Swaragini – A Love Pair from Heaven FanFiction Chapter 7

Recap:sanlak tell each other that they love swara and ragini respectively

In the restaurant

Swasan and raglak are enjoying their dinner which was given by both the sides(swasan and raglak).
Laksh:Imagine if we will win this dance competition and we four will go to London…….
All four are lost in their imaginations.
Swara:We will drive on London bridge.
Ragini:We will hear the Bell of the huge London clock.
Sanskar:we will visit the biggest library of London.
Waiter comes and give them bill .they were lost.then waiter twist his fingers and they came out from their dream.sanskar takes the bill and give money.
They all went to their home.

At the airport
All for are ready to go the teacher comes and tells them best of luck .All hug their parents and live.

In Delhi
All the contestants came to the hall where dance competition was.
All perform their dance and swara tells that don’t worry sanskar we will only win and laksh tells no we will win swara tells let see.
Swasan perform on hangover and raglak on halkat jawani.
Then the judges gave the result to the host and the host tell that it is tie and the winner is …………..

Precap:A girl comes and hug swara and ragini respectively Swara introduce her as her cousin sister and her name is kaamya.S
Kaamya comes and shake hands with sanskar and come close to him and feel something as if she is in love with him.

Credit to: Deeba

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