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The Episode starts with Sanskar telling Swara that she will get her money and asks her not to come again. Ragini asks Sanskar to stop, and tells Swara that Laksh will come whenever he wants and asks them not to stay separately till then. She asks them to stop their fight and get back together. She asks Swara to agree. Swara says no, and says Sanskar is responsible for Laksh’s disappearance. We will not be together until Laksh comes back. Sanskar says we will not get together even after Laksh returns. They turn their faces and go in different direction. Ragini says she can’t hide the truth about Laksh’s death for long and have to do something.

A girl comes to Laksh’s lookalike and tells him that she made their family pic. He hugs her and asks did you show this to Mamma. Girl says she

is not talking to me. He brings her to room and looks at the unconscious woman on ventilator. Girl shows her painting and asks him why mamma is not talking to her. Laksh’s lookalike tells that mamma is sleeping being unwell and asks her to come out, let her take rest. Suddenly woman gets up and tells him that she is alright. Girl gets happy and take their photo.

Swara tells Ragini that even though they love each other, but trust is not left. Ragini says you are fortunate and can go back to Sanskar. Swara repeats that she will not return to Sanskar, after he doubted on her. Nikhil hears her and tells Ragini that Swara will not agree until she is convinced that you have moved on without Laksh.

Sujata cries and asks them to think about society. Sanskar tells whatever my sister did was right. Chirag comes there. Everyone looks on. He says I am ashamed of my parents’ doings and want to apologize to you all. Sanskar says I don’t want apology from you. Chirag asks him to listen to him and says being an independent guy, I didn’t know why my parents have done this and have left their home. He says I came here to ask for Uttara’s hand. I need a lifeparner with a good thinking.

Durga Prasad appreciates him for his good thinking, but says we can’t give Uttara in your family. He rejects him. Chirag appreciates Uttara’s thinking and tells her that her family is very good. He leaves. Sujata tells them that Chirag is a real diamond, and asks why did you let him go. Ram says family was greedy, but Chirag is a nice guy. Durga Prasad says decision is made. Ram takes Sujata inside. Annapurna tells Durga Prasad that they shall meet Ragini once, and says her hope is broken. Durga Prasad says we shall meet her, don’t know how she is feeling after missing to get Laksh. Sanskar hears them and thinks Swara and Ragini haven’t told me about laksh. He calls Swara. Swara rejects his calls which makes him more angry.

Sumi asks Ragini if she has any problem. Ragini says I want to talk to you both about something important and tells her that she came to know about something which has broken all her hope. She says I have spent six months in his memory, and this is enough now. I feel that Laksh has moved on and forgotten me. Swara says what you are saying? Ragini says I have decided that I will move on and will not wait for Laksh anymore. Durga Prasad and Annapurna hears her and are shocked too. Swara says whatever you have done till now is for Laksh only. Ragini says whatever I had done was for my selfishness. She says I am freeing Laksh today for my selfishness and happiness.

Sanskar is searching Laksh on road. Swara is also searching him. Sanskar says I don’t need your help. Swara says he is my family also, and I have equal right as you to search him. Later Sanskar and Laksh’s lookalike are about to see each other.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. the cvs are now making ragini good
    i love this ragini
    sanskar and laksh’s look alike or laksh will not see each other so soon
    and i want only laksh back no look alike

  2. Aasthu

    Its heartbreaking to see Ragini crying………..even when she says she has moved on, her voice crackles………she is really broken…………she doesn’t want any1 else to break down with her…so she says things which will make others hate her by reminding them of her bad deeds………….I can’t stop crying after watching this……………..

    I wish swasan would unite soon………..Sanskar is still clutching his ego tightly…..which is why Swara got angry and said those words which provoked Sansker to break her…………Chirag’s behavior was gentlemanly………….I loved Nikhil’s look when Ragini failed to tell Swara that she should unite with Sanskar………….I wonder if Dp and Ap will hate her now……….after seeing Laksh’s look alike’s behavior, I think it is all an act…………maybe that girl’s father who looked like Laksh had died and maybe he had decided to take that role maybe because of the help her dad must have done to Laksh…….moreover that Lady’s behavior is also careful with Laksh….it’s not the way a wife looks at her husband………………I’m sure that Sansker would pass by Laksh but wouldn’t see him…………..I only hope swasan and raglak will be united soon………….every actor enacted their role amazingly…………………….

    Mica, what do you comprehend of Laksh’s look alike’s behavior??????????

    1. Mica

      Asthuu…hahhahahahah, no comment ah..
      ha..poor Rag, AP and DP heard her words and will misunderstand her…
      but i can’t blame them either, as they didn’t know the reason.

  3. Abirsha

    I think Chirag is playing a game with mm to take revenge from uttara…. Bcoz the way he look when uttara cancelled the engagement is very cunning….. So chirag might play a game…. In the same way i think mansi is also playing a game with laksh…. May be the car which hit laksh is hers and to avoid any police case or for some other reason she might have done drama with the doctor…… And i think laksh is suffering from memory loss…. I have this doubt bcoz how can a girl wake up suddenly from coma or unconscious state….. So its a trap….. Swasan tashan is amazing….. Missing the sweet swasan…..

    And swasan fans we have to celebrate bcoz vahe are going to dance in ita award ceremony….. hurray!!!!! ??

