SwaRagini.. a new start (sisters love) CHARACTERS INTRODUCTION

hey friends..here is my brand new fan fiction of swaragini.. this is characters introduction chapter..if you guys like it please tell in comments..i will upload soon the next chapter if you guys are interested.

my story is story of two sisters..two unidentical twin sisters swara and ragini separated at the time of birth but destiny had brought them together again after 18 years..now they are sharing the same college,same hostel and the same room oblivious of the fact that they are sisters.

( ye kahani do bhno ki..jo ki apne bachpan m hi alag ho gai pr kismt unhe le aai h ek bar phir se sath..ek hi college me..ek hi hstl m yha tak ki ek hi room m par dono is baat s anjan h ki wo judwa bhne hain.)

SWARA — bold girl,modern.cheerful..bubbly..daughter of shekhar and shamishta and twin sister of ragini..living with her mother in australia and have come to india due to her love towards india and indian culture in mumbai college of art.
(ek himmati..modern ladki..khusnuma, shekahr aur shamishta ki beti..ragini ki judwa bhn jo ki apni maa k sth australia m rhti h aur mumbai college of arts m aai h..india k lie apne pyar aur apni sanskriti ko janne k lie, )

RAGINI—–simple preety girl,full of cultural values,daughter of shekhar and shamishta and twin sister of swara..living with her father,daadi and dadaji in delhi..have come to mumbai college of arts to achieve high position in classical music.
simple si..pyari si ladlki jo ki sanskaroon s bhari hui h,shekhar aur shamishta ki beti aur delhi me apne papa,daadi aur dadji k sth rhti h aur mumbai college of arts aai h music ki field m ek nayi pehchan banae)

LAKSHYA—-good looking rich boy,son of dp and annapurna,cousin brother of sanskar..have come mumbai college of arts to get an excuseto run away from responsibility of his father’s buisness.
(smart aur goodliking…amir ladka..dp aur annapurna ka beta jo mumbai college of arts aaya h taki apne papa ke buisness ki responsibility s bch sake)

SANSKAR—charming boy,smart and a saviour of his cousin brother lakshya in every problem, son of sujata and his husband sorry i donot know the name)..younger brother of dp..have come mumbai on lakshya insistence and also for his passion in dance.
(smart aur charming ladka,,jo hmesha apne cousin brother ko har problm s bachata h aur ,mumbai college of arts bhi apnebhai ki jidd p aaya h aur yha aakr dance ka apna passion bhi carry krna chahata h)

shekhar and sumi{shamishtha}—— loving couples..separated due to some reason..oblivious of the fact that they have twin daughters(more surprise ahead..they do not know many things)
(do pyar krne wale couples..jo kisi reason s bht time phle alag ho gae the..unhe ye nhi pta unki judwa betiya hain{aur bhi bht kuch h jo wo nhi jante..aane wale chapters m pta chlega})

this is all.if u like it..please tell in comments..other characters will be introduced as they will enter in my story..please tell your views,,suggestions in comments 🙂
{jb aur characters story m aaenge th unka introduction kraugi..ap logo ko psnd aaya h agr story ka plot th plz comments m support kijie and aone sujhaw aur vichar bhi dijie 🙂 )

Credit to: Heer


  1. Varsha Darshini

    Here you were already writing a fan fiction naming Swaragini fan fiction in which you paired swalak after ragini truth na…. This one is also a beautiful start please continue

    • Heer

      Yes i will go through your suggestions but at first it will be swaragini than after swaragini will be paired..thnku for your support

    • Heer

      Thanku anu.. 🙂 by the way i have also posted 4 part of my old fanfiction..plz have a look and i will continue this mew story today

  2. swaragini fan

    I liked d story as well as ur way of writing i.e english nd hindi. It paves way for those who doesn’t know hindi bt wishes 2 learn. Superb . Plz continue in d same way

  3. Anuradha

    Lyk the concept….the concept of sharing same hostel room oblivious to the fact that they r sistrs….sounds interesting

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