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The Episode starts with Dadi feeling very much happy after getting news about Ragini’s pregnancy. Shekhar and Sumi talk about their decision. Shekhar says story would have been different if Ragini hadn’t come. A fb is shown, Ragini comes to Sumi and Shekhar seeing Dadi going out. She tells that she will adopt Sumi’s baby and will feign her pregnancy. She tells them that she will tell everyone that she is pregnant. She asks Sumi to go to Nani’s place for her delivery and says I will come there and take the baby, and tell others that it is my baby. Shekhar says I can’t permit you to lie big. Ragini says she is lying to protect a life. Shekhar says what if your inlaws comes to know about your lie. Laksh says I will handle everything and I am with Ragini in her decision. He asks Sumi and Shekhar to

agree. Ragini also requests them. Shekhar tells Sumi that they got a good daughter and son in law because of their good deeds. They hug Ragini and Laksh. Ragini thanks Sumi. Shekhar tells Sumi that they are lucky to get Ragini and Laksh. Dadi gives them prasad and asks where is Swara? Shekhar says she went to meet Swara.

Swara meets Sahil and he tries to book tickets for a show. He tells Swara that he has planned surprise for her in the evening. Swara asks why did you call me here. Dadi calls Swara and informs her about Ragini’s pregnancy. Swara gets happy and says she will reach there soon shocking Sahil. Dadi says we will go to Ragini’s house with shagun and goes to make arrangements. Sumi says don’t know until when we have to lie? Swara tells Sahil that she has to go. Sahil says but Sanskar will be there. Swara says I know you are worried for me, but I have to go for my sister. You only told me to face my fear and thanks him for supporting her. Sahil says I will wait for you in the evening. Swara goes. Sahil thinks I brought this dress for you with so much love, but you want to go to Sanskar, and acts crazy.

The family members care for Ragini. Parineeta thinks they are pampering Ragini as if she is a unique mum. Sanskar asks Ragini to take special care of herself now. Swara comes there calling Ragini. Ragini and others are happy to see her. Sanskar looks at her. Swara runs to Ragini and congrats her. Dadi, Shekhar and Sumi come there with shagun. Durga Prasad and Annapurna greet them. Dadi congratulates them. Sujata asks Sumi, if she is double happy for becoming mum and nani.. Dadi says she is not pregnant anymore. Sujata gets happy. Sumi hugs Ragini and blesses her. Swara looks at Sanskar. Ragini asks Swara to stay with her in Maheshwari house for few days. Dadi asks Swara to stay for Ragini. Swara says I can do anything for my sister, but I need time to think. Sujata asks her to stay for few days. Dadi says this is your sister’s house. Ragini says it is okay if she needs time.

Later Swara decides to stay with Ragini in Maheshwari house. Sumi says I will make the arrangements. Swara gets Sahil’s call and she informs him that she is going to stay with Ragini as she insisted. Sahil gets angry and says you did wrong Swara. He acts madly and obsessive with her. He says I can bear any pain, but not the pain which you give. He breaks mirror angrily. Dadi asks Swara to take care of herself. Swara nods. Shekhar asks Swara to take care and goes to drop her till car. Dadi says did you see everything is happening good since that child went. Sumi and Shekhar looks at each other. Annapurna asks Ragini to step her foot down and says she will tie black thread. Ragini says I will tie. Annapurna says no and ties it. She says everyone is happy today and thanks Ragini. She tells Laksh that she thought to get Ragini checked by her friend’s gynaecologist daughter. Laksh says it is not needed as Ragini knows some other doctor. Annapurna says okay and goes.

Ragini asks Laksh until when she will lie, and asks God to forgive her and says she is doing this for her maa. She says what will happen if everyone comes to know that it is a lie then? Parineeta hears them. Ragini and Laksh are shocked. Parineeta tells Ragini that Swara is coming back. Ragini gets happy and jumps with joy. Parineeta says you are pregnant and shouldn’t jump. Ragini says sorry. Parineeta gives her juice and goes. Laksh tells Ragini that Parineeta wouldn’t have heard anything and goes to talk to Sanskar. He sees Sanskar decorating the room and asks how do you know? Sanskar says I know she will come. Laksh says one day she will come just for you, I promise. Sujata calls Annapurna and says Swara has come. Sanskar recalls the accusations and gets sad. Laksh says I can understand your pain, but you just said that she is in your heart. He asks him to be strong and come. Sanskar says I will do some work and come. Laksh says okay. Swara comes home and hugs Ragini. Parineeta thinks she have to separate the sisters’ bond.