    1. Hey Shan…..I too wondered the same….it was so abrupt…….I mean she doesn’t even have tiredness on her face………I only hope raglak n swasan wud unite soooooon……..Ya Chirag looked cunning……

  4. Kakali

    Thnj u H.Hasan mam for d fast update…*no comments for today …
    Precap– Ready with chips, chocos, popcorn, ice cream, pakora,chewing gum, mouth freshener…. *awww Sanskar’s anger n kick… !!! *fainting..
    *slip into coma…

    1. couldnt agree more dear Kakali
      no comments for today nothing to say

      1. Kakali

        Ohhh i went to shop to buy my eating stuffss…
        haaa !!! Shan diii,,, same pinch…
        it’s kinda those thoughts i dreamt about…
        Avi is Laksh only… *God jii pleading…
        Laonaaa !!! where is ur cute comment??? hahh !!! *no comment…

  5. Thank God aaj to precap de dia or vo bhi itna amazing yr BT ye hit Nd miss wala panga mujhe bilkul acha ni lgta yr serials m pass Se nikl jate h PR ek dusre ko dekh hini pate Chlo Jo bhi h BT precap h bhut mst swasan ka tashion ?????
    I LV u Ragini soooo much yr aaj k epi m proof ho gya k sirf Swara ko hi nahi blki Ragini kp bhi Swara ki khushiyo ki fikar h I LV u both of u
    Nd sanky man tera angery man look mujhe paka maar k hi chodega ???????
    Yr Swara tum Jo kr rahi hi Ragini k liye uske bhut himat cahiye hoti h Nd I m proud of u yr k apni sis k liye itna kr rahi ho PR yr JB bhi tun laksh k Jane ka blame sanskar PR lagati ho to mera Sara pyar gussa m convert ho jata h becozz laksh k gayab hone m sanskar ka koi roal rHi h or agar tum sanskar PR iljaam lagane k bajaye usse Ragini ka saath dene k liye bolti to vo khushi khushi tumhe Jane deta phir tum 6 mnth kya 6 saal bhi usse dur rahti to bhi vo tumhara saath deta PR tum usse uss glti k liye chod k aai ho Jo ussne ki hi nahi or yr Swara sanskar tumhara pupet nahi h k JB tum caho uski life m jaao JB caho usse chod aao yr Swara tumhari sari baate sahi h sirf sanskar ko galat smjhne k alava ?????
    Or yr laksh I mean abhimaniu ki wife bhi h???? to Ragini ka kya hoga yr ????
    Jo bhi ho PR drama action tashion love hate emotion sari fellings apni peak PR h aab to kl ka wait h KB 9:30 bajenge KB swaragini dekhne ko milega?????

  6. Wow shan what a surprise….
    Swasan to dance…
    Your thoughts r great
    KEEP IT UP!!!!

  7. Silent_writer

    Superbbbbbbbb dear i think laksh is trapped n may b doing this due to guilt or memory loss want raglak sooon poor rags she take a very hard decision Uff swasan tashan greattttt

  8. A.xx

    sooo sad i think real Abhi died and Lakshya replaced him and yay!! Nikhil is also back,,,
    waiting for the 4 to meet and feel so terrible for Ragini…like Chuttara and we want lucky.xx

  9. Mica

    Thank you so much H hasan mam…..god bless you,…
    sadist me, i was literally laughing to watch this two silly fellows fighting, ..:D 😀
    they run the same phase as their first separation..
    Sanskar ignited the fire (called Swara as wedding planner and asked her to leave), Swara added the fuel(she will leave but back after laksh found), Sanskar executed it (never accept even Laksh found)…..
    compared to their past, sanskar ignited fire (told about separation on phone), swara added the fuel (blamed him, left with ragini, will back if Laksh found), sanskar executed it (did Shradd)….:D :D, i love that hypocrite fellows ..
    but, poor Ragini, suppressed her pain for that silly fellows, be strong ragini, wish all of them will understand your pain soon.
    this Swaragini, they sacrifice for each other without knowing that what they done gave more pain to each others…Swara didn’t realize that Swasan separation increased guilty feeling on Ragini, meanwhile Ragini’s weird behavior increased worried feeling on Swara..
    uughhhh.. i love that silly sisters….
    well, i hate Namish’s new look here, no smile 🙁 , since i love his smile as i love my lee min ho ….as he quite sad, but somehow he enjoy with the kid company, he seems hide some mystery, i mean he aware about that, when he touched his wife forehead or even didn’t give shock face when his wife awake..
    illogical coma wife, when someone awake from coma, their brain should gather the symptoms, neurons or whatever it’s called to make a move, and it’s NEED TIMES..
    but this comma wife..goosshhhhh, she is soo strong than hulk and hercules…
    and i saw, this husband wife got awkward expression to each other ……
    Nikhil…he is so important in swasan and raglak love story without even done anything 😀
    he will make Sanlak’s feeling up and down,,, ups,,he did it to Sanskar …good job dear!
    i don’t decide about uttara yet…
    chirag…..i’m soo afraid with your cunning gaze dear!…

  10. Hey I’m new to the chat board..Can I join??
    Love u Ragini…..May Swasan unite soon!!

    1. Kakali

      Ohhh haaa Twana come join us dear !!! 🙂 ☺?

  11. Thank you H.Hasan….so much.
    Well..it seems that I am messed up with this track….I feel as if the writer,the PRODUCERS…everyone want to ruin Swara’s character
    There’s no logic at all….o.k.it is fun and lovely to see the love_hate track…BUT LOGICALLY.
    concentrating on other characters doesn’t mean to butcher Swara’s character.
    I Wil love her even though she is a mess.
    Sanskar ego…Will his ego ever end???
    I hope it will end..but not tooooo late

  12. Boooringgggg end pls story no meaning

  13. What the hell
    Lakshya’s lookalike
    Does doppelganger exists? ?
    Then why these cvs are showing impossible things…
    And if lakshya have moved in in his life then ragini should not forgive lakshya at all

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