Swaragini 9th May 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Swara getting shocked seeing the goons wearing waiter’s dress and keeping guns. She thinks about the threatening message. Sanskar tells his family that he doesn’t know why did she call us here. He sees her with teary eyes and says I will bring her. He asks Swara to come and takes her upstairs. Sanskar asks Swara to tell what she wants to say. Durga Prasad and Sujata ask her to say.. Swara says I was thinking to gift honeymoon trip to Utara and Rajat. Ragini, Sanskar and Laksh are shocked. Ragini says Swara…..Swara says we have decided that we will ask everyone and decide. Laksh tries to speak but Ragini stops him. Annapurna says yes, you can gift them. Durga Prasad says okay, and says I have no objection. He goes to attend the guests. Annapurna and Sujata also goes. Sanskar

asks why did you do this?

Ragini says there might be some reason behind her move, and says I think Rajat is keeping eye on us. Sanskar says Parineeta and Utara’s life is in danger, and asks Swara to tell what is the matter. Laksh says I will break his legs. Sanskar says you said right. Swara looks at the guns. Ragini and Swara stop their respective husbands. Swara says we have just 20 mins, and says waiters is having guns with them. She says they are Rajat’s goons. He has threatened to kill our family if I tell anything. Rajat sits on mandap. Annapurna asks her to check if Utara is ready as Pandit ji is calling her. Laksh and Sanskar asks Ragini and Swara to go. Ragini and Swara come to Utara’s room. Utara asks if Rajat came and how is he looking? Swara asks her to hear them carefully. Utara asks what happened? Just then Sujata comes with waiter.

Sujata says waiter insisted to give juice to the bride. Waiter/goon shows the gun. Utara drinks the juice. Sujata asks Ragini to go with waiter and see if everyone drank the juice. Ragini says okay. Ragini goes. Ragini asks servant to serve juice to all drivers. Ragini sees a car wrongly parked. Goons say that it is Rajat’s car. Ragini asks him to move the car. Goons refuse. Laksh gets angry on them and they agree. Ragini tells Laksh that the goons are protective about Rajat’s car. Swara asks Sujata to come. Waiter also goes. Sujata says she is very happy and Rajat is looking like Rajesh Khanna. Swara tells Sujata that she forgot something and writes message on the paper that Rajat is not a nice guy and is very dangerous. She comes to Utara’s room, but sees waiter keeping eye.

Utara asks what happened? Swara hugs her. Utara smiles. Swara keeps chit on the table, and says it has mantra in it to tell during marriage. Annapurna tells Swara that she will bring Utara and asks her to take care downstairs. Swara hopes Utara reads the chit. Ragini and Laksh look for Swara. Sumi asks Ragini what happened? Ragini says yes, everything is fine. Swara comes. Ragini takes her with her. She informs Swara and others that something is wrong with Rajat’s car. Sanskar asks what is in his car. Ragini says don’t know as the guards are protecting it. Swara tells them that she has kept chit in Utara’s room. Sujata asks Swara and Ragini to keep jai mala’s tray. Neighbor greets Sujata. Swara gets an idea hearing neigbors and thinks Parineeta can be in Rajat’s car.

She comes back to Sanskar and says Parineeta is in the car so that he could control us. She asks Ragini if the guards got angry when she went near the car. Ragini says yes. Swara asks Ragini to go and check the car. Ragini says okay. She goes to Rajat and asks him to give his car keys. Rajat asks why? Ragini says she want to keep shagun stuff in the car. Rajat says let marriage happen first. Ragini says everyone will get busy afterwards with bidaai, and asks his mum to convince him. His mum asks Rajat to give keys. Rajat gives the keys reluctantly.

Rajat kidnaps Swara….Parineeta says Swara…..Swara asks her to go. Rajat tells Swara that Parineeta hates her. Parineeta asks Rajat not to tell her anything. Swara is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I will surely kill that rajat

  2. does any one have the baground music of swara .. saam daam dandh bhed wala… that full Bengali segment ???

    1. Hetvi (Shreya)

      it’s a song from the movie Sarkaar RaJ. download it.

      1. thanks hetvi ji..

  3. Why is it always Swara who gets the hint of everything? Is Ragini so dumb or something I have no idea why the drama is going as Swara Swara Swara..Its not that I hate her but its just J see Ragini doesn’t get much importance..From the beggining if the serial its Swara who is really good and Ragini had shades..Ragini also desrves more space in the screen

    1. Totally agree with u

  4. Pla writer, pls understand us mov da track wit swasan. They need to luv fr a long time. Memory loss cannot b happen

  5. Wy always swara suspects…ragini was once negative she knws better tan swara ….can’t she find out by herself pari was in rajat’s car….wy u writers r making her dump….

