Swaragini – A Love Pair from Heaven FanFiction Chapter 6


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Recap:teacher is telling that two pairs will be selected and will represent our school at national level competition and those who will win their will get a trip to London.

Scene 1
Selection time

All participant are showing their performance .
Swasan and raglak are still waiting for their turn to come.
Laksh:let’s have a bet Bhai .If me and ragini will be selected than you both will give us a party and if you will selected than we both will give a party.
Sanskar:OK done.But you don’t wait for the results because we know that we are going to win
Ragini :oh hello dear you just call a five star hotel and book a table for us and if you don’t have balance so you can take my phone.because only we are going to win.
Sanskar:let’s see.
Just then raglak name is announced .
Swasan wave them best of luck
They both dance on gori gori
Then swasan turns come and they both dance on dheere dheere se.
Than the competition ends and the teacher tells that now it’s result time.The two pair those who have win are ………….SWARA GADODIA -SANSKAR MAHESHWARI AND RAGINI GADODIA -LAKSH MAHESWARI.So GADODIA and MAHESHWARI where are you.Then suddenly the lights got off and a flash is shown on stage swasan and raglak comes by hanging on a rope and sanlak anre carrying swaragini in their hand respectively.They both dance on OH MY DARLING I LOVE U…
The dance ends and the teacher comes and appreciate them and congratulate them.
The programme ended and all the boys comes and congratulate swara and ragini (mostly swara).Sanlak gets jealous he tells laksh
Sanskar:laksh I want to tell you that why I’m getting jealous by seeing boys coming near swara.
Laksh:OMG what are you telling.
Sanskar:yaa really
Laksh:this is love Bhai
Laksh:yes you started loving swara.
Sanskar:I think you are right lucky.This is love only .I have feelings for swara.
Laksh:smiling ohhhhhhhh……sanky you have all fallen in love.I had thought that you will never fall in love because you were always busy with your books.
Sanskar:lucky I also don’t know when I started loving swara.
Laksh:I also wanted to tell that I also love ragini very much.
Sanskar:you were teasing me now you only…..
They both smile and hug each other.
Laksh:sanky come we will tell them.
Sanskar:no not now later.

Precap:Sanlak and ragsan are enjoying dinner.Afterwards they both are getting ready to go Delhi for national level completion.

Friends please tell should I continue or not because I’m getting no response so I think you all doesn’t like my ff.

Credit to: Deeba

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