SwaRagini: A Magical Love Story-Episode 17

Episode 17

Ragini is in Swara’s room,adjusting her things everywhere… It’s true that she is a mess,but for others… She is very organized in person… And when she is angry,she either eats or starts cleaning or organizing her stuffs…
She is angry now also… But because she has already finished her plate of food which she carried all the way from dining assembly and now there is no human currently around on whom she can get out her oh sorry Lakshya’s frustration…. Hence she is busy in organizing her room…

She tries to divert her mind while doing so but everytime she remembers either him kissing her or she kissing him…
She gets even more frustrated… She sees a vase on the side table… She picks it up angrily and holds it high in the air and shouts “GET THE HELL OUT OF MY HEAD!!!”
She throws the vase on the ground and it breaks into pieces…
She breathes heavily trying to relax herself and looks at the broken pieces and her gaze falls on the two pairs of feet there…

Lakshya is doing push-ups in Sanskar’s room… Anger and frustration is clearly visible on his face… Sanskar comes just then in his room… He senses his anger and silently goes and sits on the bed watching him…

Lakshya “Stop staring me like I am Swara and call Rohan Bhai… I need to talk something to both of you…”

Sanskar “But Lucky,he is in Athena he cannot come over here…”

Lakshya “It’s the freedom week… Anyone can stay anywhere and can do anything… Call him here for a week… And do that right now…”

Sanskar realizes that he is right and tries to question him more…

Lakshya “Listen Bhai… It’s not been a long time since I have faced that good for nothing Attitude of your so called would be partner in crime… And because of that I am not really in a good mood… So better don’t mess with me for now and do as I say!!!”

Sanskar gets the indirect death threat and hurriedly gets up from there and goes to call Rohan…

Lakshya is constantly doing push-ups to pull off his frustration… He does like that… To save himself from harming others,he takes out his frustration on his body by doing work out… Or rather intense work out… He does it whenever he is angry with DP… Which he always is… He does that whenever he is unsuccessful in any of his work… He is doing it now when he is angry on Ragini… While doing so he gets flashes of their kiss… He increases his speed… But while doing so he looses his balance and twists his hand…

Lakshya “Aaahhh!! That girl!! She is still in my head!!! (He holds his twisted hand with other hand and in order to cure it he twists it the other way giving it the jerk and shouting) GET THE HELL OUT OF MY HEAD!!!”

He checks his hand… Opens and closes the fist… It doesn’t pain anymore… Now he feels better… Mentally also and physically also…

Ragini’s gaze follows the feet and she starts looking up to their owners… She spots Swara and Aisha standing there…

Swara “What’s wrong with you Ragu!!! Why you did that!!!”

She says pointing at the broken vase…

Aisha points her wand at it “Repairo…!!! ”

The vase joins itself and lies there perfectly unbroken…

Swara “Thanks Aisha… Even I could do that but I am asking her why she always breaks things in anger… What happened now..?? Are you still upset with the dining assembly thing?”

Ragini “Dining assembly thing?? That was nothing… That frowning Arrogant Brat,I should have used the slug curse on him instead of that worthless Bak Bak’s cousin (Kartik)…”

Aisha “Why? What he did now?”

Ragini “What he did!! He— (to herself) oh no… What I was going to do!! I was about to tell her that we kissed… I Ragini Gadodia kissed that Frowning Arrogant Brat Maheshwari… No…!! If they come to know that, they would tease me and make fun of me… And he would be there watching me getting embarrassed and have fun… No no no no no… I cannot let this happen… I won’t tell them… But I have to say something… Else they will doubt me… (To Aisha) He first followed me all the way to Arete hostel  and then quarrelled with me here as well… Such an arrogant personality he is..!! I am never gonna be with him!!”

Swara “Ok… My angry goddess… Calm down… Don’t spoil your mood… Now to you even broke my vase…”

Ragini “Which Aisha repaired… Thanks Aisha… Btw it’s good you both came… I want to talk to you something important…”

Rohan “Thank God Lucky you called me here else I would have got bored there alone…”

Sanskar “Bro… Don’t tell him anything now… Else he will eat you alive…!!”

They look at Lakshya who is making his fist tight thinking something and is lost…

Sanskar “Strange!! He didn’t rebuked me!! Bro… I am sure… Something happened between him and Ragini which we don’t know…”

Rohan “I think you are right… Shall we find out??”

He smiles mischievously… Sanskar gets it what he is saying and nods giving a mischievous smile…

Rohan looks at Lakshya,puts hand on his shoulder and Closes his eyes to concentrate a bit… He focuses little more and his mind starts going into past… Lakshya comes out of his world as Rohan touches him and looks cluelessly at Sanskar and Rohan… Till the time he realizes what Rohan is doing,it’s too late…

Rohan opens his eyes with a shock and looks at Lakshya widening his eyes!!

Lakshya facepalms himself…

Sanskar “Am I going to find out??”

Rohan “They both kissed!!!”

Sanskar “What??? Whaaaat!!??? (After realizing what Rohan said) WHAAAAAAAAATTTT!!!!”

Rohan “First he kissed her and then she kissed him!!! And all portraits saw them!!!”

Sanskar “It’s been six months since me and Swara are in relationship and we haven’t kissed yet!! You met her today and kissed her!!!”

Lakshya “It’s not like you are thinking!!! It was sudden and it occurred as a reflex!!”

Sanskar “Ya ya… Occurred as a reflex!!! What occurred as a reflex?? A kiss??? A KISS!!!!!!”

Lakshya “Rohan Bhai!! You know everything in detail!! Tell him!!”

