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The Episode starts with Inspector checking car in which Laksh is travelling and asks him to go. Laksh goes somewhere and handover the parcel to someone while it is dark. He gets the money and goes back to car. He gets call from his boss, appreciating his work. Laksh worriedly asks the driver to take him back. Ragini is waiting for Laksh and says I called you many times, but you didn’t pick my call. Laksh says I couldn’t hear you as my phone was on silent. Ragini hugs him and says I know you are worried. Laksh asks her to sleep. Ragini asks what happened? Why your hands are shaking. Laksh says I am worried about Maa and Papa and says I can’t be peaceful until I bring them. Ragini asks him to sleep and not to think much. She says everything will be fine soon and asks him to sleep. Annapurna is

feeding food to Durga Prasad, but he stops her hand and says we have seen many ups and downs, but I can’t see you doing servant work in the house where I had kept you as maharani. He says I can’t stay here for any more days, and says lets go somewhere. I can’t stay here. Parineeta hears them. Durga Prasad says Sanskar have a job, but Laksh might be wandering for work. Parineeta says Sanskar will lose his job soon.

Sanskar asks Laksh why he is worried. Laksh says he is worried about his parents. Sanskar says everything will be fine and says I have applied for loan. Laksh is surprised to know that. Sanskar asks him to eat food. He says I am going to office now. He tells Laksh that we are one family and I will stand with you under any circumstances. In the office, Sanskar’s boss asks him to fill the form and sign on the papers, saying your loan will be passed. Sanskar thanks him. Just then someone comes and says big businessman have come. Boss says I will come and meet him. Sanskar calls Swara and says our loan is passed. Swara says we shall celebrate and asks him to see out.

Sanskar is about to see Adarsh, but couldn’t see him. He comes out of car. Swara sees Adarsh’s car. Adarsh tells Boss that he came to talk about Sanskar Maheshwari and says he is the wrong guy. He says whatever he did with me is very bad. He says his blood is dirty and curses him. He suggests Mr. Chatterjee to take his suggestion and fire Sanskar. Swara asks Sanskar to come to temple with her. Mr. Chatterjee says I don’t believe you. Adarsh says Sanskar is cunning and a fraud and says if you hires Sanskar like man then you will be ruined. Mr. Chatterjee says he was the owner of Karma family. Adarsh says do you know from where did he get the money for that company and smirks. He says Sanskar makes innocent face and applies for loan. Then he leaves the job. He asks him to try. Mr. Chatterjee falls in his trap.

Parineeta takes out their pics and asks Annapurna to sell it and keep the money for her husband’s treatment. She says I will think that I have given charity to poor. She throws the photo frame and takes out the pic. Annapurna cries seeing their family pic and says this is not trash. Parineeta says this is trash for us and have no place in my home or life. Annapurna says this is my family. Parineeta says they are celebrating leaving you here and asks why you are dying for them. Durga Prasad comes. He says do you think that you can break our family bond by tearing the pics. He says this is my family and I will protect it always. Adarsh comes home and says you got habitual to stay in misunderstanding. He says your family is ruined and nobody will come to save you now. He tears the family photo and smirks. He says remember this, nobody will come. Annapurna and Durga Prasad looks on shocked. Parineeta smirks. Annapurna cries. Laksh brings a parcel and is about to keep it. Just then he sees Ragini and keeps it on floor and hides it with his shoes. Ragini asks what you are doing?

Sujata finds the parcel and shouts that it is a bomb kept by Adarsh and Parineeta. Later Laksh comes and stops Swara from opening it, and also scolds her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. hate pari n adarsh… feeling bad for my cute sanskar.

    1. Who watches this garbage show?? The makers have totally lost their way.

  2. loved swasan scenes..love you swara she looking soo pretty..nd what type of coloured coats got to wear sanskar..huh..
    my cutie swara and cutie swasan

  3. dont let laksh be wrong and sanskar be fired

  4. bearing this crap only to wat h hellu

  5. Sumeeta

    Hey swasanian we got #100swasanhug.this is the 100th swasan hug.so celebrate the moment.nd swasanians are going to trend 100swasanhug tomorrow.if there any twitter user join for trending to celebrate 100swasan hug nd make the day special for us nd for swasan also

    1. Vyshu10

      Lets rock today and tomorrow

      1. Sumeeta

        vyshu.we will rock tomorrow.swasan was trended when we got 3 hugs without any planning.we try our best to spam the twitter

    2. happy 100th hug of swasan..
      nd dear wt abt thr trending of swasan mrrg annvrsry???is it sucessfull???we r crazy swasanianzz..hehe

      1. Sumeeta

        yes siya.swasan was trended on their marrg annvrsry.that day waa super.colors channel nd rangeela gave support to us.nd even helly was tweeting using #1yearofswasan.such a sweet actor she is.

