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The Episode starts with Kavya coming downstairs with Laksh and informs Annapurna that she has kept MahaShivratri fast. Sujata asks Parineeta to ask her if she knows about the importance of the fast. Kavya tells her that she knows it all well, and says it is the marriage day of Shiv and Parvati, and if an unmarried woman keeps this fast then it is said that they get a good husband. She says I have kept this fast as I got a good husband. Durga Prasad and Annapurna start the puja. Annapurna sings the bhajan and does aarti, followed by Sujata –Ram, Parineeta – Adarsh, Swara –Sanskar, and Laksh- Kavya. Pandit ji asks them to sit. Kavya tells Laksh that she is feeling hungry. Pandit ji tells maha puran of Raja Sudarshan. Dada ji also tells the maha puran to his family. Pandit ji says fast is complete and

asks the ladies to break the fast by eating the prasad. Annapurna tells Swara that malpua is good. Kavya says day 6, let my work begins. She haven’t expected her to make such a good sweets.

Ragini comes to temple to do puja and sees a man clicking her photos. She sees a burn mark on his hand and wonders what he is doing here? Laksh asks kavya to come. Just then Swara feels dizzy and faints. Sanskar and everyone get shocked. Annapurna calls Swara. Sanskar asks her to open her eyes. Kavya also faints in Laksh’s arms. They call the doctor. Ragini sees the man’s face. Sujata says they might have fainted as they had nothing in day time. Doctor gives them medicine and says they were given the poison, and it is a police case. Everyone is shocked. Sanskar asks why Swara haven’t gained consciousness. Doctor says it is a poison’s side effect. Sujata says Kavya have given the poison to swara. Doctor says someone gave poison to Kavya. Kavya says I just have one bite of Malpua. Ragini calls Swara, and wonders why she is not picking the call. Ragini follows the man. Police comes there.

Inspector asks what is happening here Durga Prasad ji? He says Swara had taken your guarantee and this is happening with her. Sujata tells Doctor that Swara have gained consciousness. Swara opens her eyes. Sanskar says you have really scared me. Swara takes the tablet. Inspector picks the bowl and says you have eaten Malpua. Kavya says Swara had it first and later I took a bite. Inspector asks who gave you this prasad? Kavya hesitantly says that it is not given by anybody and gives promise to Laksh not to say anything. Annapurna asks Kavya not to do drama and tells Inspector that she have given them prasad. Inspector says so you are main player.

Kavya tells Swara that this year relations and humans will get burnt, if not home and its wood.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I’m first and it was a good epi

  2. Laksh is acting some what weird… Something has happened to him… He might have been given some drug or it make be Laksh double role or someone might be wearing his mask… He was just repeating whatever this Kavya is asking him to say… Something is fishy… And this new character is not even looking gud… He is not even a match for Ragini…

    1. Shraddha Sharma

      I also think so ani…

  3. swaragini..: there is a new negative entry in swaragini.. he is guy and named as KARTHIK..
    A man is taking ragini’s pics while she does the puja at temple. ragini gets the consious that someone is watching her and wants to know who is that man. she realizes she has seen him many times earlier, at some shop and chaat stall also. he is the same person when kavya laksh went to eat chat and ice-cream in the night. when swasan and ragini follows them. she identifies him seeing his burnt hand. ragini gets curious to know him. karthik is negative character, and will bring mystery in the show. karthik is following ragini and then she follows him to the secret place. what will ragini get to know about karthik?

  4. worst editing never show till now in shows.. in ssk avika bd is also clearly visibles and now in yesterday and tdy episodes they clearly showed bd of swasan mostlly it sanskar bd clearly visible… please edit it clearly.. very poor editing of swaragini… please edit it clearly…. if they use bd for when actors not availble please show and edit it clearly..

  5. it’s nice tq for updates

  6. Turning more n more bakwass

  7. Start dekhkar lga me saathiya dekh rahi hu fir yaad aaya are yeh toh SR?n d big Joke of d day..baby ko sabse achha pati mila wahh(luxji)?sujju ws hilarious as always poor RP pata nai kaise jhel leta hai..?aur hamari AP truely khiladi khud Jake boli ha maine diya prasad..baby ka plan successful..
    New entry ho gai I think villain hai ye..tevar dekh ke villain hi laga..aur hamare writer ji ko ‘K’ se kuchh jyada hi pyaar hai..pehle kaveri den kavita,kavya ab karthik..
    Swasan ko aaj sirf 2 lines..n rags ko only jasusi kya kr rahe ho..sb detective bn rahe hai yaha police ki koi jarurat nai..
    Aur swasan ko thoda achha costume dene me kya problem hai ye log ko..dull clr de rahe hai..sanky bhi kbse ek type clr ke costume pehnta hai..swara ko thodi acchi sarees chahiye thi isse toh achhi saree baby kavya ki hoti hai..
    Precap dekhkar baby khatarnak lg rahi hai jalane ki baatain..kuchh toh bada suspense hai..holi me kuchh bada honewala hai..kuchh toh gadbad hai CID doondh legi( swasan,rags)

  8. Guys new negative character entry.. Karthik.. I thnk karthik and kavya are brthr nd sistr.. I thnk kavya trapd laksh to take revenge from maheshwaris

  9. we can easily get where is swasan and where is bd.. by seeing pallu on swara its bd and only close ups is swasan that to when then pour milk on shivling and aarti… is they showed uttara did pour milk on shivling or i didnt see.. in olv they showed all mm did puja now in episode they didnt show it… what is the edit they doing?

