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Ragini informs Parineeta that Adarsh don’t want to go on a trip. Parineeta says I know. Swara comes to Shekhar and calls him Baba……Shekhar asks her not to call him Baba and says he prefers to be childless rather than to called as her father. Swara says you think Ragini is right. Shekhar says his believe is firm. Swara tells she will expose Ragini and unite them. Shekhar says they will never be united. Swara says I will go to any extent to unite you both, already I am bad in your eyes. Dadi tells Mahila Samita might get them arrested. Shekhar says let Sumi come home, she will be family member but not my wife. He asks her to understand and says if Sumi’s mum gives written complaint then it will be trouble for them. Dadi gets angry and just then she gets Ragini’s call. Ragini cries and tells

her that Durga Prasad allowed Swara and Sanskar to stayed in the tent kept in the lawn. She says Laksh cancelled the trip with her also. Dadi informs her that they have to bring Sumi home. She asks her to concentrate on home. Ragini says you are right, I have to make place in family members heart and disconnects the call.

Shekhar comes to Dida’s house and asks Sumi to come. The Mahila Samita women ask Sumi to call them whenever she is in trouble. Shekhar says it will not be needed. The Mahila Samita women ask Shekhar to maintain peace at home. Shekhar tells Sumi that his heart has changed, they will stay under the same roof not as husband and wife, but as strangers. Swara tells Sumi that everything will be fine. Sanskar follows her. Dida prays. Sanskar tells Swara that he don’t have any handkerchief anymore. Swara says how can be so selfish to ruin own parents’ happiness. She says Maa was hurt hearing Baba’s words, and determines to bring Ragini’s truth infront of everyone. Sanskar asks are you sure? Swara says yes. Sanskar says we will surely be successful, and goes to bring car.

Adarsh talks to a woman and says that he loves only her, and not his wife. He says you know well that I married forcibly. He hugs the woman. The woman says you always convince me. Swara sees Adarsh hugging the woman and confessing to love her. She is shocked. Adarsh asks her to meet him in Room no 124. Sanskar comes. Swara informs him that Adarsh was seen with a woman, and tells he is having an affair. Sanskar says it was not Adarsh’s car. She says she saw his face and that’s why saying this. She says he said that he don’t love his wife, but her. Sanskar says I trust you. Swara says he was going to meet her today. Swara gets Dida’s call. Sanskar says we shall go to Baadi now. Sumi gets ready to go to Shekhar’s house. Swara and Sanskar comes back. Swara asks Sumi to come as Shekhar is waiting. Shekhar stops Swara from stepping in his house, and tells your daughter can’t come to my house. Swara asks Sumi to go and hugs her. Sumi goes inside with her baggage. Swara turns and collides with Sanskar. Sanskar tells Swara that everything will be alright. He gets a call and says Sujata is ill so he has to go home.

Shekhar behaves indifferently with Sumi and goes to his room. Dadi taunts Sumi. Sumi asks shall I help you? Dadi asks her to cut fine onions with the knife. She tortures her and asks her not to cut her finger. She says last time when you came, you were Shekhar’s wife, but now nobody. She says I am your saas and you will get scared seeing me. Sumi looks on.

Parineeta tells that Swara told that Adarsh is having an affair with a woman. Swara tells Adarsh is going to meet her in the hotel. They go to the hotel and rings the bell.

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  1. Swara what is the need to say about Adarsh without any proof… Poor swara..

  2. Can anybody tell me if adarsh’s truth will come before parineeta in tomorrow’s episode?? I can’t wait till tomorrow.Any one with the info!?

    1. I don’t think so ….adarsh s affair will not be revealed because tha evil ragini must have warned him b4 …..n again all d blame will cum on swara again

  3. Astha Chauhan

    Oh please, This Adarsh thing should not be a plan by Raging or a stupid joke, Swara shouldn’t become a liar yet again in front of the Maheshwari family???????????????

  4. why are you dragging and making it more complex ?

  5. I think ragini will inform adarsh and swara will be proved wrong

  6. Hope Swara will win everyone’s heart by her truth..

  7. Yaa. I too think that ragini will warn adarsh and swara will be proved wrong and Pari vl turn against swara while adarsh vl get influenced by rags hence against swara

  8. I do not like this drama it’s getting annoying . Ragini is the worst sister she did that all for laksh .if that happened to me I’m sure i will know if someone is lying .they keep on dragging it on and on can ragini plz do something bad that laksh could get a bit suspicious cant it be like east standers where everything gets solved in 3 days

  9. Who made this program plz tell me I’m British but my mate makes me watch it ?

  10. Is this serial worth watching at all. Do something worthwhile people. Do not watch this senseless idiotic stuff. I think you are intelligent enough STOP WATCGING THIS STUPID THING PEOPLE

  11. Really not one problem ends another you r starting. And swara u think u r so smart how can u be so stupid how can u speak such a big thing without proof. Sure u will be proved wrong and again fall in all eyes. Too much dragging too much

