Swaragini – A Love Pair from Heaven FanFiction Chapter 2


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Sorry to swalak fans as it is swasan and raglak

Maheshwari house
After breakfast laksh goes to his room followed by sanskar.In the room laksh is angry with sanskar and sits on sofa sanskar comes laksh see him and immediately runs towards bed took a pillow and start throwing it on sanskar.
Sanskar:what are you doing lucky?
Laksh:what you have done with me?
Sanskar:what I had done?
Laksh:don’t become innocent as it doesn’t suits you.why you remove earphone from my ear and papa got to know that I was listening music.
Sanskar:sorry but bade papa had call your name so many times but you didn’t listen.
Laksh starts throwing pillow on sanskar and sanskar throw them back on laksh.
The both play with pillow.They ended by hugging each other.
Sanskar:let’s go for shopping laksh as today is sunday
Laksh:(in a shocking way)OMG sanskar sanskar you are asking to go for shopping you who had never seen anything except his books .if you are asking it for first time how can I regret.let’s go
They both go for shopping
Swaragini have also gone for shopping.

Scene 2
In the mall
Sanlak and swaragini both enter in the !All but from different gates.swaragini and sanlak both enter in the same shop.they both see each other and swaragini runs and hugs sanskar and ragini hugs laksh and vice versa.swaragini and sanlak are best friends as their dads are childhood friends and business partners.
Sanskar:Hi swara
Swara:sanky how do you came for shopping today.
Laksh:yes I was also shocked.
Ragini:OK then if you had came then lets start our shopping sanlak goes to gents boutique and swaragini goes to ladies boutique .both do their shoppings.
After shopping swaragini came out of the shop and some guys come and starts singing song.
One guy:where are you going sweet hearts let us song together as we love musical people.
Then sanlak comes their and see that and sanskar says
Sanskar:then you will like us also.you sing will play music by beating you guys.
The guys move away of afraid

Swara:what a dialogue sanskar.
Sanskar:thanks swara.

They go in the coffee shop for having coffee
And than they went their respective houses.

Precap:swaragini comes in the college.All the guys states swara and comes and shake hand and says hi too her.Sanskar gets jealous.

Credit to: deeba

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  1. plsss yaar hamesa swara ko itna bhau do mujhe ragini bahut achi lagti h agar serial track mein ragini ko vilan. banaya h to this is not her fault.sryyyy agar tumhe bura laga ho to.or hum chahte the ki tum kuch different karo Quki yaha sare ff raglak h that’s why but koi nahi weldone and plsss forgive me plassssssss

  2. That was awwwweeesoommee!!!love I deeba

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  4. Ragina is not villian but she is second lead.and don’t worry u will not make ragini evil

  5. Plz swalak noswaaan again we are bored of reading swasan so plz can u make swalak ff plz

  6. But the real serial pair is also os swasan that’s why I had made swasan ff

  7. Sooo cute,a very good episode..enjoyed reading it,waiting for ur next update.. Swasan cute kapil……

  8. Hey yaar it was nice n let dis b a swasan ff only plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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