    1. hey what is bd???

  10. sakshi ajishma

    not bad!that aunty always torturing evry1.hope swara wil fi8&throw her out.i think the new guy will be a vilan on ragini’s life.now laksh feel jealousy.i want ragini to forget laksh completely.but her tear on last two days saying that she is still loving laksh.but..it was very painful to see whn any person whom u love the most,doing intimate scens with another guy..but i appreciate her that still she helped swara evn it is unbearable to see them together.same precap..these typ of precaps make the serial boring.

  11. Divyanka krystal

    nowadays swara behaving like kavya.both are similar in attitude fi8ng wid each other,&dialogues..uff i lvd swara before but not now.coz nw she is like kavya&oversmart..the only diffrence is kavya in -ve,swara in +ve

    1. Swara is not like that kavya and kavya is not that smart infact she’s a damb who looks like an old lady. But yeah her and that ragini are allot alike but the thing is that ragini was a psyco.

  12. i dont know why i am watching this serial anymore….
    yeah only reason swasan n raglak but its getting completly destroyed

  13. Divyanka krystal

    yesterday scene..swara is realy a selfish sister..she is just busy in her cid work,not caring ragini.if she is a lovng sis,she never say ragini that follow laksh.phir bhi vo swara ke liye endure kar diya,she was trying to hide her pain but swara phir b kahti he use deklo..atleast swara has to think laksh with kavya,and ragini loved him.y i blaming swara?use kya pata,she thinking that love is bachpana..so it can be changed.yes ragini should learn frm swara

  14. Divyanka krystal

    ragini should learn from swara; 1.how to break her sisters engagement 2.how to start friendship wid a guy by breaking her sis relation wid tht guy who wants a modern,friendly girl 3.how to fall 4 a guy aftr knwing tht her sister loving him d most 4.how to take revenge from your sister to spoil her lyf in the name of uniting parent(it can b possble in badi,bt she came 2 mm) 5.how to change her love aftral making d drama,spoiling sis lyf&by saying its a childish mistake 6.how to go to sasural whom put hand on her father&the family member ditched sister.if she was a loving sister,she would hate that family who insulted them 7.how to send a sister to watch her betrayed husband’s romance wid his second wife..great swara!!!!

    1. Y r u blaming swara..she always think fr rags..m nt agnst rags after doing so much mstks she tried mke der rln gd..
      After lksh started lvng rags( she didnt knew abt his intention) she ws blaming swara fr no rsn..she separated swasan broke her sis rln second time(forced dp to take sign on divorce papr frm swara)..jb kavita aayi rags ko kavita ki badi daya aa rahi thi pr apni behen ki ek baar bhi nai Sochi kyu? Ek moka nai chhoda usne swara ko bolne ka jbki she knew sans also loves swara..jbki sw ne hi lksh ko manya tha rags ko moka dene ke liye itna Sb hone ke baad bhi..rags lyf me sb kuchh thik hone ke baad bhi she ws rude to her n ws against swasan mrg fr no reason..on mrg day of swasan raglak itne time ke baad swara ws happy fr mrg..bt bcz of lksh n dat shekar again dey sperated on mrg day..isme sans ki swara mm family koi glti nai thi fir bhi shekar use le gaya..
      I knw ab rags change ho gyi hai dono ka rln achha hai..bt rags jis situation me hai uska jimmedar lkash or wo khud hai..itne chance Milne ke baad bhi wo same mstkes kr ryi thi..uske bhi saath wahi ho raha hai Jo usne swara ke saath kiya..
      U r saying dat swara ne galtiya ki toh uski saja ragini ne use khud di.. Ek baar nai kai baar..pehle breaking swalak mrg,sumi kidnpng,forced mrg,agn creating mu abt her,swasan separation..bohot saja mil chuki hai swara ko..ab usko thodi khushi mili hai sans ke saath ab kavya pichhe pad gayi unke..problem toh sw ke lyf me hone hi hai fir chahe reason kuchh bhi ho..

      1. And that ragini also tried to kill swara twice and she also accused sanskar of trying to molest her.That bit was so discusting, she discust me that day.

  15. One thing in today’s epi u all noticed..in swasan scenes whn dupe used editing ws so bakwas..editing achhi kiya karo?idiot editors.. Clearly pata chal raha dupe hai..face bhi dikhaya.. Wahh kya editing hai..only fr close helly thi may bcz of her exams..
    Last time bhi in puchka scene max scene cut kr diya olv ws much better Dan dat..kitna ghatiya editing hai ye log ko khud ko recording dekhni chahiye..

