SwaRagini.. A New Start (Sisters Love) Episode 1 CHARACTERS ENTRY

HELLO.. guys its entry epiosde of characters.. if u have missed previous episode that was character introduction..here is the link
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scene 1

its fine morning. campus of mumbai college of arts is seen. a girl in orange colored suit stepped out from car. she have made plaids of her hairs..with a little raised puff of front hairs..she have worn a bracelet in left handand a mini heeled sandle. from the other side of car a miidle aged man came out and asked the driver to take out the luggage. the gir was staring at the magnificient building of campus with eyes full of hopes..just then the middle aged man who was shekhar called her and said ‘ragini, take it here is your admission recipt ” . she turned to her father.. walked upto him and then hugged him emotionally. shekhar consoled her and said it’s your dream, stay focussed. ragini nods with tears in her eyes. shekhar wiped her tears and said ‘ragini its a matter of just 2 years then you will be back to us,now stop crying my little baby,u know na how much i love you.’ ragini nodded smilingly and said pay regards to dadi sa, dada sa and nani sa. shekhar kissed on her forhead and said now i will leave,your luuggage is kept inside,guard will take it to your room and keep calling time to time. ragini again hugged him in tears. it was first time since ragini’s birth that she is being separated from her father. it was difficult for shekhar too but afterall it was his and shamishta’s dream to see their daughter as a great singer..and out of nowhere ragini got singing skills like her mother.
ragini parted her from her father and shekhar asked her to smile,just then a taxi comes there blowing dust over shekhar, a girl in blue hotpant and white top comes out,she have left her hair open with a hair band over them,,she have coloured some of he hairs, she was wearing sports shoes and short soxes of ankle length..as she came out of taxi chewing a chewing gum..she said “so this is my destination,,mm,,..india is good. ” then she paid teh taxi wala money and recived a call..it was her mother..she said”mumma you have already called me 10 times and yes i have reached there,its a good place,please don,t worry about me, i am your strong daughter.. i will call you as soon as i get my room..ok muuma..love u by..” the call was disconnected..shekhar cleaned his clothes and ragini was helping him. shekhar was about to leave just then a locket fell down from swara’s hand near shekar’s feet as she was twirling it taking it in her hands. she went upto there..nd bent down to pick up the locket..at the mean time time ragini also bent to touch her father’s feet..shekhar unknowingly put his hands over swara’s head and said god bless u my daughter. swara looked up..feeling a strangness and smiled seeing shekhar..shekhar understanding the situation said..i am sorry beta i thought its my daughter ragini. swara said uncle no need to say sorry its ok..she looked at ragini and then leave from there carrying a pitthu bag on he back, shekahr also felt some strangeness then blessing ragini he left from there. ragini waved by till the distance she can see the car,, swara was seeing her from a distance.

scene 2
both swara and ragini were standing in long lines waiting for their turns to get a room alloted. then their names were announced swara bose , rupali khurana and ragini garodia..room no 144..wing 1.
they both went to their rooms,ragini had a lot if luggae so guard ws acoompanying them whereas swara only had a pithhu bag. they reached the room.. guards left the luggage there and left.
the room was like a big hall..with three separated beds..three almirah made in walls in front of beds.a vast window fromwhere the beautiful view can be seen. a attached washroom and rest the place for their luggage and to set the room according to their interest. swara dropped her bag on floor..and ran towards the window in excitement, ragini also came there and start speaking.. she said hello,i am ragini..i was a little nervous when i reached here..its first tym tht i am out from house and we have also met outside..do u remember.. swara turned to her and took out her headphones and said are u saying anything to me with widening her eyes.. ragini said yes outside my father.. swara jumbed and said ohh thanku..u made me remember i have to call my mother else she will get tensed,, swara took the phone,,,dialled the number and went outside the room leaving ragini there..then she peeped into the room and said..swara basu..then she giggled and said..i have heard everything you said there in front of window..music was off..u told me you were nervous.so i was talking advantage of it..ny the way ragini..now i am with you i will make u bold..then she said ohh mother in call..i will catch you in 10 minutes sweetheart and swara left. ragini smiled at her and thought she is feeling like home..then she started unpacking her clothes luggage and started keeping it properly in almirah. then she looked at the pithhu bag that was lying downside..she picked the bag up and kept it properly on the table..

swara returned and said sorry for that window thing.. ragini said its ok,, swara smiled and offered her chewing gum puttinf=g one chewing gum in her mouth.. ragini refused politely. then they had many talks and laughed a lot. it was alte night till then and both wee tired.. they took the dinner and went to sleep. swara said at night” i don’t fear from ghosts,but i know you do, so join the beds,,,’ raini looked at her with surprise who was stealing glances to not get caught that she fears from ghosts’ ragini said ohh swara,i fear from ghosts, ok u sleep alone i will sleep with pillow besides me…’ swara said in a freaking voice ‘ no ragini u have to sleep with me, i will take care of you’ then they both laughed and joint the beds.. they both lie down and swara clutched ragini while sleeping.