    3. hey guys check out..ystrdy rangeela postd swasan hug on twitter on public demand..i love that hug of swasan..it ws little bit emotional bt still intense and romantic..my cutie swara perfectly fit in sankyz embrace..love u rangeela..evrn he too knw that swasan wll cmplt 100th hug ystrdy..hehe just kidding..
      we r really crazy swasanholics.
      swasan rocks.swasan is the jaan of the show

      1. Vyshu10

        haha…yes rangeela posted intentionally i guess. Awesome pic

      2. Sumeeta

        lisa that hug was not on air in the epi.this hug was edited in the epi.nd it was not shown.so this hug was also new to us.nd even rashmi sharma retweeted swasanfc tweet nd tell that glad that u are counting

    4. Vyshu10

      Do u remember, last year Sept 9th…..sanskar said “Main hoon na” What a journey…Swasan rocks

      1. Mica

        what is that mean Vyshu?

      2. Vyshu10

        Main hoon na means I am there. Kind of a cheesy dialogue

      3. Vyshu10

        not cheesy but definitely filmy….similar to “I ll be there for you”

      4. Mica

        aawwww.. soo cuteeee…ty

  6. Yeahhh swasan 100 hugs ..m so happy…nd swasan b blessed..love u???

  7. Vyshu10

    OMG…we got the 100th SwaSan hug.

  8. raglak scenes r too good

  9. wts d age of swaragini
    i think swars is 23 and ragini may be 30-34

    1. Vyshu10

      Helly(Swara) is 20. She dresses to look a lit bit older in the show to suit her character. She looks a lot younger in casuals offscreen. Tejasvi(Ragini) is 24

    2. If u want any details of tem just google it.u ill get best ans ter tan here…tey both luk perfect to their age even younger off screen..

  10. I just want ki ya parish ka kahani khatam ho ur new kuch dekhai…

  11. Omg today swasan 100th hug????????n today swasan r looking beyond awesome???swara looking so cute n gorgeous in sleevless blouse????n sanky looking dashing in that blazer??????

  12. Please end this negativeness all rashmi Sharma serial has too negativeness, luv u swasan, give some happy moments to all the 4 leads like going for dinner date, picnic, nowadays boring to watch swaragini only for swasan bearing stupid serial

  13. What is in the box?

  14. Oh plz now plz dont again make laksh a bad man?I guess the whole story is about swara and sanskar.. zero romance b/w ragini and laksh?common plz show us some romantic sides of laksh ?and ragini?

  15. congrats all the swasanian for 100th hug of our magical couple swasan i am feeling so happy. eid se pehle eid jesa feel ho raha hain

  16. Sanji

    seriosly I’m too much happy for my angels 100 hugg

  17. Loveleen

    i dont understand y does dis always happens that laksh n ragini go fr wrong track n swasan always ryt…how come raglak r always wrong n r shown helpless…i mean m happy fr swasan bt raglak shud also b treated equally..they r always messed up in sm bad situtation n r forced to cm on wrong track n den everyone wl badmouth them…thts nt fair..

    1. Well said loveleen

  18. Mica

    Hurray… Swasan 100th hug… love you Swasan, love you Swasanian, love you Swaragini

  19. have drunk bhaang n they r acting like crazzy n diwali crackers n much more widout any plotting n kidnapping!
    N y cant Rashmi Sharma simply send both the couples to just romance on their honeymoon. MUMBAI is also fine for us if there is no plotting. ONLY ROMANCE :*♥

    These r my views n i have written dis to know whether u people think d same or not.
    Please do express ur feelings n COMMENT below give egs abt how u feel d story cud hav been better!!!
    Thnk u all 😀

  20. that is rude laksh…. is that the way 2 talk with ur sister in law or bhabi???

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