  12. OMG This Adarsh thng is more thn enough & fuly anoying plz stop it as its sooooooo boring

  13. oh my god sanskar iz so handsome and hot ……i think writer shld make sanskar swara love story parellel to dh current track and plz remove tis ragini her inocent face and bad deed iz making me irritiated

  14. vijeta if u dont like sumthing than plz dont watch but dont pose ur view on other as u r not the only 1 living on earth there r many sum like tis serial sum dont so plz think b4 u rite

  15. Ooh GOD swara why did you tell Parineeta about Adarsh without any proof you will be proved wrong again and everyone will hate you

  16. This serial is getting so annoying! Now pari and adarsh will also turn against swara ..rags will steal the show once again! OMG! I am really gonna stop watching this serial if adarsh is not exposed..or if ragini wins once more :p

  17. I feel like killing every person related 2 dis show…???
    Dragging..dragging nd dragging….uff
    Dis show should end now..indian daily soaps ka kuchh nahi ho sakta?

  18. Somebody pls tell me the repeat telecasting time of swaragini. Plss..

  19. Time to stop watching this stupid show… soooooooo much of dragging… I thought this is one serial with a new and fresh story line but now even this is going to the category of same old boring and dragging group.

  20. Plz expose raginid truth nd swara and naksh should be again together :'( :'(

  21. Omg plz stop this is anoying can you see people are getting anoyed of this stupid program come this is getting boaring and i bet you ragini. Is going to inform adash that swara saw you with the girl you like. Omg ragini now one likes you plz send this message to the people who made this im so board i hate this i smashed my TV our this stupid program ragini get a life with some other man not laksh ,laksh suits swara more not you , you cow hope u read this ragini when is this program finishing any idea plz tell me ?

    1. Go to hell okay…. v all love this serial……. if u don’t like it better stay away

    2. Excuse me, Mr! We all love this serial okay??? N if u have so much hatred for this serial then stop watching it na! There r many other serials…..go n watch them!
      But plz……donn insult lyk this …

  22. Just stop this program it’s getting out of hand. Its so birding i feel like. Wing the director and changing all the scripts to raginis truth and swara and sanskar getting married INFRONT OF ?? LAKSH FOR NOT BELIVING HIS TRUE LOVE OMGGGGGGGGG does these messages go to the peopel who make it our not plz tell me ? and if u dont like this program say it in the comments plz ?

  23. Is sumi so desperate ? Doesn’t she have any self respect or pride? Running behind a mama’s boy. Go find yourself a MAN

  24. Oh gosh! Not again!!!!???

    I juz hope this tym shona doesn’t get trapped in her own plan…..!! Plz at least this tym let her win naa!! ???

    N if again that happens, I will really loose my temper!!!

  25. Well this Aadarsh thing is sooo annoying and I’m loosing my temper a bit too. Shona should not get trapped in this again. That b*t*h Ragini will turn Parineetha & Aadarsh against our shona!!!! Pls let Swara win this time!!!!!

  26. Swara ko sabke najar me giraneeke liye Ragini Adarsh ko pehele hi inform kardegi our Swara ko jhutha sabit karegi hehe har serioul me aaisa hi hota hai. Kaas is serioul meaaisa na ho …………………..

  27. omg its dragging too much..please end this rags drama and start swasan love story..i think now parineeta and adarsh turns against swara…and this time sanskar also blames swara..and writers please write some interesting drama like swasan love story and stupid rags..i hate u..and love u swasan..i think after revealing rags truth swara will sacrifise laksh to ragani..and raglak love story will start..

    1. Ur whole assumption is a good joke huh… ???

    2. Raglak shud never unite…….how cud u still support raglak???

  28. There shud b mor swasan scenes n not adarsh scenes as swasan looks cool n even rocks

  29. This swara is so stupid…adarsh is the eldest son of the house…how can she blame him without a strong proof…I’m sure she won’t succeed in bringing out adarsh’s truth…instead she’ll ruin her name in front of the whole family…arrey sanskar apni akkal me se thodi si swara ko udhaar de do…bach jaayegi

  30. who is adarsh plzz tel me

    1. He’s laskh’s elder brother dp’s son

  31. Like seriously guys stop jumping on conclusions like his truth will not come out n all it can or it cannot but u all cant blame shona for all this….. thats really something immature of accusing a person without knowing the whole fact……… maybe the truth will come or maybe not but u all should not blame swara for that . ……

    1. Ofcourse… She only doing her duty according to script

  32. Mujhe lagta he ki ragini adarsh ko koi stranger bankar phone karegi or sab bata degi aur jab swara aur sab family member waha jayenge to waha par wesa kuch hoga hi nhi ….

  33. This epi is nt worth watching

  34. Why is swara imdulging in other’s matter when she is only having many such problems.. What the shit…

  35. How r u guyz seriels r get bored

  36. Edoit writter…. It’s tooo much n water falls over the head as soon as you. Clear the matter otherwise leave the job

  37. Yeah u r absltely right Baisali

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