Swaragini – A Love Pair from Heaven FanFiction Chapter 8


Recap:swasan and raglak comes to Delhi for their competition

In the competition
The host tells that it is the and the winner is……….swasan and raglak.
Swara jumps and hugs sanskar tightly.Ragini starts crying .
Laksh:Rago what happen are u not happy.
Ragini:no lucky I’m so much happy that I can’t stop my happy tears .
They both hugs each other .Then they went on the stage and took their prizes and their tickets.

Scene 2
In GADODIA house
All MAHESHWARI and GADODIA family were sitting just then a girl enter with her mom and dad.She was wearing jeans and top.
She comes and hugs swara and ragini.swara ask how are u?
She tells I’m fine .
Swaragini goes and takes blessing of mom and dad of that girl.
Swara:sanskar laksh she is my cousin sister kaamya and they are her mom and dad means my chacha and Chachi.and kaamya this is sanskar and this one is laksh(by pointing)
Laksh waves high to her and shakes hand.Sanskar shakes hand she comes close to him and feels as if she is in love with him.She was about to hug him just then swara pushes her lightly just then sumi break the silent and ask kaamya will u not meet your Chachi kaamya.
Kaamya goes and takes her blessings and hugs her.
Sumi:you know what sanskar swara laksh and ragini are going to London tomorrow bcoz they have won the competition so they have got a prize trip.
Kaamya:(shocked bcoz sanskar will leave tomorrow) what?????
Sumi and all are surprised just then kaamya changes her voice and tell
Kaamya:I mean what I was not knowing.Congratulations to all of u.
Swara: let’s go and start packing
Sanskar and raglak nods yes and they leaves.
Kaamya is little upset.

Precap:Swasan and raglak were enjoying in London .Later swara tells ragini I want to tell you something and ragini also tells the same.swara tells that I’m in love with sanskar and ragini tells that me too with laksh.
Later sanlak kept cheatsin swaragini’s room in which they had written I love you for respectively swara and ragini.

Credit to: Deeba

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