SwaRagini.. A New Start (Sisters Love) Episode 2


hey guys..here is 2 episode..hope u will enjoy it..suggestions,views and criticism welcomed in comments πŸ™‚
if u have missed the first two episod..here is the link..



scene 1

SwaRagini’s room..morning time

swara is sleeping on bed half covered with blanket with loosely tied hairs and a pink sando, her head resting on a pillow and one hand down the pillow as she was sleeping by her side..ragini was lighting lamp in the temple..a self made temple with one idol of goddess durga that she have brought fron her home and a lamp in front of it which is lighted by till now. she has worn a red and cream coloured suit,with her wet hairs left open,she took the red coloured dupatta beautifully over her head and startes singing the prayer in marwari.. ” bhakti kar toh chutt maro prann..bhakti kar toh chutt maro pran prabhuji evva mangu chhu…mile janam janam thoro sath prabhu evva mangu chhu..ho ho evva mangu chhu….. ”
swara who was still in her sleep murmured in low voice..mumma good morning..again u have start worshipping so early today..ragini who has back to swara turned and smiled listening her.till then she have completed that bahjan..she went upto her and said “good morning swara..its not home..and its not ur mumma doing prayer..its me ragini”.. swara opened her one eye while rubbing the other..then she sit down and tied her hairs loosely in a bun and widened her eyes saying.”.ragini you!!.. sorry yar,i was dreaming of my home..so i thought mumma is singinging that song..by the way how do u know this song..my mumma use to sing this every morning”. Ragini smiled and said swara its not song..its prayer and its daily sung in my house..i and my dadi together sing it.. swara says ohh..well its a song..ohky devotional song..and my mother sings it daily and here you..then she smiled broadly and said ‘goodmorning ragini, now lemme freshen up and take bath other wise i will be late for college” ragini says sure madam..and do it fast..swara took her clothes and said while leaving to washroom,’and u ragini, leave your hairs open,u look fab dear’… Ragini smiles and thanked and then nods in a yes.
after about half an hour..swara came out of washroom..she was wearing a plane thin stipped orange top and a peach mini skirt with beautiful flower print all over the skirt, the skirt was flowing with swara’s movement to and fro. then seeing in mirror she aplied lotion,cream and then kajal beautifully on her beautiful eyes,finally she applied lip gloss and make a pout face saying ‘swara bose,u are the preetiest and then chucled’. Ragini said swara are you done with it then shall we leave to college. swara turned her face and raised her eyebrows and said sure sweety. they both left from the room to college campus.

scene 2
college campus
swaragini were walking through the campus to their class, just then two boys stop them on mid way..one of them was in blue t-shirt and black jeans,with hairs messed up using gel and a mischievious smile on face,it was lakshya and the other one in black shirt and black jeans with a calm and composed look, it was sanskar. ragini got shocked and nervous by this and lakshya noticed it, swara said “yes” with her one hand forward in a uestioning position. lakshya said ragging, we are your seniors,so give your intro and after that describe me too in some words.ragini held swara’s hand and lakshya again noticed her getting nervous. thinking that ragini is an easy target he said yes madam you,in red suit,pointing towards ragini..ragini looked up,meanwhile some boys came there,lakshya turned and said omg seniors, swara looked at lakshya and said so you were joking,and gave an angry look to him, just then the seniors arrived. tehy took a normal intro of the girls and in lakshya turn..one boy named karan gupta asked..”if i say i will kiss your wife in future then what will you do” lakshya fumed in anger but kept uiet..swara said its not a way..u shouldnt ask these uestions..karan came to swara and said ohh so u have a problem girl..why? .. are u being her future would be wife?.. and then they all laughed..swara fumed and went a step ahead,ragini held her hand and said swara let’s go to class..her face was clearly showing that she is frightened. karan again asked the same uestion to lakshya looking at swara..swara came ahead and sai “so what type of kiss are u aspiring of with his would be wife” karan looked at her and said a lip lock kiss.. swara said fine ” then he will marry your real sister.” karan’s face was shocked as it was first time that a girl have messed up with her.. he was a tall dark handsome boy..and the hero of mumbai arts college.. saying that swara left..karan looked at her going and said “lovely..i always wanted such a girl for me, now i will make her mine” saying this he left from there with his friends.. lakshya and sanskar came running upto swaragini who had not gone much far till then and lakhsya tahnked swara,,swara looked her and said,so u were taking ragini’s intro..u are a grown up boy and u can’t give proper answers to them..i mean how can a person hear something like this about his or her partner..lakshya stood silent..swara said and yes u said yourself to describe in few words so listen “may i have the pleasure of your absence forever” and yes never mess with ragini again. then she held ragini’s hand and went to class. sanskar laughed heartedly and said you needed such a treatment bro..you have taken around 39 fake ragging and this one was the beat..lakshya ran away to beat him..then sanskar said afterwards haan..lets go in class lakshya..but this incident was fabulous..he again laughed..laksh jokingly kicked in his stomach and sais lets make them our friend and winks to sanska.
precap : swara dancing in mainu ish da lagiya rog..and ragini dancing in banke titli dil udaa udaa..

Credit to: Heer

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  1. Ha seniours ragging…. it was good….

    1. Thank u hayathi πŸ™‚

  2. this is a pretty good writing… and a different one.
    keep using your imagination…

    1. Thanku sonia.. πŸ™‚

  3. Ragging..fun…reminded me of my hostel and college days…n detailing …impressive..keep it up Her….

    1. haha…clg lyf is really fun..by d way thankuu veena πŸ™‚

  4. Ragging was so good…pls make swalak ad ragsan

    1. thankuu keerthu..i will think for pairs and will really give your suggestion a thought πŸ™‚

    1. kavya..there is a much havoc about swasan or swalak..i will decide it with suggestions of all of you πŸ™‚

  5. It was really nice nd difernt…keep It up

    1. dear angel thanku πŸ™‚

  6. Superb
    You have good writing skills Heer
    Upload daily…

    1. thank uhh sarvya :).. its all because support and love of u all πŸ™‚

  7. Heer please update yhm fan fiction…ishra forever as I am eagerly waiting for the next part…

    1. hey neha..i was going to upload it tomorrow..but i will update it today..bcoz of u πŸ™‚

  8. By the way
    My name is SRAVYA
    not Sarvya…. πŸ™‚
    Waiting for your tomorrow’s upload.

    1. oh sry SRAVYA.. now its correct.. yeah i will upload it soon dear πŸ™‚

  9. Thanks dear…

    1. i have mailed it neha..lets see when they update it

  10. hey heer..plz uplode the next parts of sisters love…eagarly waiting for it……plz make it soon yaar

    1. i have mailed it LEHER .. just waiting for them to posty it

  11. sruthi robin

    swasan plsssssssssssssssss

    1. hey sruthi..decide among u all..if its swasan my other fiction will be swalak and vice versa

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