  6. Yeah they could have brought the memory lost track after giving a bit of importance to both the couples..Where do people get trouble like this one after the other

  7. Yeah ML track is coming???? m so happy and exited to see swasan new love story and ragini lovers or swara haters(consider urself whatever u want) ragini will also get equal importance now so don’t worry and PLEASE STOP CALLING SWARA MAHAAN. Its a request??????. Because we love swara and we won’t tolerate anything rubbish about swara.and guys ragini was the one who noticed something fishy in the car.so please stop insulting swara indirectly.

  8. Please… no memory lost scene…. kabhi toh acha scene hone do.. ek problem khatam nahi hotai.. dusra tapak jata hai….
    Remove the memory lost track ……

    1. Don’t worry hom if u r swasan fan u would definitely like the upcoming twist and turns because we are gonna go back in 2015 I mean again new start to swasan’s love story.and even sometime I think that how movies heros says to heroin that”jaaneman pyar me twist hoga tabhi to hume apne baccho ko apni love story sunane me maza aayega” but our sanskaar will say”swara tumhe kya lagta hai pehli wali sunaye ya dusri wali. Whom do u think most thrilling” then swara will say “sanskar tum pehli wali sunaao me dusri wali” and after listening the stories children will say “mom dad are u sure na u r married to each other only”?????just kidding but if u didnd like its all right please don’t break ur mobile coz right now after listening to this my Di has her mobile in pieces in her hand giving me a death glare.

  9. Exactly mishu I agree with u i am fed up by hearing blabbering against swara now hear it those guys swara and ragini both them are characters and have equal importance too but there is some points to enlighten swaras character than ragini there is no need to explain that as everyone watched and understand them from beginning of the show so pls don’t make harsh words against swara plsss

  10. week spoilers:
    9th may: swara tells ragini that she feels as though parineeta is somewhere close by.they try to find her in order to stop uttara from marrying rajat.
    10th may:swasan, raglak manage to rescue parineeta. but they have another task of saving family from rajat’s snipers who are inside there house.
    11th may: rajat and his mens take a drastic step, which results in a gunshot. later rajat kidnaps swara to rescue his escape.
    12th may:everyone runs after rajat to save swara. meanwhile uttara is hospitalized. will swara be saved from rajat’s next move?
    13th may: sanskar and rajat get involved in argument, causing him to shoot rajat. will sanskar be able to stop swara from being hurt?

  11. Swaragini fan

    O god reaclly very exccited ufffffff wat to say and I want to know where u all were yesterday and before no comments sorr y if hurts uuu Love u SWARAGINI

  12. anuj sachdeva entry in swaragini has new lover and obessesive lover of swara.. his entry in this is character name is sahil sen gupta. and as rockstar through swaragini. the char name as sahil is is personal connection with the character name… he is obessive lover of swara. and he plays hatke role in swaragini. we have to see how swara will recover from her memory loss and how swasan meet again and how sanskar brings his swara back… its really very good track…….

    1. Wow yaar swara hai hi itni cute ki kisiko bhi pyaar ho jaaye????my sweet shona

  13. No no no…I can’t accept anyone else other than varun kapoor opposite swara.
    Only swasan else I won’t watch d show,swasan nahi to show mein jaan nahi.
    Ppl swasan won d best jodi,then how can an obsseser come in between r fav jodi.

    1. Hey don’t worry its somewhere good after this track swasan chemistry and bond will be more strong. And plzzzz watch the show so that they can make their trp high and thus we’ll get more swasan scene.

  14. What a bakwas sereal. Swaragini is one of my favret sereal. But now i cnt digest this sereal. Cvs are ruened this show completly. Now sometimes i watch this sereal only for leads. Plssssss cvs show somthing intresting. Hate u cvs but really lve u ragya and swasan. I love ragya most but i dnt hate swasan. And pls stop showing swara mahan. I dnt like any mahan heroin. Instead of showing swara mahan pls give us our swasan and ragya scence. They both couple really adorable. I hope after mls track there is smthng intresting to watch. Lve u swaragini but hate cvs.

  15. Hi there guys whats up how are you all? Its been long time that i didn’t comment here. It’s just that now days im busy. Anyways im so glad that the rajak track will be over soon. And about swara’s memory track im not sure, it might turn out to be good and intresting. I guess we just have to wait and see. And one more thing i prefare swara being a mahan rather then a psyco no offence. Im blo*dy sick and tired of people moaning and saying swara that swara this. As far as i remember Swara was shone mahan and important from the begining.

  16. I luv u swaragani

  17. I luv watching swaragani

  18. I like this serial and both jodis vry much. But guys donot blame Swara she is so cute and giving jutice to her role Ragini is also cute and doing her best . I love all characters in this serial.

  19. Swara and raagini both have equal importance as it is raagini who found swara is hiding something from her family
    History guys actually iam aaradhya new here

  20. Sorry it’s not history it’s hi

  21. what a grap why a memory los please don’t remove varun kapoor opposites from swara meri shona

  22. Swaragini fan

    he will not be removed bcoz agar aisa hua to show band ho jaayega haa thode scene me hume dekna padega judaai of swasan

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