sanlak meeting swaragini in college campus

Credit to: Heer

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  1. That’s nice…so cute when shekhar blessed swara mistakenly….and at last when swara clutched ragini….plz continue hope to see swasan as couple

    1. Thanku angel..its such a big complement for me that u noticed such things πŸ™‚

  2. Nice,loved It somewhat different from other fanfiction,waiting for ur next episode, make swasan and raglak as pair a kind request….

    1. Thanku priya..i will reveal the pair afterwards..the pair u all want to see.. πŸ™‚

  3. Heer so swwet episode

    1. Thank u hayathi..pairs i will disclose later..first the focus is on swaragini πŸ™‚

  4. I loved your ff so much
    Plz make the couple swasan

    1. Thank u mumina. .u too write good fanfiction πŸ™‚

  5. Plz make sure sanrag in serial vaise bhi oh jodi haina yaha channge karo na

  6. Plz make sure sanrag in serial vaise bhi oh jodi haina yaha channge karo na plzzzzz

  7. awesome story heer..loved it

    1. Thanku rubi pearl..by d way i am also writing yeh hai mohabbatein fan fiction.. yhm..ishra forever…
      If you want to read this then plz have a look its like
      Yhm..ishra forever..part 1 similarly upto part 5

  8. superb, but make it swasan yaar

    1. Thanku sruthi..i will disclose pairs soon πŸ™‚

  9. Good..liked ur ff…make it swasan…its a kind of request

    1. Thanku manu..yes i will think upon swasan πŸ™‚

  10. Its really suprb yaar I love it to the the core jus waitin for the nxt epi (Hero intro)

    1. Thanku varsha for you supp

  11. Make it swasan please

    1. Kavya..i will give a thought for swasan but firstly it will focus on swaragini

  12. Hey there
    Very Gud nd nice ff…..loved the naughty swara how she joke with rags
    Nxt your imagination is too Gud I have read your all ff
    Ishra forever and swaragini’s both ff
    Just love your ff
    If u don’t mind can I ask u which serial u like the most or loved to watch them

    1. thanks a lotttt anu..really thanks a lott..well i don’t watch serials..i watch any serial if i get time..but i don’t see any serial in routine..but when the storyline seems interesting then i read it in telly updates on regular basis..but no routine serials i watch.. πŸ™‚

  13. Hi heer…can u plz guide me how to go to contact us???

  14. Is it the page where we have to submit name,email adres,subject,message and at last a required num????plz guide me abt it….

    1. yes angel..there u have to post the a story and after some time they will publish it

  15. As the title of this ff is about sisterly love so you should give priority to sister and sister bonding.that will be better.

    1. yeah it will show their bonding

  16. Thnk u heer…u r really nice?

    1. hey anytime angel :). thanku

  17. Omg heer wat swaragini story really very awsome n really loved d part wen he gave blessing to swara by mistake !!

    Pls dear heer cntinu !!

    1. thanku mansi..next part will be updated tmrw..i need support of all of you πŸ™‚

  18. raglak please

    1. dear ss.i will decide the pairs afterwards..don’t worry i will consider the suggestions of all of you..but for now enjoy sister’s bonding and love πŸ™‚

  19. Nice episode heer..But plz dont show sisters jealousy so much….

    1. ohky..thnku for your suggestion..keep it like this..and tracks will come afterwards..first let them know they are sisters..and more than that twin sisters πŸ™‚

  20. Plz Dont write about sisters jealousy in d coming episodes..

  21. Wow
    Very interesting
    Loved it
    Nice sister bonding
    Decide pairs but don’t concentrate on love tracks now…

    1. thanku sarvya πŸ™‚
      yes it is not going to be a love track so soon..as i also can’t digest the sudden love..we will go step by step..you readers just give your support and suggestions.. πŸ™‚

  22. Hi again heer.i would like u to read and comment about blossoming love…plz friend…thnx…

  23. Hey heer.my 2 parts of blossoming love were published just after Hal an hour.but now its been 5 hours and I have tried but its not published yet.does it get publish at anytime we write or at the time when the real serial begins????plzz reply

    1. dear its upto them..they will publish it as they get time…u just give once..sit and relax till the time they publish it..hope i helped u πŸ™‚

  24. U r always helpful my frnd…thnk u ?

    1. Wlcom angel πŸ™‚

  25. Waiting eagerly for it nxt epi

    1. Hey angel..i will post it today

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