Rohan “Relax Sanky… They were arguing and Ragini wasn’t listening to him and was constantly speaking so as a reflex, and to make her quite,he pulled her towards him and kissed her to make her quite…”

Lakshya relaxes as Rohan told actual situation to Sanskar… He summons a bottle towards him and starts drinking water…

Sanskar “Wow!! What a wonderful tactics to make someone quite… Specially a girl… BTW why she kissed him back?? Out of love??”

Lakshya spits out the water and starts coughing hearing Sanskar… Rohan and Sanskar laugh and do high five while at the same time earning death glares from Lakshya…

Rohan “No… She is an even interesting personality!! She kissed him out of revenge… And you know what she said?? Ragini Gadodia always pays back!!! ”

Sanskar “Lucky guy you are Mr Lakshya Maheshwari… What a delightful revenge… I wish someone takes these types of revenge from me!!”

Lakshya is going red and yellow out of embarrassment and is unknowingly blushing…

Rohan “You are in a relationship!!!”

Sanskar “Dumbo!! I am talking about her only!!”

Lakshya “I called you both here to talk something important!!”

Rohan “Oh Yaa… Tell… What you wanted to talk?”

Ragini “Di,Aisha… I want a favor from you both… (They look at each other and then at Ragini… They both nod… Ragini smiles) You both know that I can read minds (they nod) so… I want you to keep this to yourselves only…”

Swara and Aisha are surprised…

Aisha “But why Ragu… Why you don’t want to tell this to anybody… I mean… Mind reading is such power which is gifted to only few people without training… Many witches and wizards have to get trained to be specialized in this art and even after training,not all are able to do that but you are special… You are gifted with this talent since childhood… Then why do you want to keep it a secret…”

Ragini “Wow… Di told you much about me in a very short span…!!”

Swara “Don’t turn the topic Ragu!! What happened to you? Why are you saying like this?? Something happened or what?? Why THE RAGINI GADODIA is refusing to show her skills to world..?? And what about him?? If you won’t tell anyone,how are you gonna find him?”

Aisha looks on cluelessly…

Ragini “Because of him only I am telling you… You know… As Aisha said… With training, witches and wizards can do that thing… And what if someone is before me and wants to be with me and gets to know whom I am finding and for what purpose?? People can easily fool me… So I don’t want anyone to know that I read minds and can communicate through telepathy… Plz Di,you are my sweetu sis na… And Aisha you are my best friend na… Plz don’t deny my request…”

They both nod…

Aisha “But at least tell me what you guys are talking about… About whom are you saying?? Who is this him? Why Ragu wants to find him? What he did to her??”

Swara smiles and Ragini blushes…

Swara “The one whom Ragu loves…”

Aisha “What!!!”

Ragu “Hey!! I don’t love him!! I just want to see him!!”

Swara “Acha?? Look at your face whenever he is mentioned… Your cheeks become kashmiri apples…”

Aisha “Swara,are you going to enjoy alone?? Tell me also… Who is he??”

Ragini “That’s the thing we have to find out about him…”

Aisha “What do you mean??”

They both tell her everything…

Here on the other side Lakshya finishes his side of story… He even tells him how he broke into Annapurna’s cabin and copied the forms but it was of no use…

Rohan “Oh… So you wanted to tell me your love story???”

Lakshya “Love story?? Are you crazy??? What has happened to both of you??? Love… Love… Love… Love has made both of you mad!!! Bhai in love of Swara and you in love of Aisha…!!”

Rohan turns red… Sanskar laughs hard… Rohan looks questioningly at Lakshya…

Lakshya “What?? Don’t give me that look!! I can read minds in case you have forgotten!!”

Sanskar “But Lucky,I knew about Ms. Mystery from before… Why you wanted to convey that to me all over again?”

Lakshya “No… That I told just to Rohan Bhai… So that he doesn’t have any confusions… I wanted a favour from you both…”


Sanskar continues his over dramatic antics while Rohan giggles… Lakshya frowns seeing him…

Rohan “Stop it Sanky!!(Sanskar stops and laughs… Rohan and Lakshya join him… He then acts normally) Tell us Lucky… What do you want?? We are ready to help you any possible way… (Lakshya looks at Sanskar) And don’t worry about him… He is doing drama now but you know your Bhai better… He can go to any extent for his loved ones and specially for you… He loves you a lot…”

Lakshya smiles… Sanskar smiles sheepishly and rubs his nape…

Lakshya “I know Bhai… And thanks… I know that you both will help me even if you have to go out of way… First of all is I want you all to keep this a secret that I can read minds and can communicate via telepathy…”

Rohan “What?? But why???”

Sanskar “Ok… Now it’s really shocking… I did not expect that!!”

Similar kind of conversations goes on among the boys as well and at last Sanskar and Rohan agree….

Lakshya “Thanks to both of you so much!!”

Rohan “It’s ok… No need to thank us… We will ask for a pay back when it will be our time!!”

Lakshya “Done!! You know na… Lakshya Maheshwari always pays back when needed!!”

Sanskar “Wow… That’s really good but hey… Tell me… Or rather promise me that you won’t pay back like Ragini payed back to you…”

Rohan suppresses his laughter… Lakshya shouts and charges at Sanskar whereas he turns to an eagle and flies off!!!

Ragini finishes telling her side of story to Aisha including the form stealing and her failure in that mission…

Aisha “Wow yaar… these are like muggle movies!! So romantic!!”

Ragini blushes… Swara dreams…

Ragini “Btw… Are you a pure blood??”

Aisha’s mood switches at once… She sadly nods but notices the change in swaragini’s expression so changes the topic…

Aisha “But leave about me for now… Come let’s join our hand together and pledge… That we will find Ragini’s mind reader at any cost!!”

They all join hands and cheer…

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