Sanskar changes his attire and collides with Swara. Swara falls in his embrace and gets lost.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. is this swasan track/ raglak track or shomi pregnancy and ragini fp track?? cvs gone mad total bakwas episode…. not at all intrested in tdy epsiode….

  2. I will just kill that sahil…..????????

    1. I too feel the same.
      This camel is really getting on my nerves..
      He knows very well that swara is married and her husband loves her very much.
      Selfish idiot sahil.

  3. by the new tb article sharmista turns evil and blackmails lakshya and ragini in swaragini they gave but why shomi will do it there daughter and sil are doing this for them so why she will blackmail ragini.. i am guessing that if people got confused by parineeta babhi i think.. acc to yestdy seg pari gave papaya as she is doing for known to know about her fp drama.. i think its not sharmista and its parineeta babhi.. as shomi real name is parineeta, so may be they got confused by it.. hope for the best if shomi turn -ve its nt good at all… just its my pov… may be they confused by names…

    1. i didnt get you, can you pls explain it?

  4. boring episode full of drama.. uff same precap from last 1 week… sahil totally psycho…. he dont want even swara to meet her parents and sister.. acha hua uska plan popot hogaya.. swasan aise he uska plan popat kare….

  5. nice and plz join swasan , back swara memeries and then give good for swara pregant in sankar child

  6. Sriranjani (Tamil Girl)

    wowww………………..Semma Precap……………Sanky Plz unite with Swara soon and throw idiot sahil out of swara’s life…………….

  7. since 1 week same precap wht th hell

  8. Shomi and shekar are highly disgusting….how can they let their daughter’s life at danger for their own reason…if they want they should fight against whole world for their child…but they are playing with everyone’s emotion…highly disgusting….
    Atleast as a mother shomi should stop ragini..but she became more selfish….though I am swasan fan..I love ragya too..they r cute…I hate this fake pregnancy track…maheswari family will be really heart broken in future..it will be 100% justified…
    Shomi and shekar’s character is disgusting..

    1. Don’t:t agree with u dear.. For the sake of their daughters marriage relation shomi is ready to abort the child.. But raglak plan is the fake pregnancy…

    2. I don’t think this is selfish. What is selfish is that people are not giving Sumi and Shehkar the right to have a child in an old age. That is disgusting. Everyone should have a right to choose and live their life on their own. And if Ragini is doing this and they are agreeing then it is for a good deed. To save a life, sometimes you have to take such steps and it’s not like they were given kuch option.

      Plus it is no law that only parents should sacrifice for their child. Shehkar and Sumi being parents must have done so much for their children so if Ragini is sacrificing something for them and they are letting her do it, it is not selfish at all. In fact this shows how much family means to them and they are willing to take such risk for each other. If Laksh was not supporting Ragini, it would have been wrong but when the husband agrees, I don’t think it is selfish at all.

  9. This precap have been shown for a week………………so boring……..plzzzzz bring back Swara’s memory without much drama……………..Sanskar’s outfit is very funny………

  10. Well said seeba. If swara do this fp for her mother. Then surely she won’t allow. She became selfish.

    1. How can u say sumi is selfish… Once for ragini’s sake only she said she’ll abort the child…

  11. O god ………same precap everyday
    Hate you sahil acha hua swara nhi gyi tumhare sath
    Please unite swasan and stop this fp drama

  12. I also wana kill that sahil … Yukh how can someone stoop so low

  13. Swara should leave that idiot Sanskar and should marry Sahil . I really like their Jodi . Swahil forever . Please cvs , accept my request .

    1. How dare you ??

    2. Shut up u dumbo. Cvs will never accept ur request bcz nobody else supports Swahil. Swasan and swasan only. And how dare u call sanskar an idiot. U r d biggest idiot I have seen bcz u called sanskar an idiot. U r a lone supporter of Swahil. Go home loner.

  14. I just want Swasan to get back together. I miss them so much. I’m so glad though that Ragini has changed and Laksh has become so loving and supportive towards her and I love that for once they are showing how much family means to them. As a daughter myself, I would do such a thing to support my parents if ever needed so thank god they are showing something worthy to watch.

    I just hope that Swasan unite. I don’t care if sahil becomes obsessive or whatever but as long as Swasan are together and Swaragini are back to being detectives I am good.

    And for those who don’t like Ragini getting space then honestly it’s about time she did. Let’s not forget the drama is about two sisters so Swara and Ragini should get fair amount of screen space and attention. I am a die hard Swasan fan but I am glad they are showing Raglak. Now just waiting for Swasan as original Swasan and not kissan.

