavarndhanai
Andar kon ani arangkan en amudhinaik
Andar kon ani arangkan en amudhinaik
Kanda kangal marronrinaik kanave
And a bit contemporary in further lyrics. Banke titli dil udaa…
Sanskar then danced bang bang passionately. Swara noticed the spark in his performance and she prayed in mind to get sanskar in his team and lakshya made a lame excuse of injury in leg. Cherry told him to take medicine and be prepared till tomorrow and get a group. We will proceed the elimination and selection from tomorrow till then choose your partners said cherry while leaving with khush.

Swara and laksh sweet nok jhok..ragini learning dance steps..the four practicing.

Hey guys keep commenting. Tell your suggestions and yes also tell me when you want the next part. May it be today and tomorrow just tell it comments. More the comments fast i will update the next part and friends please don’t bother..its just a way of knowing whether u are liking it or not πŸ™‚

Credit to: Heer

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