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Laksh tells Swara and Sanskar that he got his farmhouse ready for them. He asks them to go and make a new start, so that he….then says we can move on in our lives. Laksh asks Sumi to go to her house and rest. Sumi says but. Laksh asks her to come. Swara holds Sumi’s hands. Sumi goes with Laksh. Annapurna brings Sanskar to inhouse temple and asks him to say if his first marriage was fake. Sanskar says we really got married before. Sujata thinks Sanskar did a sin by lying inside the temple area. Annapurna says I believe you, but if I come to know that you have lied….then….Swara stares Sanskar surprisingly. Swara goes to her room and opens the window to see Sumi. Sumi sits in Laksh’s car and is about to go. Laksh looks at Swara. Laksh and Sumi leave. Swara says I am sorry Maa…………..I am

sorry. She sits down cryingly and apologizes to her. Sanskar comes and keeps his hand on her shoulder supporting her. Swara says what I have done? I have proved my own mum wrong? What she might be thinking? She says you have lied infront of God because of me. She says I should be punished badly. Sanskar says you didn’t do anything wrong. You have sacrificed big for your parents, and put them before God. Swara keeps head on his shoulder and cries. Sanskar says I have taken wrong promise. He says God will punish me for my lie and I will accept that punishment. Swara looks on.

Ragini talks to Dadi and tells that she has no complaints with Sumi. She says she is my mum. Dadi says until when you will be good. She says Swara will fall more low, and says she married Sanskar to prove herself right. Ragini says Laksh said we will move on in life and says I will talk to you later. She gets happy and decorates the room. She recalls her first meeting with Laksh and gets shy. She recalls their marriage and smiles. She hugs pillow and says she has worked hard for this day. Later in the night, Parineeta and Adarsh bring Swara and Sanskar to the farmhouse and ask to tell if they need anything. They leave. Ragini lights the candle in her room, while Laksh gets closer to her. Ang Lagade Re plays………………Ragini dances sensually while the song plays……………………..Laksh gets intimate with her and kisses on her forehead. He lifts her and makes her rest on bed. He gets closer to her and consummate their marriage. It turns out to be Ragini’s dream and she keeps waiting for Laksh to come.

Laksh is in Sumi’s house and asks her to eat something. He says whatever has happened today was not right. He says Swara and Sanskar was faking marriage, but today because of helplessness they have to get married. He says I don’t understand why did Swara agreed to marry? What was the reason? Sumi says there was a reason, but you will not understand. Laksh says why did Swara proved you wrong? He promises to set everything fine and asks her to call him if she needs anything. He looks at her worried face and leaves.

Ragini happily awaits for Laksh to come home. She calls him and asks when he will come home? Laksh says I was coming home, but got Swara’s call. He says I will meet her at 10 pm and then will come home. Ragini asks why she wants to meet you. Laksh says she wants to meet me for one last time. He says she was saying right, so I can do atleast this thing for her. Ragini says you are right. Laksh thanks him for understanding him. Ragini wonders what she wants to talk to him. Ragini thinks Swara might want to apologize to Laksh for doing wrong with him( kidnapping).

Swara and Sanskar are sitting uncomfortably in the farm house, just then they heard the door bell. Sanskar opens the door and finds Laksh standing. Laksh gets inside the farm house and goes near Swara…..Sanskar looks on. Ragini checks the watch and thinks it is 9: 30 now. She tries to convince herself that Laksh will come. She takes a quick nap and wakes up. She worriedly calls Laksh, but his number is not reachable. She comes to the farmhouse amd sees the place decorated. She calls Laksh’s name and asks if he is there? She sees Swara coming and asks where is Laksh?

Swara tells Ragini that they have killed Laksh for whom she has done so much crimes. Ragini says she has done wrong and even tried to kill her to get Laksh. She says you did wrong by snatching Laksh from me, and stabs knife in her stomach. Swara looks on. Laksh opens his eyes and stands up. Ragini turns and is shocked to see him alive as he has heard her truth.

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  1. Swara should accept Sanskar..Swasan forever

  2. Nice episode , thanks for ending this irritating drama of ragini

  3. swaragini will lose its trp as it is going to challenge kumkum bhagya from 12 oct at 9:00 p.m from mon -fri

  4. Hope sware will realize how much sanskar luv her .!! And I am happy that laksh know that true and know the real face of witch ragini … I hope swasan will be 4 ever and Allah regret and get another girl

  5. Raginis truth is revealed hpy fr that.
    But really will she change into a good person I doubt it?
    Bcz she is very cunning as fox.
    if she is nt changed den definitely she will trap swara into a very very big trouble with out even a single doubt on her.
    Hope she should change if not Swaragini drama Continous for a long time and we will wex up and stop watching dis.

  6. I wish for swara and laksh reunion

  7. whether swaragini timings has changed to 9 pm? Pls reply

  8. yes……it is changed to 9:00 p.m………shown on the channel

    1. Isn’t it only for UK viewers??? Then Whats the time for ashoka??

  9. I just hope when Swara goes back to badi she miss Sanskar and come back to him as he said earlier he will not try to get her… So she has to come back; he wont go….. and all these are married couple now they should show some value for marriage….

  10. thank god!i was bored with kkb at 9…

  11. I am getting a feeling that sanskar has not changed. He still wants to take revenge from laksh but he has changed his plan. in 8 october episode when swara said to him that you are not sad because you wanted this, he was shocked as if a criminal’s plan is revealed. i think he will make swara fall in love with him so that he can make laksh jealous. true love never dies & he loved kavita. he will show his dark side when swara will be in love with him.

    1. totally agreeable

  12. I’ve read somewhere that laksh’s family will want him to divorce ragini and they would want him and swara to unite. Swara will refuse, she will say no because she just wanted her parents to be together. She will tell Laksh to accept ragini as his wife. Swara will also want to divorce sanskar but his family will plead, they will tell her not to divorce him because she is right for him. I just hope she makes the right decision which is not divorcing sanskar.

  13. I’m glad that psyco ragini will be exsposed and hope that no one forgives her that easily. She deserves to be punished for what she did. She ruined and played with people’s lives. I just hope that she gets slap from everyone for what she did, even slapping her wont be enough.

  14. Please do not seperate swasan

  15. I can’t wait till today’s episode because that psycho ragini’s truth will be out.

  16. A SwaSan Fan.. Sanskar truly loves her. Both make beautiful n compatible couple.. SwaSan Forever..

  17. why u didnt updated today’s episode..please guys update all serial updates.and please make this fan fiction stories differently..dont post them on this page..

  18. No offense to anyone but can you please create a separate page for fan fiction. I had a browse 3 pages to see 9th Oct update and it’s irritating. I understand the excitement of fans to get creative but that should not result in problems for others. Hope TU will consider this request and all the best to all the creative writers out there.

    Msg from Team: We will fix it, so updates can be found easily.

  19. Thank you TU team for a very promt and wonderful filter 🙂

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