  15. really irritated to see d same precap again nd again…by seeing it again nd again i lost my interest in kissan entry….pls stp dat nonsense…one side kavach shit nd other side same precap…pls for god sake change dat precap cvs….

  16. really irritated to see d same precap again nd again…by seeing it again nd again i lost my interest in kissan entry….pls stp dat nonsense…one side kavach shit nd other side same precap…pls for god sake change dat precap cvs……

    plss unite swsan….i cant see swara hurts sanky…pls cvs dnt ruin d character of swara….iin upcmng episd sanky leave mm just bcz of swara….i cant see othrs blame swara…pls dnt ruin her chrctr…. she really really if het memory back nd she remembr hw she hurt her love sanskar…pls dnt make swara hurt sanky too much…later it will broke swara..

  17. Guys Good news…..Zee Gold Awards 2016…best Jodi is our SWASAN 🙂
    I am so happy for our Jodi 😀
    …….varun and his wife was there for the function………
    I saw this news on instagram tashan_ishq page……
    Waiting for more news about it

    1. No dear bst Jodi tanu and rush I from kasam … She posted it

  18. happy bdy teju.may god bless u vth loads f success,gud health,long lyf n much more.always stay happy.love u till eternity….

  19. Sanskar did what he can do for his love even though he is facing same problem again.I don’t say that laksh should face all these problems if this track for raglak means may be good.It is just my opinion,not to hurt anyone.

  20. Wow realy
    swasan best jodi

  21. For last four days you are showing the same scene under the heading see tomorrow, Disgusting.

  22. sharmista turns evil: blackmails ragini-lakshya in swaragini.
    raglak adopt sharmistha’s newborn inorder to save her from the disgrace the socitey has to offer.
    a very few tv serials her without the unnecessary involvement of supernatural elements, one of them being swaragini on colors.
    the show witch started with narrating an incomplete love story of shekar and sharmistha who seperated and moved on in life with their respective families but later got united by their daughters swara and ragini, has been forerunner in establishing unexpected twist and turns which are a visual delight to watch on-screen.
    complication in sanskar and swara’s life have already started brewing with the entry hero turned to villan sahil. otherside sharmistha has been receiving a lot of criticism for getting pregnant at an age when she should be playing with her grandchildren. tellybuzz already reported about ragini faking her pregnancy and now she will be mounting towards another big twist in the tale.
    apparently, raglak will adopt shomi’s newborn inorder to save her from the disgrace of society has to offer.
    a source informs “the viewers will be on the edge of their seats at various instances when ragini’s pregnancy will be on the verge of being exposed. the show will further unfold alot falls out between raglak with regards of fp drama. laksh will be disoppointed with ragini having secrete conversation with shomi while ragini will be disoppointed with laksh as he kept the secrete of sanskar turning into kisan hidden from her. the situation will get all the more complex when shomi will flaunt grey shade by blackmailing ragini and threatens her that she would spill the secret of her fake pregnancy if she didnt adhere to her secret demands”
    keep reading space for more updates.


  24. Guys, today is Teju(Rags) Birthday, i am very happy <3
    Love you a lot
    Many More Happy Returns of the day Teju didi

  25. Happy birthday teju

  26. Guys mene abhi swragini ka interview dekha IBN7 par.sanskar ka naya look its lol but guys be ready for swasan
    Sanskar bhojpuri rock star ka get up laker ayega
    So ab shayad memory loss ka boring track thoda intresting aur joyfull ho jaye i m waiting for kisan

  27. must say swaragini star cast are filled with beauty.all females r so gorgeous swaragini,uttara,pari,sujju,ap,sumi n even dadima is so beautiful n guys wt to say woh handsome n dashing toh hai hi…n they r so talented i wish i hd atleast 1% of it.n their offscreen bonding wow! their love n respect towards each other increases their beauty even more.n their struggle to make every single epi a block buster one is appreceable.wen all these wonderful ppl cm tgthr it bcms SWARAGINI.wen tr z so much wonderful things to say, how on earth can one feel lyk bashing tm????i wonder!!!!

  28. I stopped watching this serial long back because of all the stupid things that they r showing….first tht kaveri and kavita then parineeta..innocent ladki ko zabardasti villain bana diya then rajat now sahil with swara memory loss….wht stupidity!!i think these serial makers hv sm pblm with happy love stories and marriages…eother memory loss or plastic surgery drama….jst stop all this nonsense give swara her memory back and show hPpily ever after…..and end the serial…dont drag it!!too boringgg!!!

  29. iss sahil ko bhagao serial se.. he is too irritating..and plss unite swasan again!!

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