Swaragini – A Love Pair from Heaven FanFiction Characters Introduction


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Gadodia family:
Shekhar:He is a rich business man.He is married to sharmishta(sumi).He has talk sweet daughters swara(shona) and ragini(rago).
Sharmishta:she is the wife of shekhar.she is also known as sumi.she called her daughter as shown and rago.
Swara:she is a sweet,beautiful modern girl.she is fun loving girl.she loves singing.she is also known as shona.she likes to play guitar.she loves her family very much
Ragini:she is a simple and sweet beautiful girl.she also loves singing.she likes to play sitar.she is also called as rago.she loves her family very much.
Dadi,Dada and dida are also a pat of their family.They love their children very much.
Swara and ragini are together called as swaragini.

Maheshwari family:
Durgaprasad: He is the head of the family.All the decisions are taken by him.He is also a best friend of shekhar gadodia.He and shekhar are business partners.
Annapurna:He is the wife of durgaprasad.She is a sweet heartened women.
Laksh:He is a handsome guy.He is very much rocking.He is also known as lucky.He is the son of durga prasad and Annapurna.
Sanskar:He is also a handsome guy .He loves to study and wanted to become a great business man .He is also known as sanky.He is the son of durgaprasad’s younger brother ramprasad and sujata.Hee also have one younger sister uttara.

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