  16. I think every name start with “KA” is unlucky to raglak and Swasan. I’m really excited to see how karthik will bring twist to raglak broken relationship. I want karthik to be obsessed with ragini and Lakshya should be jealous and then he should help ragini escape from karthik after realizing his love for her.

  17. ***SPOILERS****

    Ragini finds that someone is taking pictures of her so she follows him and sees he has a burnt mark and it’s the same one she saw with kavya a few times by the chaat stand and the ice cream stand o she doubts on him and follows him and finds out that he is karthik kavya’s husband/boyfriend and she tells swara about it and both team up with sanskar to kick kavya out of the house and save laksh even though he did bad with ragini and then laksh feels bad and apologizes but ragini doesn’t forgive him easily because he broke her heart a bunch of times and then ragini’s childhood friend comes and is called by shekar to get ragini married to him and laksh starts realizing he loves ragini and ragini isn’t able to move on either so then both come together and become raglak again I’m so happy these are the spoilers I hope they don’t play with our emotions and take forever to patch up our raglak but after this raglak and swasan will start facing problems because someone from the past of swaragini will start troubling them which might create havoc in our swasan and raglak’s life?I just hope raglak unite soon!!!!

    1. Thanks for the spoilers. Really appreciated that

    2. Hope it’s true… Want Raglak together again…

    3. Thanks for the spoiler !

  18. Very nice episode.

  19. Hai frnds I think d burnd man s kavya’s brothr,, nd d maheshwari family might b ruin her family. Kavya or uske bhai milkar maheswari ko burnt karna chahatthi hoom.. sorry frnds muche hindi jyada nahi atthi.. becz I m a malayi.. nd liv in trivandrum kerala.. wat u think

  20. nice episode….

  21. spoilers good….it should be true…want raglak …

  22. who is this new charactr????? i think
    he is ragini’s pair

  23. sorry…i got a mistake and there is a chance tht he will b kavyas new helpr
    hey athira i’m also a malayali living in ernakulam

  24. Show ragini strong.
    And unite RAGLAK

  25. nice episode nnn thanks for spoiler….

  26. Guyzzzz there is buzz in social media dat helly n varun r no more frnds off screen.plzzz tell is it true??? N if it is true dn I m really sad wid dis news.:-(.. Actually dis is a common problem wid most of d dailysoaps lead pairs.

    1. hey nik.. how are yo dear… n coming news even am upset..

      1. Hiiii bhuvi m fine. Happy to see u bk n plzzz don’t discontinue n do comment here. N coming to vahe if its really trud dn hope de patch up soon .

    2. Whr did u see dis news?? Is it true??..bt in insta helly said all hv best bonding on set..nw suddenly wat happened??
      Ders no IV of dem as they won best Jodi best acotrs awards..nt taking selfies lyk before..n last 2 IVs of baadi n puchka scene it ws nt lyk before..plz tell me..

      1. Hiii angel actually I got to know dis from social media only. N wat u mentioned dat de r not lyk b4 taking selfies n enjoying is r8 m also noticing it from past few days. N even de r not talking wholeheartedly in their interviews , it seems de r avoiding each odr. All I can say dat it usually happens wid d lead pairs n we can do nothing .

      2. N ya u r r8 in those 2 IVs it can be clearly seen dat de r avoiding each coz I have seen vahe previous interviews n in dat de used to b friendly pulling each odrs leg n enjoying but now its not lyk b4.

  27. kavya and her conspiracies are superb. just kill that swara. lakshay is. always amazing. only. watching for him.

  28. I don’t know why Kavya is doing this . Yar kitne dino baad swaragini may much acha ho raha hai . Now everything is going on good . But yar yeh Kavya Ooof! Swaragini spoiler

  29. spoiler Alert
    Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash) forgets Lakshya (Namish Taneja) and decides to move on in Swaragini
    The upcoming episode of Swaragibi will show that Ragini’s family decides to get Ragini married again.
    They select a guy for Ragini and his family comes to see her.
    Ragini dresses up but unknowingly wears her previous engagement ring.
    Gyt family comments on Ragini for still keep memories of her first husband which makes Ragini irritated.
    Ragini breaks her alliance with the new guy.
    Apart from this, Maheshwari family celebrates Mahashivtrati where Kavya’s saree catches fire due to blast.
    Lakhya scolds Swara (Helly Shah) for trying to kill Kavya (Roop Durgapal)
    Lakshya saves Kavya and puts all blame on his family members.
    Kavya provokes Lakshya that his family wants to kill her which makes Lakshya angry.
    Lakshya calls police and makes his family arrested while Swara try to stop Lakshya but Lakshya asks police to arrest her too.
    Swara decides to prove that Kavya was herself responsible behind this blast.

  30. Hai alna I hv frnds in ernakulam. May b he s d helpr… a new story behind dis kavya nd karthik

  31. Swaragini is actually one of the worst show on colors….first when it was started i thought it is a sweet love story but then the makers twisted the story so much that it is losing its popularity…all the characters of the show r well known actors then why they r showing these craps…fishhhh

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