Swaragini – A Love Pair from Heaven FanFiction Chapter 1

A bungalow is shown where two womens are shown in the kitchen they are making breakfast one is dadi and another one is sumi .They were making golgappas.
Dadi:when my shona and rago will wake up they will be very happy by seeing golgappas as it is there favourite.
Sumi:Yes maa you are right.
Dadi:But when will they wake up its 8:00,they don’t have to go college today???
Sumi:Maa today is sunday,always you forget.
Dadi:yes but its too late go and wake them up.I wanted them to surprise.
Sumi: ok maa i am going.

Sumi comes in swaragini’s room.
Swaragini were sleeping
Sumi:shona rago wake up its too late.
Swaragini:(in a sleepy mood)yes maa coming.

At the dining table

Swaragini comes
Swara is wearing a blue gown and ragini is wearing orange anarkali frock.

Swaragini:good morning every one.
Shekhar:good morning shona and rago.you are looking really cute.
Dadi : come see what I had made for you.
Swaragini comes and see golgappa and become happy and hugs dadi.
All finish their breakfast.shekhar leaves for office.

Scene 2
Maheshwari house
A bungalow is shown in which two guys are shown one is on studying table taking a book in his hand and studying.A guy comes and call out for sanskar.He removes his book and his face is shown.He is a handsome and dashing guy and the guy who called him was laksh.He is also a handsome and hot guy.

Sanskar:yes laksh
Laksh:come maa is calling you for breakfast.
Sanskar :yes coming.

Scene 2
At the dining table

Sanskar:good morning
Durgaprasad:blog morning sanskar .come have a seat.
Sanskar sits beside laksh.
Durgaprasad(dp):how is your study going on sanskar and laksh.
Sanskar: nice bade papa.
Dp:what about you laksh.
Laksh didn’t response and continues his breakfast.
Sanskar seas an earphone in his ear.he removes it.
Laksh:what happen??
Dp:I had warn you many times.no to listen musics and songs when having food.
Laksh:sorry papa
He eyes sanskar and tell in action will see you afterwards.
Dp: by the way laksh how is your study going on.
Laksh:nice papa
All have their breakfast and leave.

Precap:laksh and sanskar play with pillows and swaragini are out for shopping when some boys misbehave with them.

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Credit to: deeba

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  1. swara -lakshay and ragini-sanskaar

  2. I like swasan but all the ffs are swasan change bruv it gets boring

  3. Superbbbbbbb yaar !
    I have a request friend can u make swalak and ragsan as pairs plz plz
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  4. Fabulous beginning yaar deeba !!!

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  5. Nice start yaar bt pls make ragsan ad swalak pls

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  7. Make it as ragsan and swalak deeba it will be interesting because all other ffs are swasan and raglak reading the same thing geting bore pls change the pair in your ff and make it different one from other ffs yar plss

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  10. plsss ragsan.

  11. Very nice super start swalak and ragsan plz many of swasan and raglak irritated yaar its really feeling very boring when I see another swasan ff, so plz change pairs plz swalak

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  13. Hi deeba plzzzz make sanrag and swalak plzzzzz dear

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