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Swara tells that we will go tomorrow for her birthday celebrations. Ragini says if you are my old Swara then come with me through the window. Swara says it is very risky, but Ragini insists. They leave the house through the window. They are walking on the road. Ragini asks Swara not to take tension and says everything will be fine. She says she will bring Kulfi and goes. Swara sits on the bench and waits for Ragini to come. Laksh is already sitting there and tells her hi. Swara is shocked and asks you are here? What are you doing? Laksh is loss of words. Swara says so you are using Ragini to meet me. I didn’t know that you would stoop so low to meet me. Laksh says it was Ragini’s idea. Just then they hear Ragini shouting for help while she is being taken in the car. Swara and Laksh sit in the car and

follow the kidnapper’s car. Swara prays for Ragini’s safety. She asks him to drive fast and tells that she couldn’t see forward because of darkness. They miss the car. Swara cries.

Sumi tells Shekhar that their daughters are together in Swara’s birthday. Shekhar says we will ask Swara, what she needs in gift. They come to their room and see them missing. Swara cries and tells Laksh that what she will tell to her parents and family. Laksh says nothing will happen to Ragini and asks her to trust him. Just then he hears kidnapper’s call informing him about Ragini. Laksh asks who are you? Kidnapper says you shall think about Ragini’s life, or is it like you don’t care for her. I know that you loves Swara. He says if you wants to see Ragini safe, then make Swara confess love to you within 1 hour. If she doesn’t confess in one hour then Ragini will be dead.

Kidnapper’s face is revealed and he is Sanskar. Swara cries and asks Laksh, what is all this. Laksh says I didn’t know anything. Sanskar calls again and asks Laksh not to waste time. He tells Swara what is your problem. He asks them to sit in the car and reach some place. He tells that he made arrangement for them to celebrate for her birthday. He wants to hear Swara say I love you at 12’ am sharp and that too with heart. Laksh asks why you are doing this? Sanskar says it is someone’s past doings. Laksh and Swara sit in the car and go to the place.

Sumi and Shekhar find Swara and Ragini’s phone at home and wonders where they are? Sumi says Swara might have insisted to go. Dadi comes and hears them. Laksh and Swara come to the place and see it decorated with lights and flowers. Sanskar eyes them.

Swara doubts on Laksh and thinks he is behind Ragini’s kidnapping. Laksh asks her to tell what is going on in her mind. Swara says this kidnapping is drama and it is done by you. Laksh says Ragini is his friend also. He says she means a lot to him. He asks why did you think me wrong. He says I have promised to my dad that I will not think about you. We don’t have any future together. He asks her to tell I love you……without feeling. Sanskar calls them and says he asked Swara to say I love you and not I hate you. He says I am watching you both. Laksh and Swara are shocked. Dadi asks Shekhar about Ragini.

Shekhar says we went to wish Swara, but she is sleeping. Dadi says you might bring cake too and don’t know what will happen. Shekhar says he will check outside. Sanskar says I will not agree if Swara tells I love you falsely. Swara asks why did you kidnapped my sister. Sanskar calls her sweetheart and asks why you are shouting. Laksh asks him to talk with respect. Sanskar says you are being punished for your sin. He asks him to switch on the music system and plays the video. They are shocked to see Ragini crying for help in the video.

Sanskar makes Swara and Laksh dance on the song. He asks Laksh to kiss Swara after she confesses her feeilings to him. Laksh and Swara are shocked.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I don’t know why, but I want sanskar and ragini together.
    I want sanskar to fall for ragini

    1. nooooooooooooooooooooooooo pls

  2. One thing is nice! Because of sanskar they will confess their feelings ! (Don’t take wrong meaning of my words )

  3. I like precap but also don’t like.
    Thanx MA

  4. I agree 2 payals.Bcoz of sanskaar,swalak ll have some nice moments together.Thnx MA.

  5. Wow!! Awsum episode??

  6. Cool interesting

  7. bad sanskar,so sad abt Ragini n swara n even laksh tooo

  8. That Sanskaar is a total jerk!!!!

  9. Nice episode

  10. bad epi i would hv wantede them to express spontenously nt with shear fear or somethinng over their heads

  11. he goin to record them and then show it to laksh dad to make him think bad of laksh that he lied to jim

    1. You are right or attempt to kill swara and make laksh feel for it as it happened to him

    2. Ya right and hope that this time it won’t happen like that

  12. The precap was romantic but both were sad(no) happy(no) somewhere between

  13. I want swalak to kiss but don’t because i want them to kiss on their will not on the insistence or force of someone

  14. I liked the episode but some places no where swara accuses laksh for ragini kidnap actually now laksh is irritated of swara

  15. Serial is like bakwas with current track

    1. No its ausum with current track

  16. I am interested to know what will be happend after cofessing love of swara to laksh…

  17. keerthana gupta

    can i know what is sanskar’s problem regarding laksh?????

    1. years before sanskaar had a girlfriend who was killed at their wedding day and sanskaar thinks that laksh was the reason behind it so he wants to take revenge by not letting swalak unite

      1. Actually uniting and then separating

  18. swara please understand the situation and dont simply blame laksh without knowing the truth…………..so sad of laksh………..

    1. Ya right and now laksh was also irritated by swara but still he loves her and is unable to accept it

  19. hi pradishma…………..

    1. Hii lakshana

  20. Awsm epi swaluk!!!! Hope they unite sooon……. N sanskar is doing wrong….wen everyone vil kno bout his truth then no one vil forgive especially durgaprasad…. Plz stop it sanskar….?

  21. can anyone say fr which song laksh nd swara are dancing in precap????

  22. Ye sanskar I hate him poor swalak and ragini

  23. keerthana gupta

    thank u pradishma and nika

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